Disarray in the DSM-5

The American Psychiatric Association is in the process of updating its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the DSM-5. This is the “bible” used by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to diagnosis psychiatric conditions, including antisocial personality disorder. Two members of the committee working on personality disorders have resigned, stating that the proposal displays a “stunning disregard for evidence.”

Dr. Liane Leedom and I had issues with how the first draft described antisocial personality disorder, which was why we conducted a Lovefraud survey back in 2010. Based on the survey results, we submitted Lovefraud’s  comment about sociopaths for the DSM-5. The description was since revised, but apparently there are professionals who are still dissatisfied.

If the professionals can’t agree, no wonder the rest of us are confused.

Two who resigend from DSM-5 explain why, on

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I agree with you skylar: repressed/suppressed emotions,
HOWEVER: I don’t believe that ‘understanding’ this point
in any way, ‘condones’, nor ‘excuses’ their behavior nor actions.

That’s probably where a lot of the cog/diss steps in…
WE KNOW their choices aren’t ‘right’ – HOWEVER, we
feel (for some crazy reason) that we can ‘save’ them,
so we hang on and hang on and take all the battering,
until it gets to a point that you are almost DEAD from
it all – GOD gave me MY LIFE back and I refuse to dis-
grace that gift by allowing this psychopath to crap on
MY LIFE any further. Period.

Humiliated fury…hahahahahahahahaha
I have seen THAT ‘grand stand’, trust me…
I never was impressed and never will be.

“IT” would do VERY WELL to remember that I AM
stronger than “IT” – does that make me feel ‘guilty’,
in some way? No, not at all because “IT” has had
the same choices and options available as I have
had in my life. It’s all about choices and we should
not forget that.

We have to be careful ‘explaining’ their actions
and behaviors away because the underlying root
is the fact that we ALL HAVE CHOICES to make.

Have a happy day you guys…
LIVE LIFE and do it with gusto….



Thank you for your answer Oxy. It’s really interesting how they play their different roles to people. I used to be the partner, now I’m in the friend role. Different angles so I can somewhat understand how “enablers” get involved and confused. Easilly duped to say the least. Feels like I’m looking at this theme in a 360 degree angle.

Now my friend is crying her eyes out saying: Oh my God what have I done, maybe I’m not so nice after all!
I’m actually stunned that she believes this her self.. what kind of imaginary world does she live in?

I’m torn over if I should call this man and let him know the truth or what I should do. I really don’t want to get involved, but at the same time, If just someone had given me the answers when I needed them it would have been much easier….

Listening to her re opens my own wounds and pulls me right back into cog/dis even if some questions have been answered. Therapy now a days are really hard and this on top of it all, well,… well, there’s just nothing more to say about that.

Hope all of you others are doing ok. I haven’t seen Darwins mom in a while? Louise are you doing better?

Ox Drover

Sunflower, this woman is not your “friend” she is not ANYONE’s friend, she is a drama queen at best and a psychopath at worst, My advice for whatever it is worth is to get away AS FAR AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN from this woman.

As for the ex boy friend she has dumped on, he is away from her, and he is a big boy, he is his own responsibility. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY is to take care of yourself, and in my mind, taking care of yourself means getting AWAY from this kind of person. FAR AWAY.

Believe me Sunflower, I had tons of this kind of person in my life and there was constant drama, but now that I have thinned my Rolodex by getting rid of this kind of drama queen my life is peaceful. AT the FIRST SIGN of drama, cut and run. You don’t need it. Peace is wonderful.


I know, I’m just sad I have to cut down even more. AND how can I be so farking gullible? I know what she’s doing and yet… I’m just shaking my head.
They seem to be everywhere… and I haven’t learned my lesson of the word NO.



I am doing better at the moment. Thanks for asking. The No Contact helps to make the memories fade away. It’s hard to let go, but let go I (we) must. It’s almost harder to let go of something that was never real.



Great post about spaths and how they deal with their emotions. Thank you.



I’m glad to read you are doing much better 🙂

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