Keeping sociopaths out of the workplace

At Lovefraud, most of the discussion is about sociopaths in romantic relationships. But here is a key concept to understand: Sociopaths don’t just exploit romantic partners. They exploit everyone who crosses their paths, in all aspects of their lives. That includes everyone they work with or do business with.

Forbes.com just posted the following article:

How to screen out the sociopath job candidate

The author, Rob Asghar, asked  Dr. Matha Stout the warning signs of a sociopath in a job interview. Number One on her list was overwhelming charm. Wow, that sounds familiar.



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I was only 17. My sociopath ‘came out’ and told me she had been using me and lying to me for the entire duration of our ‘friendship’. I did not have the adult skills or socialization that many of my peers. You could call my family a ‘hotbed’ of dysfunctionality that a sociopath would love to exploit…which she did. No one saw through the facade.

I was so mixed up and disgusted with her that I brought her to our ‘local’ state mental hospital…thinking we could ‘fool’ the entire psychiatric community. By God…she did. One of them complimented her on her intelligence, calm demeanor, and charm. Not to be undone, I added my own intelligent comments and charm. This guy was completely fooled. At a psychiatric facility…imagine.


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