Using what you’ve learned to choose a better path

Fork in the roadBy Olga Rodriguez

I’ve read so many times on Lovefraud stories of individuals who have started dating again only to find they are seeing the same characteristics in their new dating partner as they saw in the sociopath.  I found myself in the same place recently. But this is when one’s previous experience comes in place; this is when we have a choice.

We find ourselves at a crossroad and our decision will determine our outcome.  We must chose wisely! Do not invite yourself to a pity party: Oh poor me! Why does this happen to me?  Instead ”¦ search deep ”¦ deep inside your soul and you will find the answers!

This is it

The pivotal moment

The moment when you realize that the road is familiar

You realize that you are trying to make sense out of nonsense (again)

That you are making excuses for him ”¦ that you are minimizing his actions

Do not be betrayed by that enemy who tells you it’s just you

You know better ”¦ you’ve been here before

You’re back to your comfort zone ”¦ yet there is not any comfort whatsoever

This is it

It is now that your previous suffering serves as a lesson learned

It is now that you must not let the former pain, the tears, the agony be in vain

It is now that you realize the outcome is in your hands

Oh beloved please recall your broken soul

The endless nights of sorrow

The anxiety; the maze from which you could not escape

Run; run fast ”¦ do not let your heart be troubled

For this is only a test

Your soul has studied; it has learned; it has suffered

You once were bound; but now you’re free

This is it ”¦

Arise; shine ”¦ you are victorious ”¦ you are resilient

You are well equipped to fight this battle

This is it

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Thanks Olga, for your very constructive take onhow we survivors can go forward from the trauma with hard won knowledge to hand which will help us stay focused on our safety and on the warning signals that can alert us that we are in the presence of a disordered personality. Then…get your running shoes on and implement no contact.

Thank you Olga for the important reminders of what we’ve been through!I’ve learned that lesson the hard way!I was separated from my husband for 5 yrs at another time.In that time,I was able to get the mental and physical rest I needed,and regain my joy.My husband SEEMED to be making changes.It is easy to forget what the agony felt like and how hard it was to break away,and to let one’s guard down!

“Should I leave? Should I leave?” Agonized for years over that question. Once I left I was never tormented by the question, “Should I go back?”. I had an abusive father followed by an abusive husband. Time to stand back, examine myself, and exercise caution. Thank you for a necessary reminder.

Greetings everyone; what a battle it was to get away from my SP. I am at a place of peace; of building myself up again and I will protect this place…because it cost me dearly to get here! Blessings to everyone; I may not post as often as I used to but I still check in once in a while. I read stories and pray for all those who are struggling. I wish everyone peace, courage and love…self love! I often tell Donna how I could not have saved myself had it not been for her and the support I got here on LF! Thanks for the comments everyone; stay strong!

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