LETTERS TO LOVEFRAUD: A thank you note to my sociopath

Editor’s note: The following article was submitted by the Lovefraud reader “Adelle.”

To the sociopath: I just want to thank you for all the things you do that keep me away from you! Had you not done those things or continue to do them ”¦ I may have thought you’d changed. You know we here at Lovefraud sometimes give you sociopaths too much credit! You guys are not as bright and slick as we think you are. You keep doing the things that confirm who and what you are. If you would just walk away”¦ respect and accept the fact that you have been dumped, maybe you could fool us again into thinking you have an ounce of dignity. Instead you do what you do ”¦ stalk, harass, annoy … confirming who and what you are!

The fact that you have a Facebook profile with pictures of nothing but us and you act as if we are still together is sick, but frankly I could care less! I used to care so much what people thought about me ”¦ but I no longer feel that way; I have you to thank for that ”¦ again thank you! Through this experience with you I have learned that it is most important what I think of myself, not what others think of me!

In the past I would have been so angry about that FB profile, I may have even called you to express my anger or pounded my head about it ”¦ not anymore!

Thanks for stalking me and texting me that you will soon arrive at the location I am. I used to jump with fear and look around when you would do that. You where never really there; I was so predictable to you ”¦ you knew I would leave and miss out on the fun I had planned. I would go home and be scared, lonely and depressed, just the way you wanted me to be so that I would not have a social life. I guess you thought I’d be so lonely I’d end up calling you. I no longer jump like that; you are a bully and bullies are cowards disguised as monsters!

Thanks for trying to poison my dog. I don’t know what result you expected from that; maybe you thought I would call you crying to tell you that my dog was sick, or I’d ask you for money to take him to the vet.  As odd as it sounds ”¦ I thank you for that as well! Thank you for showing me that you would stoop that low ”¦ what I think of you is no longer an opinion ”¦ you confirmed it. You care about nothing and no one but yourself ”¦ you are evil ”¦ you have come to KILL, STEAL ”¦ and DESTROY!

Thank you for trying to be me ”¦ I laugh as I write this! You try to act as if you do all the things I do ”¦ you are now a Christian ”¦ LMAO! You work out; you shop where I shop, you support the causes I support ”¦ wow ”¦ the movie “Single White Female” comes to mind! Honestly ”¦ I think people laugh at you ”¦ actually ”¦ I know they do, I’ve been told.

Thanks for all you did and continue to do ”¦ just confirms to me that I did the right thing and will continue to do so in staying no contact with you!

You used to tell me that you would kill yourself if I did not return to you; funny how you do nothing to harm yourself ”¦ but much to try and harm me!

But then again what else should I expect from you?

Thanks for being so transparent ”¦ had you not been, I might have thought you’d changed.

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I have been reading through this blog for a while now. . .
This particular post is actually quite depressing to me. A person who would do all the ridiculous things described in this post to get back with or at their ex must be a very lonely, miserable human being.


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