LETTERS TO LOVEFRAUD: How sociopaths twist words and actions

Editor’s note: The following was written by the Lovefraud reader “Rochelle.”

As part of the problem with my particular sociopath, the way they interpret behaviors is not like the rest of us. I have a list of examples:

What you do or say and what the sociopath hears

Expressing an opinion or feeling = ranting and anger issues.

Getting angry when he belittles and talks down to me = raging and anger issues.

Doing things for my husband and stepdaughter = I must have an ulterior motive.

Saying I like something in a shop window or magazine = me trying to manipulate him into buying me something.

Crying because I am hurting = drama queen.

Me asking him not to bring up a topic while out with friends = me being controlling.

Taking my husband to the hospital after he filed for divorce behind my back and then taking care of him afterward = me trying to get a better settlement out of him.

Changing my mind on something = hypocrisy.

His unfriending his sisters on Facebook = I can’t stand to hear that I am wrong and will give up my sisters to prove my point.

His being married 4 times = he made the wrong choices and did nothing wrong.

Having a female coworker as his best friend instead of his wife = this woman means more to me than you do.

Direct depositing my own money into my own account = stealing.

Going away for a family wedding and not staying at the hotel with the family because he SWORE I was there = paranoia. I was in another state the entire time.

Not doing things exactly the way he would = me being wrong.

Not liking being controlled by him his female coworker = me being wrong.

Me wanting sex once a week = me being a nymphomaniac.

Me buying a sandwich for lunch = me overspending.

Me loving my husband, washing his clothes, cleaning his house, cooking his meals, being supportive in all aspects of his life = I am beneath him and him not having the ability to show how appreciative he is.

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