Murder from both sides

Jessica Witt, right, was murdered in 1992 by Patrick Alexander.

If you’ve been visiting Lovefraud for awhile, you probably know that Lovefraud author and member Joyce Alexander, who comments as “Ox Drover,” is protesting the parole of her son, Patrick Alexander.

Patrick Alexander was convicted of murdering 17-year-old Jessica Witt in January, 1992. Then, in 2007, while still in prison, Patrick sent a man to kill his mother, Joyce. She believes that if Patrick were paroled, he would come after her again.

Joyce has expressed the sorrow that she feels for the family of Jessica Witt, whose life her son ended. Now we can understand what that family endured. Jessica Witt’s aunt, MaryHellen Cuellar, has posted about the experience on a website called “Story of My Life.” It is truly heartbreaking.

On behalf of Lovefraud, I send our sincere condolences to the family of Jessica Witt. No one should have to experience such a tragedy.

“Jessica’s Story” by MaryHelen Cuellar, on StoryOfMyLife.com.



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Abelrising, anxiety and pain and worry about those we love is a natural feeling. VERY NORMAL. Okay? So your concern for your wife is perfectly normal, BUT..at the same time, you must allow HER TO GROW and accomplish things on her own. So I’m gonna tell you to “get over it” and quit hovering over her like an over-concerned mother. Allow her this wonderful opportunity to feel useful and able. Everyone of us worries about our kids being bullied or hurt when we send them off alone to school but if we kept them home “safe” all day they would never learn and grow. So calm down and quit worrying so much. (((hugs)))

Try not to be too anxious about your wife.I do understand your concern for her safety.At the same time,she does need to feel a sense of helping out with finances;even if it just means she doesn’t have to ask you for an allowance.But it’s good to know that you’re keeping a ‘close eye’ just to make sure she’s ok.

I was just thinking about your comment that you wish the store would ‘let your wife go’ and hire someone,say with Down’s syndrome.But what would that do to her self-esteem?!I’m sure management and other employees keep an eye on her.The job could increase her confidence!

Abelrising your posts have been a source of comfort and support to me this past 2 weeks, in particular your advice to another poster to go to the place within where God resides, where there is no time or space, where you can be fortified to face the world again. And your quote from Carl Sagan about humility and elation in the face of the grandeur of the universe equating spirituality. Thank you. You show great compassion to this community. I worry about my aspie friend’s social naivete. But sometimes it works miracles. For example he and his young brother were walking late one night to the subway in the city they live in in France. They were very aggressively accosted by a would be mugger. My aspie friend just told the mugger why his behaviour was unfair and unreasonable, and the mugger let them go!!


I love the “Little Talks” song by Of Monsters and Men. Love the words. It’s been one of my favorites for months now.

Well if Lou and Abelrising like them, I’m going to check them out…


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