LETTERS TO LOVEFRAUD: I fell for it a million times

Editor’s Note: Lovefraud received the following story from a woman whom we’ll call “Abigail.”

I met my now ex-boyfriend June 2004. I had been divorced for 4 years; my kids were 7 and 10. He is a police officer. The night I met he seemed depressed, I asked him, “Why are you so sad?” He replied, “I got divorced this week.” By the end of the night I was really excited; I really liked him!

I had been alone for four years. We started dating. Since I thought he was recently divorced, I didn’t question him when he didn’t call and sometimes, although I would speak to him, I wouldn’t see him on the weekends. That only lasted for a couple of months. Then we were seeing each other all the time, going out every weekend. We would go everywhere, alone, with friends.

That Christmas he gave me a beautiful diamond heart. I didn’t spend the holidays with him as I had not met his family, again thinking that due to his recent divorce, it was okay. April of 05 he decided to go to Vegas with his mom, didn’t ask me to go. While he was gone, I decided to take my diamond heart to get cleaned. That’s when my life turned around. I searched for the diamond certificate. When I found it; it was carefully cut out—amount, address, phone number. I thought my children had done that. I called my friend and she immediately said something is very wrong! I called my sister and asked her to check the clerk’s records for divorce files ”¦ yep, no divorce! He had been lying to me for almost a year!!!!!!! By then I was totally, stupidly in love with him!

After that I confronted him. He cried; he got a nosebleed. Please forgive him! “If I told you, by the time I knew I was in love with you, I was afraid you would leave me. We live in the same house but we are not together.” ”¦ We were separated two weeks and then he said he just couldn’t live without me. “I will get a divorce, I promise.” I fell for it a million times.


November of 05 ”¦ his wife got pregnant, in vitro fertilization, I thought I was going to die when I found out ”¦ I forgave him.

December 05 ”¦ wife loses pregnancy. He told me nothing would make him happier than becoming a father.

January 06 ”¦ we plan a pregnancy, without him giving me any reassurances. I took the chance because I loved him and wanted to see him happy.

February 06 ”¦ I get pregnant, one week later he walks in, tells me he can’t do it! One week after that, I abort the pregnancy that was created with such love! (By me.) I went alone, of course. Night of the abortion, he calls begging for forgiveness, he didn’t realize what he was doing, please do not abort when he knew I had already done it.

March 06 ”¦ I forgive.

April 06 ”¦ He moves out of the marital home and in with his mother.

November 06 ”¦ He tells me his father is sick and needs to travel ”¦ I get suspicious, check AA airlines ”¦ he left to go to Washington with his wife. Wrote me a letter, which his mom handed to me. “Please forgive me for this trip, I need to end my previous life so that I can start new with you.” A few weeks later, I forgive.

February 07 ”¦ Picks fight with me ”¦ I get suspicious ”¦ pretend I know that he is going away ”¦ find out he is leaving on a trip to Puerto Rico with the wife, although they no longer live together. He texted me 10 days in a row from his trip—it’s a business trip, please forgive him. When he gets back I get an email from his wife, seemed like, excuse my husband for taking a trip ”¦ the email stated that it was a business trip and that she knows he was texting me and that they grew apart. One day later ”¦ I forgive him.

In 2007 we went back and forth a million times ”¦ In December of 07, again he went away to Jacksonville. The next couple of years were the same—promises, promises, he went to see an attorney several times, but never went through the divorce.

February of 09 ”¦ We broke up.

July of 09 ”¦ He begged me back. Bought rings for both of us, wanted to bring the family together to give me the ring in front of them. I refused after I found out that he went back home, took her to New York, then came back and decided that it was never going to work with her.

Finally together

I refused him until September 09. We got back together; it was good for the first time in a long time. He moved in this past December. Still no divorce. We brought our families together; I thought this was it! This past Saturday, he was in the shower, his phone was buzzing, I checked his messages for the first time, it was her! Asking him where was his happiness, why was he doing this, she wanted an answer.

I confronted him—why he was communicating with her? He denied everything. I told him to please just tell me the truth; he was being so good that I knew that maybe it’s just her. He denied. I asked him about the divorce, he said it would get done. When? His reply ”¦ when it does. Finally I said I was going to email her to get answers.

That’s when he lost it! He asked if I wanted bloodshed. He took me to the bedroom got his gun, loaded it and placed it on his head. I told him all he was doing was diverting from the truth, all this drama in order for him not to tell me the truth. He said he was going to do this outside. My 13 year old was in the other room. We walked over to the back door, at which time he started kicking it because the key wasn’t in the lock. When I didn’t get the key, he shot the door. HE SHOT THE DOOR!!

He has never displayed this aggression before. Also, in the almost two months we were living together, he never discussed what bills we were going to pay. He bought the food and that’s it, knowing that I’m drowning and behind on the mortgage. But he was still paying half the mortgage of the marital home.

I still can’t believe how calm I was; I guess maybe shock??? I picked up the shell of the bullet, looked at him and said, “You know this is it, and all because you wouldn’t tell me the truth.” He packed up everything and left.

Don’t feel sad

Last summer I did see a therapist and he did tell me that he is a sociopath and I still went back to him ”¦ l’m relieved; for the first time I don’t even feel sad. I can’t believe it took this for me to realize that I would have been at this for years to come.

So sorry, I know this was long, but it makes me feel better. I have even lost friendships because of him. My best friend just got so tired of seeing me like this that she literally broke up with me, saying it was just too painful to watch.

I wish I could write a book or talk to people about how important it is not to get robbed of your own emotions. It happened to me in the worst way and took six years away from me. I’m petrified to start over. I don’t know if I can!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my difficulties. I even have a feeling of embarrassment. I am smart, good mom, have survived on my own, held the same job for 17 years. I thought I knew better than this!

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tobe – i did the same thing, i capitulated.

i was just about to come closer to myself again, work on that relationship, and whamo.

i have a lot of work to do too.

may it be rich and fruitful.

Hey One step….I gave my email address to Donna to give it to you…
Did you get it???

You are so smart and your words really help me so much.

I’m looking forward to that “obsessive thinking” work you are going to send me. I appreciate it so much.

Funny, but today I barely thought about the monster or had any good or bad feelings about it.

Hmmmm….(was too busy cleaning )

Gotta get out of here…too nice of a day ..wanna get on my bike…before the sun goes down.

LOL…. Thanks again


2 BE, Not yet. I checked my email last night, but i am sure i will get it soon.

now get out and ride!

Hey….I think we should all switch threads and post on the
Bachelor thread. There are too many one here……
See you all there!!


It is as if you were writing MY story with my spath!!!!!

It also helps me to feel that I wasn’t ALONE…I so GET this!!!

I’ve not read through all of the posts here yet, but wherever you are now, whatever is going on, I would love to hear that you’re doing well now!!!

Bless your heart!!! Thank you for your courage to write this. I totally TOTALLY understand!!!

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