LETTERS TO LOVEFRAUD: I got out before any damage could be done

Lovefraud received the following email from a reader whom we’ll call “Lorna.”

I thought I’d write and tell you a success story, thanks to all the information you provide to help people to survive a sociopath.

I’ve met them at various times in my life, however, I was lucky that I never married or got pregnant or lived with one. A couple of years ago, one crossed my path, and in a short time caused a lot of disruption before I dumped him. I pretty much forgot all about the narcissistic sociopath since then.

I wanted to watch the Will and Kate wedding live, but didn’t have TV, and on the West Coast it would be shown at 3 a.m. I posted on the activities partners section of Craigslist hoping someone was planning on being up to watch, and might let me come join them. I was surprised to get an email from a man, with whom I exchanged emails and phone calls before I felt comfortable going to his place to watch the wedding.

I made chocolate covered strawberries and brought a bottle of champagne, and he had some too, so we laughed and had a wonderful time staying up til dawn watching the wedding — competing on who knew the most wedding trivia, etc. I had a blast, so did he, or so I thought. He was 14 yrs younger, worked part time as a baseball umpire, had a bright and witty mind, and was a total gentleman. We ended up snuggling a bit, and even kissing a little.

I wasn’t going to chase him, so I did send a quick email letting him know I got home safely, I left it up to him to reach out to contact me for future dates, if he wanted. A week went by. I finally got an email telling me he’d been out of commission as he’d pulled muscles in his back. I took him dinner and a heating pad and massaged his back. I waited another week before he contacted me again, which I thought was a bit strange. We emailed and planned to go for a hike at the ocean to his favorite place.

Previously, he had told me he was a confirmed bachelor, and he had “been played” by some gal a year before, and his feelings were evidentially hurt over that break up. He made another comment I didn’t quite catch, however, I think he said if I got too romantic he’d just end the relationship. Huh? I didn’t understand.

Hike to the ocean

The day came for us to go on our picnic hike to the ocean. I was to meet him at noon at his place. I had misplaced my keys and was running about 10 minutes late, so I called and got his voice mail to let him know I was on my way. When I arrived, he pointed to his watch and let me know I was late and he has a “thing about that.” Hmmm, kinda uptight, I thought to myself. After all, I did call and left a message. It wasn’t as if we were going to a concert that started at a specific time. We had all day, and what was 10 minutes? I was on “observe and take mental notes” duty, as I’d learned to watch for signs from the very very beginning, as people will give plenty of clues as to who they really are if you take off your blinders and stop making excuses for people.

My next clue came when he drove like a maniac, and made me uncomfortable tailgating. My telling him so and asking him to slow down only helped a bit when I pointed out he had 364 days a year to drive as he wished, and this one time to consider me. He did slow down, a bit, but when we came to a very curvy section of road I asked him to take the easier detour so I wouldn’t get car sick, and he refused! Ok, now my alarm system was on full alert. I was getting too many clues of his selfishness, and little comments he made to upset me. He even noticed something about me he said he could use to “push your buttons.” I didn’t think highly of that, either! Instead of being comfortable in his company, I was becoming quite wary. He seemed to take pleasure making me squirm. Not good.

We arrived at the beach, went on a bit of a hike to get there, and he helped me up and over these huge boulders on the beach. However, he wanted to be out on the edge where huge waves were crashing up on the rocks. He stood out there like a crazy guy, and I could see he was addicted to adrenalin. I couldn’t keep up with him and didn’t want to. I was getting tired, and yet he kept pushing me to go further and further, though I knew if I did I could fall and hurt myself, and told him so. HE wanted to go further, so we did, and that was that. I just made more mental notes realizing how selfish and somewhat antagonistic I found him towards me. I actually should not have been climbing on those rocks, I’m 64 years old and have had knee surgery, but he pushed me and said he didn’t drive all that way not to see it all. Eventually, we left to return towards home.

He had originally suggested we go to a local seafood restaurant for some clam chowder, but now that it was time to do so, he changed his mind and we drove back towards home. He did stop at a taco wagon that is parked in the grocery store parking lot and got less than $10 worth of tacos. He did make a point to pull out about eight $20 bills and fanned them in front of himself as he was paying for the tacos. He let it be known he had the $ to eat in a real restaurant, but instead here we were sitting at a picnic table in a grocery parking lot eating $1.50 tacos. Mind you, I’m not a gold digger, and I had brought food for the picnic. I eat at that taco truck myself from time to time. It was just the way he did this felt more like he was intentionally avoiding spending any money on me, and not keeping his promise to go for chowder as originally planned.

“Bad boy”

After we got back to his place, he didn’t help off load any of my stuff to put in my vehicle. He just gathered up his own and went up to his apartment leaving me to do my own. Once I did, we watched TV for a while, then he started kissing and it was warming up. I was about to stop it to leave when he came out and made a comment that after a while of a relationship going along nicely that he “likes to mix it up” and will let his “bad boy” come out. He said he would do things like cancel plans with me at the very last minute because something he rather do came along.

I told him that wasn’t a problem as long as he gave me enough notice to make other plans so my time wasn’t wasted. He said no, that it would be at the last minute, and why shouldn’t he go do something he liked better? I thought about it for a minute, looked back over the times I’d been with him, especially all the signals he had been giving me throughout the day, and I realized what I was dealing with. I figured out I was with a selfish brat narcissistic, probably abusive, and I felt like he was trying to set me up to expect less of him. Once I had him pegged, I instantly knew I had to get out of there immediately and have nothing more to do with him.

So, after taking in his bad boy comment, I replied back to him, “You wouldn’t do that with me if you ever wanted to see me again. Thank you for the warning.” I stood up, went over to where my car keys were sitting on a table, picked them up, went to the front door and left. I walked out on him and never looked back. I know he wasn’t expecting that! For once in my life, I had my eyes and ears open, didn’t believe a word he said, watched his behavior and believed that, and when the picture emerged, I didn’t waste another minute trying to change him or hope for the best. I just got out before any damage could be done.

In retrospect, I realize he was sizing me up to see if I took any Rx, had any jewelry and money, investments, where I lived, etc., and assumed I had $$$. He picked the wrong person! I know I’ve not heard from him either as he realized I really don’t have anything to offer him, and I’m certainly not going to have anything to do with him anyway.

I wish I had used my head in the past, but at least I did this time. I am grateful for your website for helping to ID a sociopath and pay attention to the signals. Also, the most important is to know not to get involved in the first place, because you cannot change the person and he’s not anyone you should have in your life anyway.

So, I dodged a bullet and the info on your website helped me to do just that.

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Louise. Yes, I get the picture. It’s ok to go to and fro with our emotions. You are having a NORMAL reaction.

It does get easier with time. You are still raw from the spath.
Spaths love to triangulate. Mine did too. It gives them a buzz (puke)

With regard to the OW ”“ I can hear Ox say ’ you cannot control the OW or her thoughts/actions, but what you can do is control how YOU react to it’. Does this make sense? Take your power back.

I’m sorry that you lost the job, however, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I’ll try to give you an example. I desperately wanted to move house. At the time I was convinced that I wanted to live in a particular area. However, it was not to be, and although at the time I was so desperately sad, now I realise that it would have been the WRONG choice.

Don’t worry about those tests Miss Selfdiagnosis! I could write a book on bi-polar, my husband had it. Having read your posts I would say that you have been severely traumatised but you do not have the classic symptoms of Bi-polar. The relationshit, with spath, cuts to our very core and we do not escape unscathed.

The loss of your father, job, spath have all come within a very short space of time. Everytime a ’bad’ thing happens it sets off a trigger which can remind us of past events. So yes, there is no wonder you feel as you do.

It does get better


A buzz. Yeah, they are buzzing while we are reeling.

It does make sense regarding I can control how I act. I feel like I took my power back by getting out of there. I don’t have to watch her antics anymore and by me leaving, she has one less person in her “audience.” I think this was a blow to her even if it was a slight one. So yeah, I don’t even have to deal with her so I need to look at that as a blessing and get her out of my head.

I am sure those tests aren’t necessarily accurate; just a guideline I guess.

I don’t like how when something bad happens, it triggers memories of past bad events also. It’s hard enough dealing with the present bad thing let alone it bringing up bad memories from the past. I wish our minds didn’t work that way! I wish I could wave a magic wand and all the bad memories could be wiped away, but then I could never grow. Those bad things happened for a reason and I know that; I need to embrace that thought more.

Louise – you are getting there.

There is a book called Living With the Black Dog. It’s actually a book for people living with a person who has Bi-polar. It’s a book of illustrations. Here’s a paragraph from that book.

‘When humans experience pain, be it emotional or physical, we tend to avoid it at all costs. We will go over it, under it, around it and away from it but rarely do we go through it. One of the simplest tools I’ve learnt is acceptance; acceptance is the one thing that deprives the Black Dog of his power’

We could apply this to spaths too!


Thanks for that. Very good. Sorry you had to live with someone with Bipolar. I can only imagine that must have been a nightmare.

I wonder if because so many people avoid the pain is that why so many people seem to be damaged? Instead of dealing with the hurts in their lives, they try to avoid it and never really heal? I don’t know, but I am not avoiding it. I hurt and I am immersed in it. I guess in the end that will be a good thing 🙂

Louise – Avoiding the pain is not the answer. Have you ever heard the saying about ‘the elephant in the room?’

It’s ….well…for example when there is something huge (like spath aftermath) in our lives and we try to ignore it, pretend it’s not there and hope no one else notices it. But we can only ignore it for so long then sooner or later we have to face the truth and deal with it.

It’s the TRUTH that hurts, the realisation that the person we THOUGHT we knew, did not exist at all.


Oh, yeah, that elephant in the room was always a big one in the corporate world so I am very familiar with that.

Exactly…I guess that is what I cannot get over…the TRUTH that he never cared about me, only used me when he made it all appear so real. That is hard to accept.

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