Locking up bad fathers is good for kids

A new study by Economist David Neumark at the University of California – Irvine found that married, two-person households are not always best for children. The study found that the increased incarceration of minority men contributed to fewer minority high school dropouts.

Read Kids are all right with just mom, on the University of California – Irvine website.

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I agree with the general perspective you posted about. When someone goes to court, justice should be served, not bias. From what I read here, the socipath tends to win most of the time, regardless of whether they are male or female. The problem is that your average person doesn’t know anything about sociopaths. They assume that both sides are trying to be reasonable. The sociopaths are sooooo unreasonable that no one would ever imagine their motive: Malice.

Perhaps there are equal number of sociopaths of both sexes. You can take any person’s personality and measure three parts: Empathy, Intelligence and Aggression. More people with an XY chromosome are going to have more aggression due to natural testosterone.. If you are a spath with low empathy, and you have more aggression you are more likely to show it. If you add low intelligence, you end up behind bars.
XX chromosomes have less aggression, so even if they have low intelligence, they are better trained at being manipulitive since being aggressive is not going to work. They are going to be dangerous in a covert way.
I know you already know this, but you do have to keep it in mind when you are discussing WHY there is a bias in the courts. It’s because with the exception of the low intelligence, sociopath males, the sociopath will always win.

And don’t forget to add the fact that most people in positions of authority are sociopaths. They love to see drama and to control others, that’s why they took that position in the first place.

My point is that the odds are stacked against us and toward the spaths, whether we are male or female and the reason is because not enough NORMAL people know how to recognize a sociopath. THAT NEEDS TO BE OUR GOAL.

Anger toward one another here on LF, is counterproductive toward that goal and EXACTLY what the spaths are counting on. They have seeded all the racism and misogyny with this intent. So on that note, I agree with you that too often we women here on LF spout off on men in general. I try to be cognizant and not do that, I hope that I haven’t.

Spaths understand that divide and conquer strategy. Let’s not make it easy on them.

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