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Loretta Burroughs, 63, guilty of murdering her husband and chopping up his corpse

Loretta Burroughs verdict

Loretta Burroughs enters a courtroom in Mays Landing, NJ before the verdict. (Photo by Donna Andersen)

Loretta Burroughs, a 63-year-old grandmother, was convicted of stabbing her husband to death, dismembering his corpse, and stuffing the remains into plastic boxes that she dragged with her as she moved from house to house.

Burroughs forged a power of attorney document so she could sell the home after he disappeared, and then filed for divorce 18 months after she killed him so she could collect the profits.

Donna Andersen covered the story for the Daily Mail. Read it here:

Guilty: ‘Head in a handbag’ grandmother who murdered husband, chopped him up and moved remains from house to house for six years, on


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This woman had so many people fooled,people thought she was so nice because she worked with the elderly,all she did was take advantage of them.She volunteered at the fire house and told all the ladies that volunteered there that her husband left her with nothing and took off with another woman,it wasn’t enough to kill him,she had to destroy his reputation in his own community.It was so frustrating knowing all this time she was responsible for Dannys death,and not getting anyone to listen.She will be sentenced soon and sent to live the rest of her life in prison.


I read about this woman when the story about her first came out. Thankfully, she will stay in prison. She’ evil to the core.

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