Lovefraud extra: It is time for Amy’s law

May, 2008 I brought to your attention the tragic case of Dr. Amy Castillo, a pediatrician who lost her court fight to protect her children from their psychopathic father. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that another two children have been lost and another mother named Amy is left asking how we let her down. Yes I said we let her down. The judge who allowed the children’s father, Michael Connolly to have unsupervised visitation was representing all of us.

We have to put our heads together and figure out how to change the system. Children need and deserve protection from sociopaths. Mothers and fathers like Amy made a mistake in marriage and love, that shouldn’t mean the children conceived should pay the ultimate price!

According to the Chicago Tribune Connolly, like Dr. Castillo’s ex-husband told people he would kill the children. “In court documents dating back to 2005, she (Amy) detailed her estranged husband’s threats against her family and fought unsuccessfully to keep him from having unsupervised visits with their two sons. Michael Connolly violated the orders of protection against him six times, police records said, and he often vowed to kill himself rather than be separated from the boys.”

Now I often tell people not to believe sociopaths. Here is the official Lovefraud exception to that rule: If a sociopath says he/she is going to kill someone, believe him/her.

I ask that everyone reading this blog write their lawmakers and submit editorials to newspapers about the need to protect children. Not just physically but emotionally too. I also welcome your ideas about what we as a community should do.

One other thing, let’s get the word out that family members have to stop covering for sociopaths and enabling them. Don’t let pity cloud judgment, and stand in the way of safety. The Tribune quotes Connolly’s aunt as saying, “I feel sorry for Michael”¦I know that sounds terrible, but he must have been so tormented.”

(Thank you to Rune, who brought this story to my attention)

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Dear Leah, I was in the middle of posting this when I read Oxys post. Im feeing absolutely terrible and hope we all feel better tomorrow.

This link may be helpful to you re setting up a 501C3.. its a wonderful idea your friend is thinking of … Good luck

Leah, there is a fee necessary with the above link, so it actually might not be helpful to you as I just saw you mentioned pro bono. Sry bout that…

Thanks, Learnthelesson.

I was having a tough day too. 🙁 So I thought I’d do something constructive rather than writing a potentially unconstructive letter I thought about sending to one of the dupes. Yes, warm wishes for brighter tomorrows for all.

Leah: I think that is a wonderful idea to have stylists at a salon look for signs of domestic abuse and to offer resources! Really a wonderful thing to do.

I want to help. I am a Christian and feel a strong need to give spread the word to help people protect themselves.

What Can I do on my own or to help you?

Strolling through CNN news articles I found two more articles about non-custodial parents who were still given VISITATION with their children even when the children were living in a DV shelter because the father had beaten the mother—and the father KILLED the kids.

When I first read about Amy’s situation, I thought it was horrible, but RARE! BOY, was I WRONG!

People on this thread are also talking about “spreading the word” and helping others to learn–and educating judges and lawyers etc. and BOY O BOY!!!! do we need to do that.

I need to get off this negative streak of news articles, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to just forget about it–each of us in some way needs to spread the word to others about how dangerous psychopaths are….to anyone in their environment!

IT IS TIME FOR AMY’S LAW!!! It is time to put psychopaths in prison for LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE not for just a few weeks or months! It is time for CHILDREN TO HAVE RIGHTS over their personality disordered parents!

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