Lovefraud extra: Let’s support Sandra Boss

The kidnapping trial of “Clark Rockefeller” the psychopathic con artist who is charged with parental kidnapping is happening at the time of this writing. The defense is claiming “insanity” and attacking Sandra Boss for having fallen for his lies. A survey of internet blogs reveals public abuse of Sandra. Please add your comments in support of Sandra to the blogs, particularly this one http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2009/06/rockefellers_2.html.

To watch the trial live visit:http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/specials/05_28_09_Rockefeller_live_video/

This is outrageous,Sandra was worked over by the defense. Someone (perhaps an attorney who reads this blog) explain to us why the judge and prosecution allowed this.


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I haven’t had the time to peruse the entire blog yet but I will. I didn’t mean to offend anyone and I apologize if I did.

This story (Sandra Boss’s) has similarities with Enid Green Waldholtz’s and her sociopathic husband Joseph Waldholtz.

He pretended to be a multimillionaire akin to the Mellons and had a lavish lifestyle, until it turned out he conned everyone, fleecing his own grandmother and mother, and his stepfather.

She was an intelligent and educated woman though, being a lawyer and a promising politician. She was elected to the congress in 1995 thanks to the many cons of her husband who was her campaign manager.

When people came to report oddities to her, she turned a blind eye. They had a baby girl.

Nicolaid_ If you are interested in high achieving psychopaths and what attracts people to them, why they “turn a blind eye”. a great book is Freeing Yourself from the Naricissist in Your Life.

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