Lovefraud Lesson #10: Sociopaths always blame others

When sociopaths have problems in their lives, it’s never their own fault. Donna Andersen explains why this is one of the most important Red Flags of Lovefraud.

To watch the entire Lovefraud Lessons series, go the the Lovefraud Videos page.

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Dearest Your Royal Dupiness,
I am doing fine I guess, but I thought I was going to die sunday nite, actually I begged to die. I had a case of food poisening or some kind of 24 hour bug. It’s 44 feet from my bed to my terlette, and this ole geezer bout didnt make it a few time’s. Oh My what a nite that was, the wieners hid under the bed..

(((aw, hens))) so sorry about the bad food or having a ‘bug’….

🙁 ~ Hope you are feeling all better now.
Poor wieners probably thought it was a possession of some kind
or something. That completely sucks. What did you eat? Do you
remember? FORTY FOUR FEET from bed to terlette? Yikes…
Poor baby: old geezer, hm>? hahahaha

If you are an old geezer, “I” am an old ‘geezette’. hahahahaha
New LF word: ‘geezette’….

It should be against the law to be as lazy as I am and have been
since my heart attack. I ain’t complaining, though. Just happy to
be breathing for a little while longer.

If I can keep the psychopathic demons away from me,
I will be JUST FINE: loving the peace and quiet.

Have a good night, hens.


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