Lovefraud Lesson #10: Sociopaths always blame others

When sociopaths have problems in their lives, it’s never their own fault. Donna Andersen explains why this is one of the most important Red Flags of Lovefraud.

To watch the entire Lovefraud Lessons series, go the the Lovefraud Videos page.

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Hens, my Dad and Brother both held me down and tickled me, but my Siamese cat put a stop to it.
One day my Dad was holding me down on his bed and I was screaming and squeeling, and my cat flew out of the closet and tore him up…his arms looked like hamburger.
To my Dad’s credit, he didn’t punish her. He understood that she was protecting me.
I wish a siamese cat on your brother Hens.

skylar: i know what you mean!!!!
they do that for the attention and the reactions.
If you don’t give them what they want, they become ugly
and more sinister. I have this ‘being’ completely figured out now.

(Much to “IT’s” dismay).


I have not spoken a peep to “IT” for almost five months and
the stalking and harassment only ceased a couple weeks ago.
Hey, I wrote something, this morning, I want to share:

“Message to a Psychopath”

So you came into my life, promising friendship and kindness
but it ended with you trying to and wanting to murder me,
much to my confusion and shock.

The only reason you wanted to harm me was because of all the lies you
have told to cover up your ugliness and evil actions.
Then, you convinced yourself of these things to manipulate others.

The only thing which you never figured on is that fact that I can
‘outspath’ you, in the end. I had lots of ‘teachers’ a long the way.
Although I rebuked them all, unlike you, and found my own way
in this life, making my own choices and not accepting what has
been slung on me…making MY WAY in goodness and decency.
Unlike the paths YOU have chosen. I am stronger and wiser than
you and I will always be stronger and wiser because your ugliness
has made me that way. You lose. “I” win.

I have truly suffered much to your immense delight, all these years.
I have paid my ‘dues’ where I see yours just beginning.

Not by anything “I” may or may not do to you legally,
to defend and protect my peace of mind and quiet, but you will bring this on by your own hand.
I need not intervene in Divine Justice.

These words are more than vengeance and/or justification,
it is the truth. The paths you chose in this life define who you are
the rest of your life. Your own self will be your downfall.
Your ugly and selfish intentions will someday be your own downfall.

You came into my life speaking the word ‘love’ but all the while,
you have never really known what that word is outside of lying
and manipulation.

Do not EVER speak that word to me, ever again;
not in this lifetime nor any other.
I have cut the cancer from my being and permeated myself
with peace which is something you will never come to know.

Go away now and live your own self imposed misery and hell and
stay off my cloud. For the rest of eternity.
There is NOTHING left for you here but trouble.
I wouldn’t force my hand. I am finished.


((Thanks, skylar)) for your sweet and kind words.
I don’t know how I feel about being a ‘role model’…
Goodness gracious! Look at the wrong turns I have taken.

I AM making IMMENSE PROGRESS but I think what has helped me
A LOT is the fact that I really AM somewhat of a cold-assed B**TCH,
when it comes to certain things. Disrespect is one of those things, (to me) that is an IMMENSE RED FLAG. I just don’t tolerate it anymore.
There is no excuse for it.

I hope you are well and doing alright.
This is a long road to hoe but I am going to die trying. Hm????

This has been like the ugliest part of my entire life.
But you know what?
I see more and more of it going in the GARBAGE.
Right where it belongs.

Have a happy day, would ya?
I have learned so much from you and,
I am very grateful for your caring and sharing, skylar. xxoo


My Dearest Truthspeak:

What an amazing support and friend you have been to me.
I thank you from my heart.

Waking up this morning and seeing your and skylar’s posts
made me feel so much better about myself and my life.

I am humbled.

I say a prayer for you every day, Truthspeak.
I pray that your life is settling down for you now
and that you are finding peace and further direction.

hahahaha: “EPIC RANTS”.
First time I have ever had anyone call MY B**TCHINESS:
“Epic”. hahahahahahahahahaha

You hang in there, Truthspeak, I just know you are going to be okay.
I am going to be okay, too. Just have a little further to walk and the
journey will be completely over for me.
I will be carrying scars and ‘baggage’ when I leave this spot, but I can tell you one thing:

I am NOT taking THAT nightmare with me,
wherever I end up.

**Big hugs and smiles**

Yes, I AM ‘healing’…
amazing. Been too long since I noticed ‘life’.


No…your “BOO” didn’t scare me…
(sorry)….I don’t have a very large ‘startle reaction’
unless I know ppath is in the general vicinity.

(If you know what I mean).

Sorry your brother did those things to you.
I had a pretty mean half brother who would do stuff
like that to me, all the time. Hey, I look at it
like this: at least we had the experience and it has ‘fired’
us and ‘honed’ us into being the understanding and kind
people I just know we are.

Of course, except for my temperament:
There is a line in every situation, it seems. Hm?
Hope you are well and doing okay, hens.

I think of you often and send happy thoughts and wishes to you
and your wieners. heheheh

mwahhhh! xxoo

Sincerely yours,

Your Royal Dupiness

Dearest Your Royal Dupiness,
I am doing fine I guess, but I thought I was going to die sunday nite, actually I begged to die. I had a case of food poisening or some kind of 24 hour bug. It’s 44 feet from my bed to my terlette, and this ole geezer bout didnt make it a few time’s. Oh My what a nite that was, the wieners hid under the bed..

(((aw, hens))) so sorry about the bad food or having a ‘bug’….

๐Ÿ™ ~ Hope you are feeling all better now.
Poor wieners probably thought it was a possession of some kind
or something. That completely sucks. What did you eat? Do you
remember? FORTY FOUR FEET from bed to terlette? Yikes…
Poor baby: old geezer, hm>? hahahaha

If you are an old geezer, “I” am an old ‘geezette’. hahahahaha
New LF word: ‘geezette’….

It should be against the law to be as lazy as I am and have been
since my heart attack. I ain’t complaining, though. Just happy to
be breathing for a little while longer.

If I can keep the psychopathic demons away from me,
I will be JUST FINE: loving the peace and quiet.

Have a good night, hens.


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