Lovefraud Lesson #6: Sociopaths and sex

Many, many people who have been romantically involved with sociopaths have told me that the sex was the best they ever had. In my latest video, I explain why.

Watch Lovefraud Lesson #6: Sociopaths and sex on the Videos page.

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skylar mentioned them withholding sex in order to manipulate and control….that explains alot.I never experienced the fireworks that other posters mention.However,after 7 yrs of marriage,he decided to withhold the sex.Actually,we’d had a tactful,but firm conversation,about how his weight was affecting the situation.Instead of losing any weight,it only ballooned through the years.



I have direct experience with this issue of weight. My “significant other”‘ is passive aggressive and has other issues. He stopped accepting responsibility and became a child while he was supposed to be my partner. His weight balooned up 100 pounds. It was all to punish me.

Unarticulated, of course, and took me years to figure it out.



Spath one was my first love and he was good sex…my first and then everyone else in town and he lied about it and made it my fault for being angry. So I swore off of passion and married the stable boring one. He was a psychopath too. Sex was for his pleasure only and women who enjoyed sex were sluts and whores. You just cannot peg these guys except for evil and without empathy.

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