Lovefraud Lesson #8: Sociopaths and love bombing

Sociopaths engage in calculated seduction. Donna Andersen explains their most potent weapon. Watch the latest Lovefraud Lesson:


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I appreciate the responses to the off-topic question. I am at the point where I don’t want to talk to anyone about anything, if that makes any sense.

I’m going to get involved in some intensive counseling as soon as I’m able – my “trust issues” are enormous. I feel that everyone has an agenda. This is not healthy, at all. I know, on an academic level, that not all people are sociopaths, and that I’m suspicious of just about everyone, even people who have given me no reason to distrust them.

UGH……I’ve got so much self-work to do and I need a vacation from myself!

Brightest blessings

I hear you truthspeak. studying this made me look at everyone in a different light. it made me realize that our politicians are more than likely disordered. but, armed with knowledge, its amazing how one can simply flick away those who we recognize as disordered. so, at various times during this ordeal, i have considered writing a book with the view from my point. i think it would be a cliffhangar. like start out at my wifes tenth class reunion. where i first met him. he snubbed me and her too. but he hung around and watched her dance. back then she was a real looker on the dance floor. he just stood there watching her. i now realize that she became a target at that moment. over 21 years ago. he would use and abuse the younger ones first including his own children. and through the years plant little peices of doubt in my head through anonymous phone calls and later a note left in my car at work. all the while planning for the day she would become usefull.

Donna I just discovered all the new videos you have out. I really liked them when I first saw the initial ones on the site. So glad there are more and it looks like more to come.

It’s much more personal to see a living and breathing person talking about this rather than reading the words alone.

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