LOVEFRAUD TO THE NEXT LEVEL: If you have read my book, please post a review

A sociopath ripped through my life, taking my money, cheating on me, shaking my soul to its core. It was a terrible, painful, humiliating experience. But it has also given me a new mission in life—spreading the word about these human predators, helping others to heal, or better yet, avoid them.

That’s why I launched Lovefraud.com. And that’s why I wrote my book, Love Fraud — How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan.

My husband, Terry Kelly, believes in this mission. Together, we formed a publishing company, called Anderly Publishing, to get the message out. Love Fraud is our first book, and based on what I hear from all of you, I have a list of about 20 more titles that need to be written.

We’ve learned, however, that making the public aware of a book is difficult. Why? Because now, with traditional publishing, on-demand publishing and e-books, about a million titles a year are published. Lots of authors are trying to get people’s attention.

Lovefraud can’t afford a huge advertising program, although we did pay for a nationally distributed press release today. You can see it here:

10 signs that you’re dating a sociopath, on PR Newswire.com

So, we’re hoping that you will help us with through a grassroots, word-of-mouth publicity effort. Please go ahead and share the above press release with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social networking sites.

One of the best things you can do to help raise awareness is post a review of Love Fraud on websites like Amazon.

Amazon is the 800-lb. gorilla of book marketing, and having a strong presence on Amazon ripples through the book-selling world. Amazon considers the number of reviews a book receives, and the ratings that readers provide, in deciding how heavily to promote a book. The more you like it, the more Amazon shows the book to prospective customers as something they may want to read.

Here is information for posting on Amazon, as well as other places where reviews can be posted online. Please post one review. Or, post several reviews. In fact, post the same review in several places.

And don’t think that your effort doesn’t matter. It does.


You need to have an Amazon account in order to post a review, which means that at some point you bought something there. However, you didn’t have to buy Love Fraud on Amazon.

  1. Log on to the Love Fraud page on Amazon.
  2. Click on the yellow “customer reviews” link, located next to the stars right under the title and “By Donna Andersen.”
  3. Under “Average Customer Reviews” you’ll see the yellow stars again. Below that is a button that says, “Create your own review.” Click the button.
  4. If you haven’t already done it, sign in.
  5. Write your review.

Barnes and Noble

  1. Log on to the Love Fraud page on Barnes and Noble.
  2. Click on the customer rating link, which is next to the stars, to the right of the book cover.
  3. On “Customer Reviews” page, click the button for “Write a review.” If you’re already a Barnes and Noble customer, sign in. If not, create an account. You don’t have to buy anything.
  4. Write your review.

Borders Books

  1. Log on to the Love Fraud page at Borders.
  2. No one has reviewed my book on Borders yet. Perhaps you can be the first! Click the “Write a review” link, next to the stars at the right of the book cover.
  3. If you are a Borders customer, sign in. If not, you may continue as a guest.
  4. Rate the book. You may check off the standard descriptions (such as “informative”), and/or add your own thoughts.



Goodreads is a social networking site for book lovers. Anyone can have a free account and post a review.

  1. Log on to Goodreads.
  2. If you’re not a member, sign up and create a password. You can skip the next two pages if you want. To skip Yahoo email, click “skip this page,” located at the bottom. To skip book compatibility test, click “continue to the next page” at the top right.
  3. On the next page, type Love Fraud into the search box.
  4. On the next page, you’ll see a small picture of the Love Fraud book cover. To the right, you’ll see a box that says, “Add to my books.” Click it.
  5. Click the stars, write your comments, and save the review. You’ll get an acknowledgement that your review has been saved.


Shelfari is another social networking site for readers. Anyone can have a free account and post a review. No one has reviewed my book on Shelfari yet—be the first!

  1. Long on to Shelfari.
  2. If you are a Shelfari member, sign in. If you are not a member, click the “Join” button and sign up. You can skip the “Look for friends” screen if you want.
  3. In the search bar at the top of the window, type Love Fraud and click Search.
  4. Click the link for my book.
  5. Under the Love Fraud image, you’ll see an “Add” or “Edit” button. Click it. This will add the book to your shelf and give you the opportunity to write a review.

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Donna – just finished it this week.


So many times, I found myself gasping with disbelief as you described exact conversations that I had with the Super-spath!

Granted, ex-spath was nowhere nearly as “busy” as Montgomery, so the sphere of his damage was smaller and the trail of his destruction was more confined – yet no less devasting in effect.

We ALL get smashed up by them and we ALL rant and rave and grieve and despair in the same way as you described yourself doing.

It was so deeply sad and poignant to read of your betrayal, yet at the same time so (strangely) gratifying to know that we encountered the same creature – and that we have lived to tell the tale.

I can’t tell you how much I laughed to read about Montgomery, in his old age, in a care facility, unable to walk or “perform”, being brought “Meals on Wheels” and going to Occupational Therapy classes, existing only on a pension. May the miserable worm die that way – and soon! It gave me hope to think of the Super-spath heading in that same direction; only a matter of time 🙂

Congratulations for a cathartic job, well done! xx


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