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Man who abused a boy scout also abused his own children

The Boy Scouts of America “perversion files” from 1959 to the late 1980s were made public last year. One of the violators was Brandon Gray, who lived in Morristown, New Jersey, in 1963. The documentation of Gray’s action was validation for two of his children, who were also abused, and struggled to live normal lives afterwards.

Brandon Gray scout abuse: Siblings discover dad’s molestation, remember own torment, on

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Child molestion is certainly more than ‘mental illness’…it is a crime!Thankfully that is realized these days!But so much harm was done when it was thought otherwise.

I am happy that Carol and her brother were able to get on with their lives,and though without a doubt they have experienced loss,they have experienced the validation they so needed.I appreciate the fact that happiness can still be found despite such past experiences.

Ox Drover

Since my son D works for the Boy Scouts of America, I am always interested in stories about this in scouting. Charles “Jackie” Walls III in Arkansas was one of THE worst child molesters in history (over 1500 separate children including his sisters kids) and he used Scouting to do it. I knew Jackie and never liked him though he came from one of the finest families in town and his wiife and children were good people.

When Jackie was FIRST suspected of inappropriate interaction (whatever that means???) he was asked to stay away from scouting. But he didn’t, and in fact, attended a national jamboree under and assumed name but had a group photo made, so there was proof he was there. I SUSPECT but don’t know that the evidence must have been pretty good for them to ask him to stay away from scouting entirely. It was a few years after that that one of his victims told his parents and when Jackie found out he convinced the boy to kill his family, which he did but got caught and the truth came out. Jackie got life w/o parole. The prosecutor said if they could have had the option of the death penalty they would have sought it.

Now, scouting is very well “policed” and no adult scout is ever alone with a scout, there are always two or more adults with any one or more scout(s) and every year every scout leader must receive 8 hours of training in “Youth protection.”

Pedophiles happen to be the “worst” criminals in my book, and I am glad that Jackie doesn’t have to wonder when he will get out on parole because there won’t be one. I do grieve for the families and the victims he harmed, and that includes his own family.

I’m glad this man and woman had some closure about their father’s molesting them. I am sure it hurts to know their mother KNEW AND DID NOTHING…shades of Mrs. Sandusky.


I remember watching a t.v. show about Charles “Jackie” Walls III. Unfortunately, one of his nephews who was also a victim, ended up committing suicide due what his uncle did.

kim frederick

Drew Peterson, convicted, gets 38 years, in the drowning death of his X wife Kathleen Savio. Towanda.

Ox Drover

Yep, blue jay, that is Jackie. His father was a judge and an HONEST attorney, close friend of our family, his wife and kids attended church with us, and he worked at Remington Arms ammunition factory with my X husband. Jackie was a volunteer with scouts for 20 years.

He got kicked out of scouts, but not prosecuted. I think he was ALMOST prosecuted but not actually. But it didn’t STOP him, he kept on and then got the teenager who told on him to kill his parents. Of course the kid got caught and the story came out. It was horrible. His mom, thank goodness, died before it came out, but his father locked himself in his home.

Of course in a small town (3500) everyone knew everyone else so it was terrible for Jackie’s family, especially wiith the nephew who killed himself. FORTUNATELY the family doesn’t have to go through parole hearings or protest them.

I never liked Jackie, but I NEVER figured him for a pedophile. The other pedophiles I knew, some I didn’t like, but never figured they were child molesters, and some I actually liked until I found out what they were.

That’s the thing about violent criminals or molesters, is that they harm not only their victims, but their own families as well.

I saw a dateliine show last night where a man killed his wife, and was convicted and sent to prison for life w/o parole, but his 3 daughters refuse to believe he did it, and they are devastated by his conviction. I”m not sure if they would be better off to believe he did it, because that would be its own hell. Either way those young women are devastated.


Ox Drover,

That’s the case with P.’s. People are devastated by their existence, actions, etc. I felt badly for the young guy who killed his family because of this S.O.B. I remember seeing t.v. footage of Jackie’s father – he was closing the door to his house, didn’t want to talk about his son. I felt badly for the man, having a son like that in your family. What I’ve figured out is that it requires strength and determination to overcome what spaths throw our way, doing whatever is necessary to help ourselves in the healing process.

kim frederick,

Yes, I’m happy to hear about Drew Peterson. He’s another one that I’ve watched a t.v. show about. Definitely a spath.

Ox Drover

Yes, Bluejay, Jackie’s family were humiliated, devastated, shamed, and every other negative thing you can think of, and they were all good people. I never could figure why Jackie was so arrogant and just an asshole. Both his parents were great people and very smart.. His dad had been on the legal staff of General George Patton during WWII. He was also a small town attorney, and later a judge, and in all ways an honest man. I can only imagine the emotional pain to find out his son was a PERVERTED MONSTER who was responsible for four deaths and UNTOLD pain in victims.

At Jackie’s trial none of his family showed up to support him. He was alone, about as alone as you could get. He later appealed and lost that as well. The prosecutor said if she could have gone for the death penalty she would have, but actually, I’d rather see him ROT IN PRISON without a single friend on the outside, and my guess iis he does not have one friend to send him a dime in commissary money. Arkansas prisons are pretty bad, some of the most harsh in the country. The WORK the inmates like slave labor on a large plantation growing the food for the prison and growing cotton and cattle. Arkansas prison are almost self supporting because they DO work the inmates. I’m sure Jackie is not a well liked inmate by either the guards or the other inmates. He is such an arrogant prick and everyone knows he is a kiddie raper, so my guess is that his life is not a happy one.


From the Boy Scouts to various Churches, any institution that refuses or delays full disclosure of molestation cases and fights in court rather than settle is hiding much, much more than just what becomes public.

IMHO, the public face of these cases is just the tip of the iceberg, with the actual number of victims many, many times more that those in court cases.

The Boy Scouts of America fights accepting gay members as a scapegoat and a red herring to its real issue, that being an organization with a history of child sexual abuse which protects perpetrators better than victims — no surprise given it was founded by a person with a documented fondness for the naked young male form.

Personally, I would not trust my children in the unsupervised company of any other male, especially one not married or married but without children, regardless of his sexuality.

Ox Drover

BBE, married or unmarried, children or no children…Jackie Walls, was married and had children and he molested over 1500 kids….if you had a child in ANY”” organization, my suggestion is to be PART of that organization so that you can make sure Junior is not molested.


This is really sad. Seem’s molester’s and pedophiles are always associated with being gay when in fact that is not always the case. There are probably alot of good gay men that would make great scout leader’s. And there are alot of young gay boy’s that could benefit from that.

It’s true that the pedophiles will often have a beard/wife so as not to arouse suspicion.

My spath was working on “inventing” a rubber bath toy that swims, with one of his millionaire buddies. He designed one and had it printed out with a 3D laser printer. He said he wanted to get video of little babies playing with it in the tub.

Then he made a strange comment. He angrily implied that I had not been helpful to him because he couldn’t get video of little kids in the tub if I wasn’t with him. He said that people might think he was a pervert. 😯

I just thought, “WTF?”

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