Maybe victim’s statement helps as parole denied for Iowa stalker Michael Bonert

Michael J. Bonert mug shot

Michael J. Bonert mug shot

Michael Bonert, who was sentenced to 21 years in prison for stalking his former girlfriend, Vicki Kuper, had a parole interview in Iowa on March 19, 2014. Vicki attended the hearing to protest his parole.

“During questioning he was asked if there are any pending criminal cases,” Vicki said. “First he admitted that he has filed for post conviction relief, then he said that there is an investigation that he initiated two months ago against me for perjury.

“The board was ready to grant parole today until this information came to light. After that the whole atmosphere changed. They had a very short discussion and all agreed to deny parole. They then went back to Mike and told him that since he is still pursuing me parole is denied until all litigation is resolved.”

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Vicki Kuper’s statement at Michael Bonert’s parole interview

I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels being here today giving a statement. Apparently someone has made a promise to the Bonerts that Mike is going to be released. At least his dad is very confident he will be granted parole today, so confident he is telling people Mike is getting released. I’ve been contacted by people who are worried about my family’s safety, and can’t believe this is happening so soon. There is no one who knows the truth about this situation who thinks Mike will leave me alone.

Since the beginning of this back in 2008 I’ve been in many frustrating situations that have me convinced that the judicial system is broken. First I was victimized by Mike Bonert, then by a judicial system that did everything in its power to keep him out of prison, until Mike left them with no other choice but to incarcerate him. It was his refusal to take everyone’s advice to leave me alone that finally did him in. He pursued me relentlessly in person and used the courts to abuse me with his fraudulent lawsuits.

Today I am here and once again, I’m dealing with much frustration and sadness. My frustration is due to Mike’s counselor’s insistence that he is rehabilitated and that he should be released, when I know better. I know that nothing has changed in Mike’s mind. He still claims things about me that are not true, still tells lies, even at these interviews, he is still defiant and shows no remorse.

I am also frustrated that you, the Board of Parole members, consider releasing him because it’s what his counselor recommends. We aren’t here because of Mike’s behavior in prison; we are here because of what he’s done to my family outside of prison. His counselors have only one side of the story, Mike’s. They have no idea what the truth of the situation is. I am also very frustrated that these people who, due to their supposed education in counseling, should know better than to take the word of a criminal, yet they have completely fallen for the sob story Mike tells them. He is the classic inmate who claims he is innocent and has been done wrong by being incarcerated. We all know about these inmates, and I don’t understand how these counselors cannot see through the lies and manipulation.

I’ve listened to Dean Gleason give a glowing recommendation for Mike, saying, among other things, “I have to commend Bonert for his accomplishments and I welcome his pleasant demeanor when meeting with him. My only regret is that I don’t have more offenders like him on my caseload.” On cross examination, Gleason admitted that he had met with Mike for less than an hour total. I wonder if he gave that wonderful review with the knowledge that Mike was suing me for almost $50,000 while he was being such a model inmate. That hearing was in 2010. Mike continued with the lawsuit, with the aid of his parents, until 2012 when it finally went to court and he lost.

Then there’s Mary Pepples, another counselor of Mike’s. During the same hearing she testified, “I believe he recognizes his charge and what he’s done, and he is so willing to do better, and I think that he does understand that and he is working towards that. I think he has done really well.” I also wonder if she was aware of his continued pursuit of me in the courtroom, with his goal being to make me lose my home and render my family homeless.

Neither of these people are me, the person Mike is obsessed with.

I’m going to read you a portion of a victim impact statement I read in court. I said, “Mike knew exactly how to manipulate me when he wanted to date me. When I quit dating him, he knew exactly how to manipulate the Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies in order to discredit me. He knows exactly who to manipulate at the prison to get released. His counselors didn’t date Mike Bonert, so they wouldn’t have the same experiences I’ve had with him.” He is once again successfully manipulating people to get what he wants.

When someone is remorseful and has changed, the lies stop. He is continuing with his post-conviction relief claim that his truck broke down backed into a driveway that just happens to face the home I lived in, less than two hours after bailing out of jail on charges of violating the order of protection.

I sent a photo of our home that is under construction with a statement for the victim coordinator to give to you. I have with me a current photo of the progress now that it has warmed up. As you can see, much has been done in the past few weeks, but our home is not closed in or secure. When my home in Delhi was being built, I discovered that Mike was showing up when I wasn’t there, acting like he was still in my life to the contractors and going through my home. Mike is someone who lurks around at night and the thought of him going into my current home that is under construction makes me sick. I’m sure you can imagine the things he could do to it. If he were released now this would be a huge risk.

Another issue is that I have a son who is still attending school in Delhi, the town Mike calls his. When my daughter was a student there, she attended a scholarship ceremony in the spring of 2010. Mike showed up at the ceremony, stood looking around, then went and sat in the bleachers 5 or 6 people away from my daughter. He did this in spite of the order of protection. He also did this in spite of the probation agreement he signed which stated he was not to be within 50 feet of any of us. Mike was charged but due to pure corruption, was found not guilty. In the magistrate’s decision, she actually admonished my daughter for not leaving the ceremony if she was uncomfortable. My son is a senior at that school. He will be attending that same ceremony this spring. If Mike is released how is anyone going to stop him from doing the same thing he did to my daughter? Mike now has a magistrate’s order pretty much stating that he can go to the ceremony, and he can sit within a few feet of my family. This is a situation my family should not have to deal with, but we will be forced to if Mike is released. A scholarship is awarded in memory of his deceased brother, and I’m sure Mike plans to be there if he’s out of prison. As a side note, Mike’s dad called me after the ceremony asking what my daughter was doing there, as if she had no right to attend a ceremony at her own school. This is an example of the attitude of entitlement this family has.

Of utmost concern to me is the fact that the plan seems to be to release Mike to live with his parents. To be honest, I am truly shocked that gradual release has not been considered for Mike. He is a high risk to re-offend. If you were to do some reading into the history of Mike’s behavior, when you give him an inch he will take a mile. When Mike manipulated the courts to allow him to drive on the road I lived on, the judge allowed him to for farming purposes only. In the Iowa Court of Appeals ruling on Mike’s appeal of the fifth stalking charge, the judges said, “Bonert soon took advantage of these new conditions and began driving slowly past Lahr’s house again.” They could see things clearly in this situation.

Releasing Mike to live with his parents will be too much freedom, too fast and I am sure he will not handle it appropriately. It is a proven fact about Mike that his parents have no control over his behavior. Mike does what he wants. They also have not hesitated to lie for him in the past and are known to be enablers.

Due to Mike’s history of putting himself in my presence within hours of release from incarceration, I strongly urge you to order that I be notified of the day of his release, when that day comes. Failure to do so could be deadly for my family. We need to be informed of his release immediately, before he has time to show up at our home.

Finally, I am asking for time for my family to get things in order. I believe our home will be close to being done, if not done, by the end of August. My son graduates from Maquoketa Valley in Delhi, the town Mike calls his, this spring. He then goes to college in August. After that our family will have no more ties to Delhi.

Thank you,

Victoria Kuper


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Three cheers for Vicki! In a world that tells women to sit down and shut up, the more of us who stand up and refuse to stop talking, the better for all of us.

Vicki Kuper

My reason for speaking out is to help empower victims to stand up for their rights. I am not a very popular person with the members of law enforcement who failed to protect my family, but I have learned not to care.

Vicki – Thank you so much for speaking out. When people who should know better, like law enforcement and parole boards, do not comprehend, or ignore, the danger of stalkers, we are all in trouble.


I was burglarized by my ex husband from the fl keys. He broke into my home and cleaned me out completely. Then told me deal with it!!!!!I did!My state attny believed my story Eventually it went to court. (who was then back with his ex second wife, who helped him Lied over and over again during the investigation and the course of 18months, He tried to make me out to be a liar, vindictive, jealous etc, etc. However he had NO chpice but to plead no contest because he had no proof of anything. His charge was dropped from Burglary in the 2nd degree to two misdemenours of trespass and theft. He has received two yrs probation, fines and has to pay restitution to me. Apparently people who have encountered him find he is the most difficult, arrogant, person they have ever dealt with. He has now dumped his ex 2nd wife who helped him in the burglary of my home, and has moved on to another innocent victim. It is so sad. There should be a law that enables sociopaths like him to be castrated. His profile is now displayed publicy on the website of The Florida dept of corrections. He does not like the probation he received, and I hope and pray he is as miserable as he has made me for the last three years. He has ruined my life, and I have absolutely no doubt he will ruin her life too, as for his ex second wife (lets call her M ) she will take him back because she is a very needy woman and he , well he is her meal ticket


He does not seem to realize who is the probation officer and who is the probationer,. Someone else is in control and he hates that!!!


This is such a disturbing story. My prayers are with Vicki as she faces the future. Unfortunately, high functioning psychopaths are very very convincing and have enough forethought to plan the future very well, all the time determined to succeed in their final goal. Very very dangerous.

The psycho that hangs on is the most threatening. For most of them, revenge is a driving force.

Vicki Kuper

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I have been very humbled by the support everyone has given me. I have accepted what could happen, and will live life to the fullest while I can, choosing happiness in spite of it all.

He actually isn’t a high functioning psychopath. Most everyone in the area he lives in sees through his games and manipulations very quickly. He is not successful in business due to his crooked way of doing everything. Many a person has been scammed and much rented equipment has been returned damaged. Those who have crossed his path and lost money have immediately moved on.

I’m sure he knows he has to play it straight in prison in order to get out. I’ve seen him act the way he should when dealing with someone he needs something from. If he can accomplish something through someone he will behave the way he should in life. It’s odd that he knows exactly how to behave like normal people, but refuses to live that life.

Something that he said to me after we quit dating keeps coming back to the surface. I’m quite a bit older than him, and he said that he will continue to date women who are older because we don’t play games. I’ve never understood why he wants to be with someone who doesn’t play games, yet games is what is in store for anyone who dates him, and he thinks that’s okay.

He has a huge challenge ahead of him when he is released from prison. He feels that he is the victim and some of his family members go along with it. The general public, however, knows better. If he thinks people will roll out the red carpet for him, he will have a rude awakening. People didn’t like him before he went in, and they really don’t like him now. There will be some who feel for his plight, but when he screws them over they will be gone too.


“Something that he said to me after we quit dating keeps coming back to the surface. I’m quite a bit older than him, and he said that he will continue to date women who are older because we don’t play games. I’ve never understood why he wants to be with someone who doesn’t play games, yet games is what is in store for anyone who dates him, and he thinks that’s okay.”

I was 8 years older than the spath. He claimed to appreciate that I was mature with an established career, a secure life, a more developed intellect, and emotional stability. I came to realize that he simply preferred me as an older woman because I had some resources he could exploit, and I would not make as many emotional demands that a younger woman might make. My career and lifestyle meant that I wouldn’t be asking him for money, ever, and that was a big deal to him.

I think it’s important for victims to understand that these disordered creatures demand things from us that they never intend to give in return. So when he claimed to prefer older women because they don’t play games in relationships, it never meant that he would do the same even while he was saying he would.

It’s those kinds of contradictory statements and actions that constantly keep us off balance, and constantly trying to figure them out. Pay attention to the behaviors, not the words. The behaviors will tell you everything you need to know.

Vicki Kuper

I can tell we have had very similar experiences.

Another thing that I learned from my experience with an abuser is that you should never tell them your fears. An abuser who knows your biggest fears will do what they can to make them come true.

I learned it from the first abusive person I dated years ago. He was mentally abusive, not physical. He seemed to enjoy doing things that hurt me deeply, like attempt to date my friends. I made the mistake of telling him how hurtful it would be if he did that, so he had to try it just to see my reaction.

After that relationship I kept all of my fears inside, so no one would ever be able to make them come true again.

When Mike and I were dating, one day we drove through a small town that was very run down, with homes that were in really bad shape. I commented that I hope I never live in a house like that. I’ve often wondered if he remembers that comment since his goal is to render my family homeless.

Talking about my fears during his criminal trials has been very difficult for me. I was also very reluctant to testify that I bought a weapon for protection. I didn’t want him to know. I was right to be reluctant since he is now attempting to make me a felon and have my means of protection taken away from me. This is not the first time he has attempted to have me arrested. I have transcripts of testimony he gave accusing me of perjury, among other things, and saying I should be arrested. I also have recordings of him threatening to have me arrested, as if he has the power to have that done.


Oh yes, I think we’ve had very similar experiences. I definitely know his kind. I know you’ve had to stomp down your fears to keep going every day. If I were in your shoes and had to go before a parole board, I would use my fears to MY advantage. I’d remind them of his history of trying to control you and instill fear in you, I’d tell them that he’s trying to control you now through bogus lawsuits, and I’d tell them eventually he’s going to figure out he can’t control you. That’s when he becomes very, very dangerous indeed. Psychopaths want to destroy what they cannot control. I believe the strongest words you can use are “I am afraid”. Make these people want to circle the wagons around you. It’s their duty as human beings.

Vicki Kuper

It’s a struggle for me to figure out how to make the board realize how serious this issue is. Every time he is up for parole again I rack my brains for weeks trying to find the right words to make them realize this situation is serious. This isn’t about revenge for what he’s done to me, it’s about my family’s safety.

I truly believe Mike is already at the point where he has figured out he can’t control me. If he were released I know my family would be in grave danger, and I’ve pointed that out to the board.

He doesn’t even attempt to act remorseful. When asked questions at his parole hearings he has to turn to his counselor for the answer. It truly is creepy to see him not able to give a good answer to the simplest of questions without turning to his counselor for the words.

I know he will eventually be released. Time will tell how this is going to end. I truly hope he leaves me alone and moves on. Hopefully he hated prison enough to make changes so he doesn’t go back.

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