Government investigates Connecticut family court treatment of parents with disabilities

The Lovefraud reader Anne Stevenson reports that the US Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division has opened up an investigation into whether disabled litigants in Connecticut divorce courts are unfairly singled out and punished by judges.

“The investigation is in response to parents who have complained that if the family courts even suspected a parent suffered from an impairment, judges denied them equal access to due process, took away their children, and imposed outrageous costs and fees on their families that drove them into bankruptcy and financial ruin,” she writes.

Connecticut courts impose outrageous costs on disabled families, from Communities Digital News.

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I personally just filed a complaint with the DOJ against a judge and an attorney in Orange County California for completely trampling the Federal rights of my disabled client in a family court matter. When I talked to the DOJ, the person I discussed the situation with even said that they knew about an erroneous Supreme Court of California decision last fall that now judges are using as a precedent for this. It seems that family courts in particular have been allowed to run like the Wild West, with any possible reason used to vilify and punish the female partner. It is nationwide. Another reason I am committed to doing what I do.

It is happening in DuPage county right now and the “in thing” now with Judges and the mothers is “put them in jail”. Ruining lives of Mother’s, children with disabilities, and families. My kids both suffer from disabilities because of their s/p father and step-mother and…no doubt, the court system. I am committed to fighting as well. I have always fought for what is ‘right” and will continue to do so. I am a fighter and that, I believe, is the reason for the air I breathe today.
I am more than willing to advocate something in our court system to protect the children and the protective parent from the absolute insanity that is occurring within the broken system. Once I graduate, I will be a master’s prepared Nurse practitioner with years of experience with in this system…over 10 years to be exact. It is only getting worse and devastating more and more lives. If I could post pictures of the damage this has all caused my 2 babies I would…Bald for one and nearly dead from starvation for the other. I am pissed!!!!!

I have Multiple Sclerosis. I had to sneak out of one state to escape all of his cheating and the women he slept with. While I have overwhelming evidence (names, numbers, reported phone messages, THE WORKS), I was sent a could of the divorce papers and the lawyer, and a NO -FAULT DIVORCE! I’m the one who’s not at fault. I was lucky when I objected that he didn’t have to pay alimony. Still, have everything they need to give me more than $387 a month. It doesn’t go in front of a judge until the, 21st of this month. I am so sick of the disparities, separation and labeling of human beings based on the thing personality, health and gender. This makes my blood boil.

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