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More psychopath cartoons

Two Lovefraud readers have created animations related to their experiences with psychopaths. They’re posted on YouTube. Take a look—you’ll certainly be able to relate!

But I love you—daily psychopath talk
By Openeyefilms

Be a warrior NOT a psychopath
By Sarah Strudwick

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openeyefilms, i just watched your video. spot on! that was creepy.

IT’S CRAZY! It’s funny when you make a video like that, because when you’re involved with a P you’re usually spat at with their word salad while isolated ( read : alone …so you usually don’t have a second opinion AT hand. They also try to intimidate you with classic P phrases from the Psychopath’s Handbook like “Don’t you trust me?” “You’re crazy.” “You’re too jealous.” … of course the most CLASSIC one is denying the shit out of things even when you have EVIDENCE.).. I’ve been in the exact same kind of exchange. Wow! I totally feel you on this one.


Psychopath : “Am I not allowed to have friends?” ( in response to being confronted about their sleeping around )

LOL another classic one straight out of the psychopath’s handbook!


Too funny! Yep, I heard the “Am I not allowed to have friends?” deal. And also the denial even when you showed them proof.


This is LL. I wish I could figure out how to change the user name on a different computer! UGH!

This is the same CRAP word for word in some places that I heard over and over. what a bastard, there IS a play book. LOL

Look out new gf, it’s your turn now UGH



LL – do you need some tech help? can i help?


Hi One Step,
I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but I wanted to share it with ya!


Lama Guryme offering chant…


He’s a Kagyu! Lots of monastic Kagyus in France, and lots of crazy laymen Kagyus in Spain. 😉

what a nice gift, thanks!

(you know about the split in the lineage? I have spent time with Thaye Dorje, and follow him as the 17th Karmapa, not Orgyen Trinley)


One Step,
Glad you enjoyed it! I really don’t follow the lineage. My yoga teacher played it almost every time during shivasana. I love his voice. I told you of my friend Kailash, he follows this lineage, same as you I believe.


Ana – i have an amazing recording of the 100 syllable Vajra Sattva mantra (buddha of purification), done by some Kagyu Djs, with german techno. It booms! first time i heard it we were getting a centre ready for a big event, and it felt almost sacrilegious, not because it was set to techno, but because it does require an initiation to practice and it is so very powerful; hearing it blast out over speakers across a parking lot felt a little like hogwarts students using their wands. 😉


hey ana.. thank you for posting that. I really enjoyed it… so beautiful.


Hi Dancingnancies,
Glad you enjoyed it! It’s nice to see/hear something pleasant : )


thanks for the post, BF and I enjoyed the scenery.


I just now came across the site while in the process of realization that I am most definitely involved with a sociopath. After a tumultuous 5yr relationship, I finally got out, & and believed after 2yrs apart I was finally over him. Unfortunately, he decided Now that He cant live without me & has changed, accepting all the blame for what happened between us. I, mistakenly decided to give him a second chance, only to find out hes not only everything I thought he was but so much more evil than I couldve imagined. I am now struggling to remove myself from the relationship, but it is an addiction, & his poison is still paralyzing me….I am finding so much out on this website, helping me realize it Is Him, not me. So I hope this will be a useful tool this time, in getting away from him for good.


Jennicat, welcome.
I’m sorry you encountered one, but glad you’ve turned the corner.
Since the spath still has control of your emotions, you need to be aware that you will have cognitive dissonance. When he is nice to you, your emotions will tell you that he must be human, even though you know that he isn’t. This is why it’s so hard.

Is it possible to go no contact? If not, the best strategy is called gray rock: bore him. be so boring that he goes away. Show no emotion, none, zero, zilch. Show no happiness, or enthusiasm, don’t smile. Show no anger, fear, or stress. Be expressionless. Don’t let him know what’s important to you, don’t express to him how he has hurt you. No matter what he says or does, say you don’t care.



Sorry to hear you got sucked back in. You were two years without him and then BAM. Don’t beat yourself up about it…we all have done it multiple times. It amazes me how we think they have changed only to find out when we go back we just get more of the same crap. Listen to Skylar and go no contact. Today is exactly two months I have not talked to mine. Seems like an eternity, but I am better for it.

The “Gray Rock” thing is funny! I think I did that without realizing it and that’s why he dumped me! HAAAA!!!! I am very attractive and all that and exciting in bed, but I am quiet. I don’t talk a lot or tell a lot about myself. He was the one who just talked and talked all the time. I think I was too boring for him. He ran straight back to the naughty, exciting tramp!


I love the gray rock! I have been doing that too, without even realizing it. It was kinda just a mask to protect myself from him seeing how I felt of thought, and then using it against me. But now, I see that it actually does work. Remember, fear attracts attack.



Too funny, yeah??? I can’t believe we were doing it and not even realizing it! We were obviously doing it subconsciously to protect ourselves and it worked.


Yep, I did it too, for years and years, I would meekly not react to his jabs. I felt like I was walking on eggshells. Still he could keep pushing until the drama broke out. It’s what he wanted and he knew that by doing outrageous things, he could push until I reacted.

Then I met a man in a sushi bar and out of desperation, started to tell this total stranger about the bizarre behavior of my spath. This man explained that I was with a malignant narcissist and if you leave him he will stalk you. I knew this was true because I’d left him a few times before and he always convinced me to take him back. In fact, when I left him, I would do it when he was gone, because I instinctively knew I’d never get out otherwise.

So this man explained that he had also had a malignant narcissist for a father and then ended up with a girlfriend who was the same. They are both lawyers and she was a high powered attorney who would come home after work and be abusive. He knew that leaving her would create stalking and possible damage to his career, so instead he bored her away.

He guaranteed this would work and sure enough, after I left the spath, I went NC (mostly). I controlled all contact and never allowed myself to display drama. He eventually slithered away. I have no doubt he still plots and plans against me. How could he not? It’s been his habit for 25 years, I’m sure it wouldn’t be easy to give up. But I know that he knows, that I know what he is. I think that helps.


Hello LF,
HELP. In major need of moral support.

Some of you know my saga of 3-year-effing long separation and 2-year divorce process.

I can’t take the waiting and uncertainty anymore. It’s psychological torture! Last pre-trial court hearing was in Nov, when supposedly court wouldn’t let us leave w/out setting a trial date, to force us to settle before that date.

It is now SIX EFFING MONTHS later and no agreement. He’s using every opportunity to sadistically prolong the process, not agree to ANYTHING at all, take advantage of my in the financial split, while mooching off me on joint med insurance/car insurance etc. that’s frozen by automatic court orders that don’t allow any changes in any joint coverages. I pay for it all, he won’t reimburse me or pay his share effing creep.

I emailed lawyer that I’m ready to set a trial date to put an end date to this torture one way or another. I am ready to sign off on a very unfair and screwed up agreement just to get him out of my life forever. If he still doesn’t want to sign, then f*ck him, I’ll put control in judge’s hands rather than his so he can’t play effing games any more and do a Snoopy dance by just tormenting me and keeping me his captive by not divorcing me.

I feel so furious and helpless at the same time–not sure how to shake the “victim” role that by endless delays he somehow has control over my life still, from a distance. I hate the feeling. Thus I want to just sing off and give him a ton of money or whatever it is he wants and make him be GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE!

I feel if I actually did go to trial he’s get off major, because he has nothing to lose. He’s already lost, and the only joy he can hope to have is to mentally torment me and keep me in suspense and fear.

So wonder if anyone has had the experience of a divorce TRIAL with an effing SPATH who love the arena of conflict and the spotlight to play up their victimhood for the world to see.

If I DON’T set the trial date, then I can’t hold him to sign or finish the effing divorce by a set date. He has delayed six months past the pre-trial hearing already, and there is NOTHING to stop him from delaying and just not responding at all–ENDLESSLY.

ANy experience with similar sadistic f*cked up twisted games in divorce context, lend a supportive ear and/or advice.

Thank you. DW


I’m sorry this is going on so long. I don’t have any experience but maybe someone else here can help you.
Whatever you do, don’t let him see any emotions. Act like you’re taking it all in stride.


Thanks. I emailed him recently that until the divorce is done I don’t want to communicate directly and to please help finalize the divorce.

He had hassled me by constant emails trying to pose as a “nice guy” and offer “help” by sending a guy to fix a lamp post in driveway and telling him NOT TO tell me, then offering to hire an attorney for daughter’s speeding ticket court hearing, while I find out that he made HIS OWN KID write HIM a check with her own money (she now works) to pay the lawyer he insisted she needed. I was furious. So I told him to buzz off and I didnt’ need any help re. ticket (before I knew the kid gave him a check for the attorney). Next day she decided to fire the attorney and asked her dad for her check back.

He is a piece of work and absolutely malicious now. It’s like a leech attached to me and won’t get OFF!!!!


I’m so sorry DancingWarrior… I’m sure you must feel upset and angry most of the time over this. UGH!



I also do not have any advice about nasty divorces. I really feel for you. I can see how this could take a huge toll on you. Please take care of yourself.


DW, been there, 2 years to get a divorce, and have just spent a further 18 months trying to get child maintenance (over a 6 year period in total). Both times had to go to hearing after hearing and a final hearing, both 2 full days in court, endless paper work etc. I am in the UK, takes forever because the courts are busy, he kept trying to delay, delay, delay, cost a fortune and no he has not seen his children for 5 years now.

In the UK there is a website wikivorce (hopefully something similar in the US). This site gives free advice and allows people to sound off. You are not alone, other people will have had similar experiences and can give you advice and moral support.

Sadly its a control thing, I felt convinced he actually enjoyed it. I did kick his ar*e both times, but the stress of endless court hearings has taken its toll, I think we have had every judge in the county court. All I can say is hang on in there, it will happen one day ..but he is not going anywhere without a fight.

Just stay strong, no contact, and never email or put anything in writing, or phone, he will use it against you, never text, do everything via your lawyer/court. I ended up representing myself last time around, he took me to court to vary child maintenance not that he had paid any!! They love the drama, drama, drama.

He is trying to wear you down, he knows what buttons to push, and he is pushing them! I do feel for you, just keep NC and ignore all text messages, emails, he is trying to goad you!

Kick your lawyer to set a trial date (I assume this is the same as a final hearing in the UK). The spath will delay, delay because he knows it is stressing you out and he is enjoying every minute of it.

My heart goes out to you, I’ve been in this sh*t for years and I know until both my children are adults I will still be in it. I have resigned myself to litigation and told the judge ‘we will be back’ and her response ‘I am sure you will’.

Stay strong and as my barrister told me, ‘it will eventually be over’, and judges are not stupid they have seen it all before, just BAU for the courts.

As the trial date draws closer he will step up the harassment ..and of course they don’t like to lose. NC, NC, NC.

Take care of you.

Ox Drover

Dear DW,

((((DW))))) Sugar I hear your frustration and rage at all the drama, but I agree…set the date….what have you got to lose in a trial? Looks like nothing really. Maybe it will show him that you are serious and he will go ahead…but if not, only a trial date will “motivate” him.

Hope things get better! (((hugs)))) You are in my prayers! Love, Oxy


Hi darwins mom, eb92044, movingon, and Oxy,
Thanks for your comments.

After I slept on my angry decision to set a trial date, I wrote to my lawyer to scratch that email.

Main reason–to protect my peace and sanity.

If I set a trial date, this will ramp up my anxiety and uncertainty. It will cost me a lot of money which I don’t have. And if the trial happens, I can imagine the stress of probably two days at court, the uncertainty of the risk that the judge rules unfavorably, and of course his loving the fight and the taunting and since he has nothing to lose, the possiblity that he’d see me humiliated in court if I lost something that matters.

So, I am thinking, I’ll annoy him by not showing him that I am sweating.

Last thing I asked for is reimbursement for 3 yrs of family insurance–for his share and 1/2 of child’s, which amounts to a lot, and also 1/2 of major house upkeep repairs, as it’s a joint asset still that he’s drawing from. His lawyer LAUGHED at me and said no way it won’t fly. I can’t say how a judge would rule about this.

So I let go. But I asked then that he appraise the two original works of art he took out of home under false pretenses, in my weakest state, just after I had surgery and was still under anestesia and with packing in my nose. He agreed to have them appraised, but I haven’t heard a peep about it for about 3 weeks now.

And let’s say they are worth a lot, still I don’t think I can acheive anything anyhow. If I try to adjust the split since he would have greater assets, he’s STILL say no. Duh. Meaning I am just wasting my time, energy, and legal money. For nothing. And he’s laughing.

Okay, so bottom line.

I figure I’ll just take a big financial hit and get it over with asap.

If he won’t agree, let him.

I CAN be in control of me and my life by refusing to engage in any more futile “negotiation.”

Whatever hit I accept, I’d spend anyhow in a trial.
This way at least PLEASE GOD PLEASE this may just be over right now.

I think the fact that I emailed him “Plese help finalize the divorce” just pissed him off more, and will make him want to do the opposite just because.


Thank you all for listening and encouragement. I frequently have to go lie down just to rest, it’s as if someone has beaten me, that’s how TIRED I feel.


DancingWarrior –

Poor darling. My divorce also took longer than it should have. In Australia, you generally get heard between 12 – 16 weeks (depending on how busy the court is) and the divorce is granted that day, then becomes final one month and one day later.

Mine took nine months FROM the first hearing and other aspects of cutting the ties are still going after more than four years – so I understand your frustration. xxx

Superspath hid in his house when the process server tried to serve him with the paperwork – repeatedly. Then, once they finally managed to catch him, he refused to sign the papers. WTF? He had already installed the next dupe in our former marital home! He had dozens of other sexual partners on the go. We had no kids together and I had not seen him in almost a year. He had made it abundantly clear that he hated me – I was a nut job, a scheming money hungry bitch and an abusive person (apparently) – why would he NOT want to divorce me? Because he was playing with me, trying to break me even more than I was already broken. The mistake that I made with the divorce was that I let it show how much I was hurting.

You must be cool and calm and completely blank to him. Hardest thing you’ll ever do, with some of the best results you’ll ever have. It takes practice.

Afterwards I thought how I should have handled it so that it was easier for me: I remembered what my lawyer had told me when I was 18 and had been hit from behind in a serious car accident, resulting in a painful neck injury. He said, “This could take 6 – 8 years to settle. Go away, live your life as if none of it had happened; don’t even think about the court case or the settlement. Go to the doctor when it hurts and get whatever you need to get out of pain – but don’t think about the court case. Leave it with us. One day, it will be time to think about it, but that time is not now; if you do, you will create anxiety in yourself, which will make your neck hurt even more. We will call you when it’s time to deal with it”. When I was 25, the call came. In the meantime, I had taken the advice and lived my life. I had courted, married and built a house. I had changed jobs several times. I had honestly not worried about the court case and as a result, I did not waste time agonising over it.

I know that rather oversimplifies what we deal with with our spaths, but I made myself do something similar last year for a court hearing with the Superspath. Usually, my PTSD gets the better of me at these things. Spath knows this and always positions himself so that in order for me to sign in to the court register, I have to walk very close past him. He stares me down while I shake and hyperventilate my way past him with a security guard in tow. Not any more. Now, my support person (a dear friend) and I exit the elevator laughing and we pointedly glance in his direction as we pass him, making eye contact with him yet looking right through him at the same time, as if he is insignificant. The second last time I went to that court, he changed where he sat; last time, he sent his lawyer alone and did not show up at all. It might be coincidence, but I prefer to think that I psyched him out.

“I can’t take the waiting and uncertainty anymore. It’s psychological torture! Last pre-trial court hearing was in Nov, when supposedly court wouldn’t let us leave w/out setting a trial date, to force us to settle before that date.”

Do you have the option of making an application to expedite to trial? I did that (he opposed my application, of course, but I won) and now I know that the end is in sight; after this one, there is nothing else he can do to me (unless he takes up stalking me again, in which case my local police are ready and waiting).

In the meantime, you have to reach deep down inside your soul and find your “cool”. This is a business transaction and you need to treat it that way; coldly and unemotionally; you need to detach from it (easier said than done, but do-able – believe me, I am the biggest sooky emotional person on the planet but I have trained myself to do this, so you can too). Approach it methodically and in a calculated manner; pretend that you are in a boardroom and you are the CEO of a company and that he is one of your clients; analyse things with the same deliberation as if this were true. Base your decisions on what will be the best outcome for your “company”.

“wonder if anyone has had the experience of a divorce TRIAL with an effing SPATH who love the arena of conflict and the spotlight to play up their victimhood for the world to see.”

I’m right there right now, living the nightmare.

Superspath can not possibly hope to win his case against me (no matter what lies he tells), his own lawyers are confounded by his insistence on pushing to trial and not settling out of court. They don’t understand that he is a spath and than for him, the conflict and the attention is enough of a payoff. But I do, and I can plan accordingly. I have learned not to let it get under my skin anymore. I go to court when I have to and I will play the game one step at a time until it is all played out; and I do it all calmly and without anxiety now. My friend and I actually make a day out of it (we have to travel quite a distance to attend, as we live in the country and the court is in the city). We go for lunch and we window shop (all I can afford to do) and we use the time in between to catch up on girly gossip. If I have to do this, I’m doing it now on MY TERMS, not his.

And one day soon, it will end.

“I am thinking, I’ll annoy him by not showing him that I am sweating.”

Yes, yes and yes – but go one step further and for your OWN sake, teach yourself NOT TO SWEAT.

This too, will pass. All things do.

“His lawyer LAUGHED at me and said no way it won’t fly. I can’t say how a judge would rule about this.”

That’s what lawyers are PAID to do – pay no attention to it. You are absolutely right – you CAN’T say how a judge will rule. So keep an open mind and prepare for either eventuality. I always work through a “worst case” scenario in my head. Once you have faced the worst thing that could happen, the rest is easy. It’s the “unknowns” and the “what if’s” that paralyse us. Face it head on and make a plan for what you would need to do next if the worst DID happen. Then sit tight and wait to see – anything better than “the worst” is cream.

“I figure I’ll just take a big financial hit and get it over with asap.”

Okay – if you are comfortable with that, then do it. But you may not have to take such a hit in order to wrap it all up. Try to detach yourself and think outside the square a bit: are there REALLY only two possible outcomes? If so, fair enough. If not, what would a BUSINESS PERSON do? Do that.

“I think the fact that I emailed him “Plese help finalize the divorce” just pissed him off more”

No – it made him grin because you handed yourself to him on a plate; you revealed a weakness, a soft spot. You need to change tack now; shrug your shoulders and act as if it’s no big deal while doing what you can on paper to finalise it.


“I frequently have to go lie down just to rest, it’s as if someone has beaten me, that’s how TIRED I feel.”

PTSD babe – have you seen a doctor yet? Also, CFS and FMS (or if you are really lucky, BOTH) often follow hot on the heels of PTSD. Get some help for this aspect of “afterspath” (it’s like “aftermath”, only it’s the aftermath of a spath…)

If I can come this far, anyone can.



Very helpful and thank you for sharing your fighting back and maitaning your cool and distance. Good for you!

I like the idea of going with a friend, but alas I don’t feel I can ask a woman friend I work with to take a day off to do that My therapist was saying to me “You can still wave to him, smile, and say HI SPATH” and continue with the divorce as usual through lawyers.” She said that would probably throw him off. I didn’t have the courage–I’d avoid him at daughter’s games.

But what you say makes a lot of sense–being blank, and making eye contact, but not registering his existence any different than any other stranger in the courtroom. I have a “scheduling conference” next Thurs. Fingers crossed to stay calm. Nothing will happen then, it’s just that the case is so old they want to know the status.

Thank you very much.


(((aussie))) – good to see you posting!

((((dw))) – you have become a warrior – the one who lasts, the one who persists, the one who will win because you have learned and continue to learn so much about how to deal with your situation.


You keep pluggin at it girl!
Never say you don’t have enough strength or courage to do X…..if you say it you believe it!

You know the ‘routine’…….and never sway or be swayed from the mission.

Ox Drover

Glad to see Ausiegirl, Erin Brock and DW back….some good advice too…..THINK STRONG=FEEL STRONG=BE STRONG… keep on telling yourself you ARE STRONG!!!


Hey Moxy girl!

Ox Drover

What’s been going on with you EB? Doggone it we missed you around here!!!! Not the same without you to bounce ideas off of!

Things have settled down around here at my cousin’s house and we’re getting rested up and our patient is holding his own, but at least his medical care/condition is being well taken care of now.

Well, got to run some errands! Keep’em between the ditches EB! (((hugs))))


Same shit-different day!
I’ve been getting organized for my summer busy season. I really, really really hope i’m outa this place by mid summer……
I’m glad to hear your cousin is in good hands…..medical things suck! And suck even more with poor medical care.

I will pop in from time to time, and know, when I’m not here…..I hold you all near me!


First one is like the guy i left iies then i lied back and said caught him on video with another women. he fessed up.


Hey EB and Ox,

Yup, keep on pluggin’. I am effin’ strong–how else would I have made it this far and this long. LOL

Good to hear from you both.

Ox Drover

Dear DW, I know how much you have GROWN from when you first came here to LF—like most of us you were a basket case then, and now I can visualize you standing tall and STRONG!!!!! Sure you get tired of the cheet from time to time, but you are “exercising” your muscles, just like a weight lifter has to exercise and strain to build muscles in their arms, we have to emotionally and spiritually and mentally “exercise” to grow stronger and we DO GROW STRONGER!

I am so proud of you, DW!!!!! You realize now that you do not need him to protect you, you can protect yourself! You can take care of yourself! And you are NOT ALONE, but even if you were, you are strong! You are the DANCING WARRIOR!!!! TOWANDA!!!! Hooray for the good guys! (((hugs))))


Hey guys…..
Spath hunting season continues…..
Update of bus. Spath…..things are a changing for them QUICK! 🙂
Today he will be ‘shut down’ in his new and improved latest con. As I type!
I connected with a county official who had become aware of him and his cons…..and didn’t take it too well. She ‘gets’ it’and is working on taking care of the problem…..she’s connected to MAJOR authorities directly and has put the ball in motion!
Yesterday another person gave spath a payment for a con and he immedialtey took it to the bank….dupe happened to get a ‘warning’ call jsut after she handed over the payment, so she cancelled the check. They thought it may have been too late…..this am she found out…>IT WASN”T! HA! Check didn’t clear!!!!
And the best part is ……the bank made him deposit it and they placed it on a hold…….SO NOW WE HAVE HIS BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER!!!!
Nice….dupe avoided and information provided, but the cost of being duped is one pissed off couple!!! They are TALKING/ACTING and want him stopped! They have ‘joined’ forces with the others…..YES!!!!
I have encouraged all the dupes to file a police report at very least…..explained how these folks operate and encourage them to not ‘go into hiding’ HE will get away with his cons and there will perpetuate more victims!!!
I gained his physical address and spoke with his landlord…..poor guy! Was trying to help them….and here he sits. I gave info to his attorney today also…..
It’s the least I can do!!!
The telephone chain began and each person is calling everyone they know. It seems everyone I speak with is saying….you’re the third call today!!!! This guys a crook!
I turned over the wife spaths warrant info…..and the investigator is ‘looking into’ it.
Tonight….right now…..he’s being checked out at his ‘location’…..and will be shut down and siezed stolen and illegal products and hopefully arrested.

Ox Drover

Dear EB, you are such a WITCH!!!!! What a vengeful witch you are!!!! Hee hee hee 🙂


Yep…..that’s MOI!

I want the friends of LF to know we don’t have to lay down…..we ARE empowered.

You know how I feel……Until I get my money… better sleep with one eye open!!!!


EB-you freakin rock girlfriend. I love that story it makes me smile!



I LOVE it!! Keep at it!!

Hope to heal

EB ~ Keep on rockin girl!!


Thanks guys!
It’s quite rewarding listening to other dupes and attempted dupes through this, knowing the information I pass along has saved them from loosing their hard earned monies. Some were on the verge of paying him…..and some had already paid him……
The landlord pulled on my heartstrings….he seems like such anice old man…..who is doing good for DV victims….and then meets spathy con.
IT’s about US folks……
I love to hear the lessons the dupes have learned. And along the storyline, it’s also nice to hear them evolve as they speak their story. The red flags become abundantly clear….after the fact.
If each of us can take that in to our future…..what else can we ask for!!!!
Well….besides and arrest!


EB!!! Rock on!
you’re out there swinging at the P’s and knocking them out.
Do you make sure you use the S and P words liberally? but judiciously too.


Mohamad EB here…..put up yer dukes…..Dance like a butterfly swing like a BEE!
Yes Sky… know, we can’t just throw those words around like punches.
I eek the words in, right when I sense I got em listening and NOT when they are processing what just happened to them! It opens up the dialoge immediately and then they start the relate part of the conversation.

Doing this is the ‘interest’ on his debt to me.
Informing others is a payment on his debt to society.


Ox Drover

Well, with Son D gone for the month I had a few extra megabites and looked at the cartoons, they are a hoot! LOL

I love the mechanical voice….someone sent me one about a Borderline PD coming the the ER wanting drugs one night that was a hoot too.

Yep, I loved the one of the guy in the fight with the gf over his “Not cheating” and the gaslighting he was doing! GREAT DIALOG! LOL


It made me cry …1st cartoon. great cartoon.thx

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