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New book about the Susan Powell disapperance reveals abuse

If I Can't Have You: Susan PowellGregg Olsen and Rebecca Morris released their book “If I Can’t Have You: Susan Powell,”  which reveals what life was like inside the home of Susan and Josh Powell and their two young sons 7 year-old Charlie and 5 year-old Braden. According to neighbors, Josh mentally and physically abused Susan and the boys.

After Susan’s mysterious disappearance in 2009, her parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, cared for the boys. They began to see signs that the boys may have been sexually abused while living with their father and paternal grandfather.

Susan’s body has never been found.  Josh Powell blew up their home, killing his sons and himself in the explosion.

Revealed: Josh Powell ‘sexually abused his two sons’ before their mother vanished and he butchered the boys with a hatchet, from Mail Online.

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Devastating story. When JP killed his children and then himself in February 2012, that’s when I knew I had to write down what happened to me, because I could have easily become another Susan Powell if I hadn’t escaped when I escaped. 🙁


This is very tragic to say the least. I can’t imagine how Susan’s parents feel. What I don’t understand is why people didn’t report to DHS that these little boys were being mistreated. Why didn’t the daycare or Dr. report them? I certainly realize this wasn’t Susan’s doing. She was being controlled. However, those little boys were not getting the help they needed & it wasn’t like they could defend themselves. So sad. 🙁


When this story came out and later when the father added his, I said those boys do not need to be with him, that someday those boys would disapear or I said he would do that what he did. I want that father in law in jail hope the grandparents bring a law suit but never have heard anything.

News: Police found child porn on Josh Powell’s computer 17 months before he killed himself and his boys and never told the mother’s family


we cannot depend on the system, any system, to do its job. its up to us as individuals to do what we need, in a timely manner–while maintaining the right of others to live their life as they want. AS LONG AS They Don’t Infringe On the Rights of Others.
I would personally approach a parent of a child I thot I was being severely neglected. If I was rebuffed or they did not follow thru then I would contact the media and the obligatory call to the agency “in charge”. When I was threatened repeatedly by the school district truant officer for homeschooling my older 3, i was poised to go ballistic with the media if the school district went an inch further. i was a single mom taking care of my elderly greatuncle with alzheimers 24/7. it was a sob story too great to not use for a media circus.
when the system is SHAMED into working effectively, then it can work. but a system is made of ppl. ppl who dont care, but just collect a paycheck.
i have “taken in” many children thruout the yrs as throw-aways. I am always the koolaid mom lol I actually pay attention to kids and make them work :0. it can take the place of removing them from infantile parents to be there for them instead, basically having them at my house and/or go places with us if theyre not in school. but if i wasnt able to, i’d take action otherwise. I have talked to several parents that just needed a verbal kick in the butt and shaped up pretty well. I always give ppl the dignity to change themselves once they know better. but never extra time at the expense of their kids. TIMELINESS means now, today. starting today and CONTINUING. no more slack cut.
sorry for the long ramble. i just hate it wen ppl blame the police, the DSS, the CPS or whomever when its everyone’s responsibility to require adults to act like functioning adults or DO Something About It When They Don’t.
im kinda funny like that 🙂

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