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New Jersey sex trafficking victim recovers her life

To say that the 38-year-old woman, identified as “M.S.” in Atlantic County court documents, had a hard life is a profound understatement.

Her father was murdered by a serial killer. Her abusive mother abandoned her. A boyfriend got her hooked on heroin. Then another man promised to help her get her son back, but forced her into prostitution.

M.S. eventually escaped, and helped put the trafficker in prison. Under a New Jersey law to help victims of sex trafficking, she just had her criminal record expunged.

It’s an unbelievable story, and evidence that no matter how bad things are, recovery is possible.

Atlantic County sex charges expunged for human-trafficking victim, on


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Inspiring. I wonder if her “good Samaritan” was part of some kind of organization to help women out of prostitution? I know it would be counterproductive to identify the Samaritan but I can’t help but wonder. In any case, kudos to the Samaritan!

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