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New tools for the psychopath tool box

Editor’s note: The following alert was sent to us by the Lovefraud reader who posts as “Jcco.”

SnapchatI reconnected with my exP. My guard is totally up but I’m enjoying the show. I no longer use craigslist, i have limited FB use, and no more digging for info regarding the P. He is what he is.

He told me about the new app called “Snapchat.” The user can send a message/image and set a time limit for the recipient to view the message. After the message is viewed, it automatically deletes itself from the server. You can set the timer from 1-10 seconds. You can delete the app from your phone (if you’re hiding an affair or something) and all its all gone. You can download the app again, as needed, sign in, and your are back in business. The icon for the app is a cute little ghost, how appropriate.

I did try the app with him sending me the temp pics. I found it to be too depressing. I deleted the app and sent him a text indicating i wasn’t interested in using it.

So girls, if your man has “snap chat” on his phone, he is up to no good, or he’s concerned about the phone’s memory being used up with useless text and pics, yeah right :/

More info at Snapchat.com.

Keep your guard up!!

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6 Comments on "New tools for the psychopath tool box"

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I’m told that a lot of people use Snapchat for sexting. The app allows them to send nude photos of themselves without giving the recipient an opportunity to keep the photo and potentially distribute it elsewhere.

Obviously Snapchat is what that damfool Anthony Weiner should have used to send photos of himself, instead of Twitter. But he wouldn’t have been sending people pictures of his naughty bits in the first place unless he was an idiot!

There are several other apps that can be used to conceal an affair. My ex husband installed an app named KYMS that hides shows an additional third party calculator app. Only he could access it with a number code. Also watch out for tiger text and the so called vault. If I would have only k own the truth about these apps I would have filed for divorce a year ago. Only a true sociopath can be that deceptive and then look into your eyes and tell a blatant lie . Oh honey I was in need of a scientific calculator, that’s why I have this app . Now I am much smarter, nobody will fool me again. I am sure my ex husband has discovered more sophisticated apps to hide stuff from the girlfriend so called ex mistress.

Well sure!Make the life of the sociopath easier and more fun,and in the process you’ll make loads of money!

Exactly. People inventing those apps are probably sociopaths themselves. I would have never thought a harmless calculator app is a disguise for porn videos , secret photos , secret emails, secret documents. Thinking back I feel like an idiot sometimes. But again it shows how the sociopath has absolutely no conscience or any empathy by installing and using those apps. How much more deceitful can you get ? Thank god he is out of my life. A person who truly loves and cherishes his wife and children would never even search for these kind of apps. Period .

You may not know this, but, you can screen shot a snapchat pic and save it to your phone. Then a person can put it on any media or send it to someone else.

Quote: “…you can screen shot a snapchat pic and save it to your phone.”

Yes, that’s true—as long as you’re quick enough! A friend of mine told me there’s also a facility by which the sender can detect if this has been done—too late to stop it of course, but still you know what the recipient is up to. I find the whole thing hilarious. Technology is like an arms race. There are measures, and countermeasures, and counter-countermeasures… 😀

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