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On TV Feb 9 : How Derek Alldred scammed dozens of women in love fraud

Last August, Derek Alldred was sentenced to 24 years in prison for scamming at least two dozen women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a massive love fraud. On Saturday, Feb. 9, at 8 pm ET, Oxygen Media will present a documentary of the case, with the women he deceived telling what happened to them.

Seduced by Evil delves into the world of the wickedly smart and dangerously evil Derek Alldred, a criminal mastermind who sought out relationships with unsuspecting women and entangled them in a web of lies to deplete their savings and support his fabricated life. Through the eyes of the countless women he deceived, the documentary will feature exclusive interviews with former victims who speak on the emotional devastation and financial ruin Alldred left behind and how they ultimately banded together to take him down for the love fraud.

‘Seduced by Evil’ premieres February 9 on Oxygen, on

Exclusive video: How romance scammer derek alldred gained the trust of a teacher and family — and then ruined them, on

Long sentence for Twin Cities man who ‘left trail of tears’ cheating women he met online, on



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