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Phil Haberman keeps the con going

Lovefraud was contacted recently by Phil Haberman, who is profiled in True Lovefraud Stories. Haberman doesn’t like his profile and said it was based on the opinions of a woman who is a proud member of the first wives club. Haberman said that for his ex-wife their short-lived marriage was all about the money.

To vouch for him, Haberman had his friend, Pamela J. Sweeny, contact Lovefraud as well. Sweeny wrote, “Phil was a lonely soldier desperate for the family he never had before shipping out. He wanted someone to be waiting at home for him, and thought this woman and her daughter were exactly what he needed ”¦ unfortunately she really is a ‘card chaser’ looking for her latest meal ticket.”

So let’s review the case. Haberman claimed to the in the Special Forces when he met his ex-wife through a personal ad on On January 10, 2004, after knowing each other for about a month, Haberman talked her into getting married. Haberman then shipped out to Iraq, where he claimed he was injured in an attack on his convoy. He was in Iraq for approximately 24 days. Haberman filed for an annulment from his ex-wife in July 2004. She believes he married her simply to get extra money from the military—a basic allowance for housing (BAH) as a married man, eligible for separation pay. The relationship cost her about $40,000, and she recently filed identity theft charges against Haberman.

Haberman in the media

On Sept. 1, 2005, the Dallas Observer published an article about Haberman. It was headlined, G.I. Jerk—Phil Haberman claims he fought with Special Forces in Iraq, but he’s about as real as Rambo. The article debunked Haberman’s claims. It included quotes from Haberman’s brother, who said Haberman always told wild stories, including one about a fiancée who had died of cancer.

On Nov. 24, 2005, the Dallas Observer followed up with another article entitled, No Shame. It reported that there was no credible evidence that Phil Haberman was wounded in Iraq. The article also said that he was booted from the military with an other than honorable discharge, which would prevent him from Army active duty in the future.

Both of the Dallas Observer articles drew letters from people who had been in the military with Haberman, knew he was a fraud, and were happy to see him exposed. Major Scott Boyle wrote that Haberman had a few screws loose. Brian Washington wrote that Haberman went home from boot camp claiming ribbons, medals and war stories.

The Army investigated Haberman and found that he had received $17,000 in excess BAH payments, but declined to prosecute what it considered to be “petty theft.”

On Mar. 26, 2006, the Las Vegas Review Journal published a story called Stolen Valor: Acts of Dishonor. It was about men who wore military medals they didn’t earn, and it described Haberman’s attempts to get a Purple Heart he didn’t deserve.

To get a true picture of this man’s brazenness, be sure to read all the links.

Still looking

Haberman, in the meantime, is still online looking for women. As of April 23, 2006, here is what he wrote in his oceanluvnguy profile on

Im in NC at Ft Bragg now after being hurt in Iraq. I normally dual residence between Key West, FL and Las Vegas. Then I got stuck in Fayettehell. I really don’t like it here at all. It is a very lonely and decrepit place. So I stay in and really don’t have anyone to do anything with. So I am pretty much relegated to sitting at home alone with my dog Jake. Id love to have someone to do things with. Im not a drinker or a partier, and unlike most of the guys in this town, I don’t sleep with anything that moves. Im single and very selective about whom I spend time with. I have been called “too good to be true,” “too nice of a person”, and the famous “like the big brother I never had.” Why can’t I finally be called the person that someone has waited their whole life to meet? I lost my fiancé to breast cancer in July 2000, and value life and what it has to offer. I can be found all over the place at any given time. I just came off active duty, and now work with State and Federal law Enforcement agencies providing tactical underwater search and rescue solutions to their dive teams. I also work with military Special Operations units and their dive teams. Im still in the reserves. In the past I have done a lot of things. I spent 3 years working on a very well known TV series in California, and I did 3 SAG feature films as well. Ive been lucky to work with animals of all kinds, as you can see by my pics. My need for speed has been fed many times from freefalling through the sky to driving an Indy car at almost 200mph. I love to travel, and would LOVE to have a travel partner in crime. Im always happy to have new friends, as you can’t have too many. If you are still reading then you are hopefully intrigued. I’d love to hear from those of you that would like new friends. I just want to finally be happy in my life again. IS ANYONE WILLING TO TAKE A CHANCE ON A NICE GUY?!?!?!?!??

Still in the Reserves

When Haberman last called Lovefraud on March 27, 2006—the day after the story in the Las Vegas Review Journal appeared—he stated that he was in a new Army Reserve unit in Florida. Pam Sweeney, who called two days later, also said Haberman was still in the military.

Lovefraud invited them to send documentation of Haberman’s enlistment. Sweeny said she would get right on it.

Nothing has been received.

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isnt it against the law or something to falsely claim to be in the military and to be working with special operations
I have known plenty of real military men and I think it is disgraceful that he is running around claiming to be something he isnt

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