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Poem artfully describes sociopathic manipulation

Origami Dragon On PaperEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following poem from a reader whom we’ll call “Chandra.” She says, “My poem is an expression of how it feels to discover all the lies, remembering the well-applied pressure, and sometimes the fear of of living with a sociopath.”


They start with the basic material. Find the right size and shape.

With the right texture and resistance.

Then, the adjustments start.

The first folds, as important as any others to follow,

carefully considered and made.

A few more folds.

Both large and small,

then turn it around.

Pressing those folds in firmly, so they take.

Adjustments made, worked into the piece,

rather than wrong folds taken back.

Turn it around.

Fold by fold, manipulated and pressed into what they want.

And you don’t know what it is.

Until they are done.

That’s when you see the many folds, clearly, in the end result.

And you are their finest piece of work.

The methods of a sociopath.

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Great poem! I wrote a whole series of poems about a sociopath. I was, as one friend told me, “pouring out pain poems.” I was only with the guy for SIX WEEKS and it took me over 6 months to get over him. One thing that helped was, I decided to try to figure him out, and why I was attracted so such a man — and yes, more than one! So I decided to view him like he was a germ on a slide, and I was looking at him through a microscope (like in biology classes). At the time, I was going to a mental health drop in center, and he was court ordered to work there. So I saw him working behind the lunch counter every day. I also saw,yes, his younger woman there, who was prettier than I am. When I would see him, viewing him as a germ under a slide rather than the man who I’d thought was so loving and sexual. Turns out he “spent his birthday” with me, well, yeah, in the evening! He “spent her birthday” with her, that same afternoon. She and I talked about this, and she said, “Ha ha! Wouldn’t it be nice to see all the women he’s seduced, all lined up together looking at him?” But anyway, she married him! Shortly after that, she was put into a state mental hospital, where, last I heard, she spent at least 2 years. His chief desire was to have a son, and he was looking for a beautiful young woman to father his future son! I told her that. I wrote a poem called “Worm” about him, being an inch worm creeping into my cells. And of course it had other meanings, too! Thanks for posing your wonderful poem.


Synergy, I would love to read your poems! I, too, had a very short encounter with a sociopath, but it fundamentally changed my view of the world and of men. I write poems, too…and wrote several about the experience.


So well written. So true. Looking at it as Retail Therapy and art rather than a hunting expedition lends not only understanding, but the very best part of all – healing. Thank you so much for your courage to share and lending us a fresh and freeing perspective. I hope and wish for you a bright future. I believe you’re well on your way!


Very clever!

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