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Powerful men and sexual impropriety

Time magazine writes about Dominique Strauss-Kahn, accused of assaulting a hotel maid in New York City, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s child with an employee, and how society views powerful men taking advantage of women.

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Ox Drover

This is the “real world”—people who are Smart, AND risk takers, and have many psychopathic traits do well in politics….Slick Willie did not get the name lightly…Bill Clinton was SLICK at PR and making people think he was sincere. The few (and brief) times I met him when he was governor of Arkansas, he impressed me with his “slickness” when asked a direct question….as I watched the lies unfold with his political career (and many that were hardly mentioned in the press) I realized that I think the man is a card carrying psychopath….and that, along with his high IQ and ability to smooze put him in the white house.

I think many people in politics are psychopaths….though I do disagree with the mention of Thomas Jefferson being lumped among them because he had children with a slave woman…at the time he did it, he was a widower, and the practice was quite common in his culture and there is no indication that Sally was an unwilling participant in the relationship. As far as history knows, Jefferson was never unfaithful to his wife, whom he apparently loved very deeply.

The old saying “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is very true for many reasons. One, people who seek power usually have high traits of psychopathy in the first place and though they may try to cloak them before the gain power, once they gain the power, they seem to release those traits for the worse. Even people who aren’t so high in psychopathic traits when given power so that they (at least think) they arent going to get consequences for bad behavior tend to engage in the bad behavior more.

That is why I tend to not trust ANY political incumbent or wanna be.


My local newspaper posted a version of this article today (Wednesday). It ended with “don’t judge the men – they are only human.” Not one comment was made about destruction and suffering and humiliation of families like Schwartzenegger’s (can’t spell that name). Again – ignoring the family / targets of the sociopaths and their experiences / feelings is missing the lion’s share of the information. So much work to do out there to educate / prevent / fight / work through all the destruction. Glad I’m seeing more clearly than 2 years ago when I would have been upset about this article without knowing why.


Well, it was probably a mistake (I’ve had a sixteen hour day at work and needed something to mitigate the boredom!) but I just read that transcript of the Weiner/ Lisa Weiss “sexting” thing. Oh boy. I really have to wonder what we’ve come to as a society. I mean, are there NO standards at all these days? No integrity or dignity in anything? I have never been a big fan of this culture, but I have to say that things have never looked so bleak or hopeless to me as they do at the present moment. Really, I can’t believe that this is now how people are interacting with one another. I would call it “bestial” – but that would be an insult to beasts!

At any rate, I’m no prude – I’m all in favor of healthy sexuality. But to call this sort of thing “erotic” is enough to make one’s skin crawl! I think it’s more accurate to call it the death of Eros. What really got my blood up, however, was reading a local columnist who defended this as “Boys will be boys and we have to separate the man from his policies”, etc. etc. – and other such nonsense, as predictable as it was obtuse. For what it’s worth, I’m personally very tired of this sort of thing. Haven’t we learned anything since the 90’s? I’m a passionate patriot, but I can honestly say that I hate what my country has become. I have little faith in our future, and I can’t see this latest batch of scandals (just wait – we’re getting twenty “meltdowns” a month, but there will be many more!) as anything but the harbinger of a general moral decadence and cultural decline.

Just as a sidenote – it occured to me while reading the Weiner/Weiss thing that though I don’t believe in suicide, I think I would actually be forced to poison myself if I had written that and it were exposed to the public! Not that I ever would or could talk like that – I’m just saying that I would be so ashamed of myself that death would be the only viable alternative to such a stain on my honor. Nevertheless, it seems like these people actually REVEL in this sort of thing: But then again, in a country that lionizes people like Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, etc., I suppose that the only thing worse than bad publicity is no publicity at all!

Needless to say, comparing someone like Jefferson (or Hamilton) to these modern-day pygmies is fatuous in the extreme. Is it really even necessary to point out the flaws in such thinking?


Constantine – I was with you until the very end, when you insulted ‘pygmies’ (a derogatory term in and of itself) by comparing them to spaths/ narcs and the like.

I particularly liked your phrase, ‘the death or eros.’


I don’t know why, but these men do get away with this stuff and they will continue to get away with it. For whatever reason, it is glossed over and people look the other way. And they know it!!! They know they are going to get away with it or why else continue to do it??? That is my X spath for sure!!! It makes me really angry!!!!! I think they ALL need to pay for their actions. They need to feel the pain of the consequences!!

Ox Drover

Constantine, I totally agree with you, and I also believe that a people get the kind of leaders they DESERVE….It still rankles me that Teddy Kennedy kept getting elected over and over after he drowned a woman who might have been saved because he ran away from the scene of the accident and hid out trying to come up with an alibi instead of even trying to save her….yet he got elected over and over and over and over….it is the old “boys will be boys” thinking, and I’m like Constantine, if I did what some of these men have done, I would “throw myself in the river” from shame and guilt, or at least go “live in a cave” some where.

In a country where the leaders seem to have no SHAME for anything and the majority of the population doesn’t seem to mind, where can our country go but DOWN?



The Ted Kennedy ordeal still upsets me also. I will never for the life of me get that…why he continued to be elected over and over again. People really are so easily duped, aren’t they?? But not us!! Never again.

Down is where we are going and it’s a bit scary I must say.

Ox Drover

The same thing with JFK—-he smuggled women in the back door of the white house as Jackie was going out the front, including Marilyn Monroe, and yet even though the press knew it at the time they said nothing, but even after it was KNOWN after his death, he is still the great president after it was known.

Nixon resigned in disgrace for the Watergate thing, yet if he had been bringing women into the white house it would not have been a big deal, just “boys will be boys”—-just like Bill Clinton’s behavior.

I’m still with Ross Perot, “if a man’s wife can’t trust him, how can we trust him?”



Yep, JFK, another great example of womanizing and getting away with it. It drives me crazy. I don’t know what is wrong with our society.

I like the Ross Perot quote!!


One/joy – haha – yes, that’s very good, I didn’t realize that I was insulting the pygmies!

Oxy – That reminds me: I think that twenty years ago people would have called us the “Cassandras” and told us to “lighten up.” But the curious thing is that I think a significant minority is actually starting to “catch on” and realize that, yes, things really are looking about that bad.

Ox Drover

Well, if you study history, you will find that the MAJORITY OF “GREAT MEN” were very narcissistic, sometimes sadistic, and mostly self serving, there seems to be some evidence that there is a genetic tendency toward this kind of man with this achievement drive to be narcissistic and self serving, and it is actually what seems to make him “succeed” as he has the CHARM to convince people to trust him. Examples: Bill Clinton, JFK, Mao, even Stalin.

I’m still reading the book about this….but will be reporting on it soon. Interesting stuff actually.

I think people have pretty much been the SAME throughout history, if you read the stories in the Bible from the old Testament and Roman and Greek history, Old English history, etc. about the only thing that has “changed” is technology, people are the same, with the same motives and same self serving behavior. I think that WE (here on LF) are just really starting to study and realize the depths to which man CAN and unfortunately frequently DOES sink to hurt his fellow man.

Stalin killed tens of MILLIONS of people, Mao was responsible for 60 (that is SIXTY) million deaths in his country, Hitler at ONLY 6 million, had barely started to kill and torture when fortunately his reign of terror was stopped.

Each of these men was adept at turning the entire county’s population into “enforcers” of their narcissistic and sadistic nightmares.

Back when I raised goats I always dehorned them, which with goats is a pretty brutal process, and best done when they are 2-3 days old with a red-hot iron applied to the horn bud. I’ve had people tell me how CRUEL and mean I was to do this to baby goats, but the REASON I do it is that Goats are NOT nice to each other, and I have frequently seen goats practically disembowel other goats and baby goats with their horns, as well as them having horns makes them dangerous to ME. Since goats are NOT known for being “nice” to each other, I take away their weapons.

I think humans, in general, are not known for being “nice” to each other either. Maybe I’m just a cynic, but I tend to think that more people are selfish than altruistic.


Yes Oxy,
I agree that in general, people are way more selfish than altruistic.

An example of how placing dogs into good homes has warped into a process where it’s very difficult to adopt a shelter dog, specifically a border collie. In my area, it’s only done through border collie rescue who receives all the border collies dumped at the pound. They have a process which was originally to prevent people from buying bait dogs (all for preventing that), but it has evolved into where only desperate and submissive people can adopt (kinda like alpha controlling the pack). I think these people started out altruistic and then their selfishness took over, they are now bullies and snobs… and esp in my case, prevented a pound dog from having a wonderful life.

So I bought a puppy from a professional kennel. They asked me questions such as why I wanted a dog, the living situation, made sure I was a good fit to the breed, and I signed an agreement that if I no longer wanted the dog, I would return it to the kennel and receive a $100 rebate.

ps The dog was only $100 more than the rescue dog, no psycho problems, and no degrading gestapo tactics. Avoiding the mindfkg: PRICELESS.

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