Priest impregnates teenager

In 2008, the chaplain of a Roman Catholic high school in Reading, Pa., befriended a female student. Well, the relationship was much more than friendship, and the girl’s parents have filed a lawsuit against him and the Diocese of Allentown, claiming that the priest impregnated their daughter.

Read Suit says priest impregnated teenager, on Philly.com.

The teenager had a baby, and apparently is now living with the priest, who has been relieved of his duties.

Read Teen found at apartment of priest her parents sued on ReadingEagle.com.

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Mary Kay Letourneau was the teacher who went to prison, got out, and ended up marrying the boy that she was romantically involved with. They had two children together.

Thanks Bluejay,

I have CRS for sure and ESPECIALLY for names, but now that you mention it the name sounds familiar!

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