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Priest impregnates teenager

In 2008, the chaplain of a Roman Catholic high school in Reading, Pa., befriended a female student. Well, the relationship was much more than friendship, and the girl’s parents have filed a lawsuit against him and the Diocese of Allentown, claiming that the priest impregnated their daughter.

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The teenager had a baby, and apparently is now living with the priest, who has been relieved of his duties.

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Ox Drover

This is just more of this CARP going on! And yes, I do believe that the parents are secondary victims of this man’s behavior. One of the other associated articles mentioned that the parents were “secondary” victims—they had paid to send their daughter to a private school because she was having problems with “mental health issues” and the priest who is the “counselor” alienates her from her parents and knocks her up! He’s 41 and she’s now 19—and just had a baby.

They even had a tape of him having sex with her in the basement of their home.

HOW sick! And the Church isn’t doing much about the whole thing either. They did “remove him from duties” in November. BIG DEAL! How about defrocking and denounching????

UGH! On a rant. see you guys tomorrrow!


Yuck, just yuck. Wonder if the parents can file some sort of charges against him in addition to the lawsuit, their daughter was only 17 when he first started grooming her. At least they were vigilant and taped the priest having sex with their daughter in the basement.

The poor girl has no idea of how she has been taken advantage of. This guy has spath written all over him! He’s 41 years old! What kind of treatment did he go to? It didn’t help him at all.


If they removed him from duties this is a step up from the usual reshuffling that went on in the past. Also at least she is legal age now and can do what they want. I am not saying I agree with this, but things happen in life. Expecting priests to suppress their sexual urges is unnatural and the Bible claims those who think that way have their conscience seared with a hot iron. Sounds like a psychopathic trait. There are many other things wrong with this type of priesthood in general such as the command to call no man father. And the fact they counsel married couples when they have no idea of the concept. Then they would need special revelation from God. I could go on. What seems to be a more prevalent trend is the adult female with underage boys like many in my own profession.



Any kind of relationship where you are the mentor, the teacher, the priest, should be treated ethically. As the person who does mentor you hold a ton of power, using that power to seduce a student is sick and wrong. The women teachers who did abuse their power are mentally ill as well.


Here here, Hope! It is despicable to see those in “noble” professions using their roles to manipulate and abuse. It’s tragic and an shame on those professions and a failure of the ethical standard those in the field should meet. Maybe she is “legal” now but just because a victim of sexual abuse (the use of a power role to attain sexual arousal or favor) “aged out” so to speak, does not make it an appropriate arrangement. Teacher123-I agree with you their are major issues with the priesthood that causes this to go on and other contradictions as well. Still, it is in excusable. I am shocked to think how may priests have abused and have never been brought before a court of law.
These people (sexual abusers) are liars; perhaps they do fall under the P/S sectrum too. We all need to be vigilant and on the watch for these predators to preserve the integrity of our professions and the safety of our communities.

Ox Drover

hope4joy, I respectfully disagree with you—the women teachers who abused underage boys are NOT “MENTALLY ILL” they, like men who abuse under age girls, are PEDOPHILES and most likely PSYCHOPATHS AS WELL.

ANY relationship where one person is “over” the other in terms of doctor, therapist, teacher, priest or minister, or prison guard, etc. sexual relationships should be VER BOTEN because of the possibility for “undue pressure,” especially with MINORS, but it should be a felony, even with concenting adults, and punished as such.


She is living WITH him and has a baby with him….a baby…go gently…there is a fragile eco system depending on OUR kindness and understanding……wait before judging so harshly.



Pedophiles, psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, all mentally ill in my mind. Their prefrontal cortex isn’t functioning, I don’t know how to label it except for “mentally ill” without a chance of recovery. Pedophiles are especially hard to rehabilitate, if at all. Something went haywire, dropped on their heads? I don’t know.

My heart does go out to this girl, in her world she probably thinks she loves this man who is the father of her child. She has a hard path because her parents know how she was victimized and now the parents are in a tough spot.

Ox Drover

Hope4joy, OK I see where you are coming from, I asm thinking more medically, the “ill” is a person who is “sick” (like pneumonia or depression) but the Psychopath is DISORDERED, there is NO cure, you are right, but they DONT WANT to be different.

My heart also goes out to this girl, and her child, as it did to the young man and the children of that woman teacher (can’t remember her name) who seduced the 12 year old boy and had children by him, even after going to prison, she came back out and got back with him again even though she was COURT ORDERED to stay away from him.

It is almost like they hypnotize these young people in a trauma bond or something—not sure what kind of a bond it is.

It is worse than SICK, I have compassion for a sick person, but these DISORDERED mutants I have no sympathy for!



Mary Kay Letourneau was the teacher who went to prison, got out, and ended up marrying the boy that she was romantically involved with. They had two children together.

Ox Drover

Thanks Bluejay,

I have CRS for sure and ESPECIALLY for names, but now that you mention it the name sounds familiar!

THANX bunches!

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