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PTSD and eating disorders

People who have been exposed to uncontrollable, traumatic events may try to control their environments by controlling what they eat. Read:

Links between PTSD, eating disorders become stronger, require RNs to focus on assessment, on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

LINKS between PTSD and eating disorders, or eating disorders and PTSD don’t necessarily mean that one CAUSES the other, only that a person who is PRONE TO one may also be PRONE TO the other. Such as people with diabetes usually also have high blood pressure and other related problems, but not that the high blood pressure CAUSES the diabetes or the other way round, just that they are LINKED in the fact that people with A may also be likely to have B.

Not everyone who is exposed to a TRAUMATIC event gets PTSD some do and some don’t, some get a little bit of short lived PTSD and then quickly get over it and some people become chronic with PTSD symptoms. WHY one person and not the other?

Science has not yet shown the answer to that….

It is pretty well recognized now that GENETICS plays a part in a person becoming high in P-traits, yet even identical twins don’t ALWAYS both become psychopaths even if raised in different environments, or even if raised in the same environment (as much as there can be such a thing)

The brain is a very complex machine…and the body and the brain and the genetics turning on and turning off various processes due to environmental urging is a most interesting study. I would love to be around in 150 years or so when more is known about the things we are only now starting to get a TINY bit of real scientific evidence of. Unfortunately, it is difficult to do “experiments” on the human brains, so we have to do observational and hormonal studies.

I think the STRESS of the PTSD/TRAUMA has a lot to do with a lot of diseases….Holmes and Rahe proved that quite some time ago that people under increased stress have more illnesses and accidents and I think many people here can testify that they have had incrased health problems related to the stress of dealing with a psychopath.

I think that is very much why we need to (as healers and healing) focus on stress reduction techniques, good healthly life style changes (eating right, sleeping, rest, recreation and emotional support, reduction of alcohol, nicotine, and any other substances)

Just knowing you are NOT ALONE in your search for healing from the trauma of dealing with a person high in psychopathic traits and the fall out it does to our lives is a big stress reliever in itself, and I thank God for LoveFraud being here when I needed that support in the WORST WAY….

Healing from a day or a life time of dealing with psychopathic trauma takes time, and EFFORT and some hard work on our parts. Knowledge is power, and the more we learn, about them, and most importantly, LEARN ABOUT OURSELVES, the better our healing journey will be.

Thanks for posting this article, Donna.

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