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Quora: How psychopaths/sociopaths view the world

Socipathic eyesThe question was asked on Quora, and self-described psychopaths and sociopaths are responding. If you want to get a better understanding of how they think, read it in their own words. Here are some gems:

“I see a world drowned by an emotional sea which I can observe, and recognize, but never feel. I watch this current sweep over the neurotypical world, causing all sorts of thoughts and behaviors which make so little sense to me that I might as well be an alien. I am able to predict some of the resulting repercussions, but for the most part, the reactions people have to this world of emotional illusion is well beyond reason. It is mass delusion and insanity, and because the majority rules, their insanity is what defines reality for the species.”

“I can lay next to my girlfriend, cuddling and watching TV, this is enjoyable. However, when I now get up and walk away because I have something else to do, then getting separated is no problem. I don’t miss her, think of her or have the craving to stay with her. It is superficial enjoyment, but in the moment where we are cuddling and watching TV it feels good. Everything is fine as long as it lasts, but when it is over it’s like we haven’t cuddled or been intimate. There is no lasting effect.”

“It is a place full of things to do, for me. I am sure most people want to know what I think about other people, and their plights, but unless their plights are fantastic, like Bhopal India, or Chernobyl, I won’t. Yes, yes, I am a monster. I know, and I don’t care. I am happy the way I am.”

There’s more — take a look for yourself.

How do psychopaths/sociopaths view the world? on

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Horrifying. I am at the opposite, overly empathetic end of the spectrum. And I see dozens of variations, degrees of people in between.
I’m no door mat, quickly stopped supporting my ‘better things to do than work’ optometrist husband and flatly divorced him. Then my 2nd, for years perfect guy, who was suddenly beating me and staying gone when he wasn’t. Divorce. Out of my life fast.
I think it’s too hard to pick a good one, so I quit. Both were major financial setbacks.

Now, after 13 years in the same condo…a new man, gay, in the building who I finally refuse to speak to because he gossips/lies about the neighbors…followed me, grabbed me by my THROAT and choked me to a black out and fall flat on my back. Police did NOTHING to him, but a month later came by to talk to ME yesterday as if for HIS benefit…I am the ‘perfect record’gal. They won’t tell me if the psycho has a history of anger management problems.
I think the old boys stick together…unless it happens to them.


Psychopaths can be like trains..if you encounter one, sooner or later (especially if you don’t keep your guard up), you’ll meet another one. They say the good ones are out there..Im not sure anymore.

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