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Quora: What’s it like for a sociopath to meet another sociopath?

The following question was posed on Quora: “What’s it like for a sociopath to meet another sociopath?”

The woman who asked the question included commentary about sociopaths, some of which I disagree with. For example, she said, “Sometimes you see even the most terrifying sociopaths get out of prison and go on to have their own children who they do not mistreat, and actually like.” Actually, sociopaths are incapable of loving anyone, including their children, so even if they don’t beat their kids, they’ll probably inflict psychological and emotional abuse.

But what makes this Quora thread really interesting is not the question, but the answers. Several people who identified themselves as sociopaths posted their views, which are fascinating. For example:

“For a sociopath to meet another sociopath, you must first discern the degree of sociopathy in the subjects. For high-functioning ones such as myself, we do not concern ourselves with the common rabble.”

“Manipulating, exploiting, or ignoring what others believe to be ‘rights’ can’t occur if you don’t give a damn.”

“While there is some cooperation among psychopaths, it only happens when they are not both seeking the same thing.”

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What’s it like for a sociopath to meet another sociopath?, on

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Think on RARE OCCASIONS, sociopaths seek each other out, if they have a common criminal enterprise. Usually, they will take an otherwise well-adjusted person, and ATTEMPT to turn them into a sociopath, or at least USE THEM to assist in the victimization of an innocent person.


I doubt one can be “turned into” a sociopath. Either a person is one or they arent. Empathy is not something that can be taken away, stolen or pounded out of you. Likewise its not something an Spath can be taught, self learn or even understand/relate to.


My brothers, who are sociopaths, intimidated their wives to side with them when they were attacking other family members. The wives were definitely not sociopaths, but cooperated, because they were afraid of their husbands, and they had good reason, because they were battered by them. What I mean here, is that they got innocent people to act like them (sociopaths), not turn them into sociopaths.


A segment of the population that probably has a high incidence of Spaths are Pimps. As a young woman I found myself being used and manipulated by many of these con-men who pulled me into their underworld with the express purpose of exploiting me for their own gain financially and to boost their own ego. Most of these men knew each other and identified with the tactics being used to keep “their girls” in line and under their control. They would even compare notes so to speak, and teach each other techniques to better manipulate and ways to increase the profitability of a girl. They call it “GAME”. A favorite term used by Pimps is “GAME RECOGNIZE GAME” this term is used when a fellow Pimp or “Player” sees the way another Pimp or Player of the “game” is excelling or playing the game well. The way you can see that the game is being played to the fullest extent is how expensive the Pimp/Player/SPath’s car/clothes/jewelry/etc is and how much money they are flashing. When one of them meets another one, they MOST CERTAINLY can identify their own traits within the other. The say “Game Recognize Game” to each other as a way to complement the apparent success of the game being played by the other. “The Game” is respected, even idolized. They even compete with each other to see who is the more proficient manipulator at times, and when they happen to set their sights on the same victim…. sparks can fly. A Pimp/Player/Spath will fight or even kill to gain or keep control of the women they are manipulating. This is not a RARE occurance in the Pimp Game,this is their way of surviving and way of life. Not all Spaths are Pimps, but they are most certainly Players of the same manipulation game. The rules may be different and the game pieces or methods more subtle and harder to detect, but the end result of devistated lives and emotionally scarred victims is the same.


This is one of the Quora replies from an admitted Spath……..Wow…just WOW

What’s it like for a sociopath to meet another sociopath?

For me it’s quite amusing.

Imagine for a moment you are a dog in a house full of cats. You spend your life dealing with silly little balls of fluff, you want to bite their heads off but your owner would get upset and then he might stop feeding you. So you behave like a good little dog and you tolerate the stupid cats you have to live with.

You toy with the cats, you chew on the cats, you bat them around a little, but you don’t kill them because you don’t want to deal with the consequences.

Then one day the door is open, and you get outside and oh wow, you find another dog. It smells like you, it thinks like you, you trade stories about all the god dam cats you have in your life.

Then you wonder if you should play together or kill each other. You sniff each others asses, play a little rougher than usual and eventually decide you should probably both just go home.

It sure was fun to play with another dog for a while, but I have cats to go chew on at home.

For those that choose a criminal path, they kill the cats and fight the other dogs to death. For those that try to find some semblance of fitting in, we pretend to be good little pets and obey our (government/corporate) masters so we don’t end up in a cage (where it’s fucking boring and there’s nothing to do).

That’s my life, batting around cats and sniffing the rare other dog I come across with suspicion and wondering if it wants to play rough or play deadly. And mostly trying to avoid the cage.


That dog/cat analogy is horrific and I bet you spot on. It really provides insight to the thought process going on inside of their head. Those of us who have interacted with a sociopath struggle with what IS actually going on inside of their head most of all, because it makes NO SENSE in our reality. Nothing they say correlates with their outrageous behavior-the dichotomy of a loving, kind person, and a pathological lying cheater existing within the same human is incomprehensible. Those of us with a conscience cannot put ourselves in their shoes because we simply cannot process existence like them.

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