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Read ‘A Narcissist’s Love Letter’

narcissist loveIt’s Valentine’s Day, the day when many people celebrate love, including sociopaths (which, here on Lovefraud, include antisocials, narcissists. and borderlines).

These exploiters do not experience love as we do. But they are often very good at faking it. They profess their love, make promises of future happiness and create  grand gestures to demonstrate their love which we may later realize was a demonstration for an audience, not for us.

So when they say, “I love you,” what do they mean? This post on, by John Howell, answers the question.

A Narcissist’s Love Letter

Thank you to Sarah Strudwick for sharing this link.


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Yep…that pretty much sums it up.


uk, that is pretty much exactly what i said when i figured out he was chronically self-centered. he loves how i MAKE HIM FEEL. he doesn’t love me. he loves that SOMEone is there and he’s not alone. he doesn’t love being with ME. i stayed with him anyway. can we say lack of self-respect?


Thank you for this. I have read it many times today and each time I try to look at it from his viewpoint. Although heartbreaking, it puts things in a perspective I had not considered. It is cold hearted, self serving, but very real and plausible. Every time I think I will break I will read this.

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