Relating to Maria Shriver

With all the uproar over Arnold Schwarzenegger and his “love child,” our friend Ann over at WomenExplode.com just wrote about her own experience of a cheating husband.

Read I can relate with Maria Shriver ”¦ at WomenExplode.com.

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Nolarn, good for you! Take your power back from that woman. I am also NC with the rock star neighbor boy. But it’s easy because he is never around, and I never see him. I thought I might see him at the pool this weekend, but thankfully, I had a jerk-free weekend! I have a few friends in the complex who can never wait to tell me they saw him walking through the parking lot with his guitar. I just asked them not to mention him.

Star-they not to stop mentioning him to you. It took my friends a long time before they would mention my ex in front of me. Now they know it’s ok. They can rip on him and it doesn’t bother me. I have to admit though, when I went to the Josh Groban concert a few weeks ago, he sang something that reminded me of him and I just cried and cried right there in the arena.

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