Relating to Maria Shriver

With all the uproar over Arnold Schwarzenegger and his “love child,” our friend Ann over at just wrote about her own experience of a cheating husband.

Read I can relate with Maria Shriver ”¦ at

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nola when we know better we do better..

Hens-that is what I’m workin on the most. I think there will be an amazing woman out there waiting for me when I feel I’m ready.

Star-it does help me to go NC for awhile because self important people are really unattractive!

So I went to the gym this afternoon. I was sweating on the stair monster (stairmaster). The only way I can stick it out for 30 minutes is if I get absorbed in something on TV overhead. At home I don’t have a TV and have not really watched it in 5 years, except when it’s on at the gym. So I got absorbed in the most mindless crap – some reality show about Kloe Kardashian. Do people really watch that mindless drivel? I guess I’m not missing too much without TV. But it was just compelling enough to occupy my mind for 30 minutes, so I could finish the workout. When I first climbed onto the stairmonster, there was another woman about my age who was on one too. She looked like she’d been on it forever and was dying. When I finished my 30 minutes, she was still going. So later, I saw her sitting down, and I went over and told her she was my hero for facing up to the stairmonster. We started chatting and now I have a new friend/workout buddy. I think it’s safer for me to stick to meeting women right now. I just don’t want to deal with men and all their silly games. (No offense, Hens, you are not typical at all, so you are not in that category).

When I was out at the pool singing and playing my guitar, these two guys (I think a son and father) shook my hand and told me I had a beautiful voice. I found myself wondering at their motives. I hate being so cynical toward men!

Nolarn, good for you! Take your power back from that woman. I am also NC with the rock star neighbor boy. But it’s easy because he is never around, and I never see him. I thought I might see him at the pool this weekend, but thankfully, I had a jerk-free weekend! I have a few friends in the complex who can never wait to tell me they saw him walking through the parking lot with his guitar. I just asked them not to mention him.

Star-they not to stop mentioning him to you. It took my friends a long time before they would mention my ex in front of me. Now they know it’s ok. They can rip on him and it doesn’t bother me. I have to admit though, when I went to the Josh Groban concert a few weeks ago, he sang something that reminded me of him and I just cried and cried right there in the arena.

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