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Report says Sarah Palin abused power by trying to fire bad cop

Can you imagine the unbridled glee Mike Wooten is feeling right now? Wooten, of course, is the trooper at the center of Troopergate. That’s the controversy in which Sarah Palin, and her husband, Todd, are alleged to have abused the Alaska governor’s power in trying to get rid of the explosive, deceitful and unremorseful cop.

I’ll bet Mike Wooten is high-fiving everyone in sight. I’ll bet he even bought a round of drinks for everyone in the Mugshot Saloon. Mike Wooten, who in my opinion is a sociopath, has won, and sociopaths love to win.

Antisocial behavior

I wrote about this case on September 1—It looks like Sarah Palin is under Troopergate investigation because of a sociopath. In it, I published a letter written by Palin that gives a pretty good summary of Wooten’s antisocial behavior. Wooten threatened to kill his father-in-law, tasered his stepson, drank beer in a state police vehicle and illegally shot a moose. He also had a series of short marriages and a lousy credit history.

Yet when Wooten was investigated, instead of being fired, he received a 10-day suspension, later reduced to five days. I don’t blame the Palins for being upset.

Investigative report

But the fact that Mike Wooten is a lousy cop, according to the investigation into Troopergate, is irrelevant. Todd Palin pressured to get the guy fired, the investigator wrote, over a “family matter.”

The Anchorage Daily News published excerpts from the investigative report, which was written by Steve Branchflower, a retired prosecutor. Here is some of what Branchflower wrote:

Governor Palin has stated publicly that she and her family feared Trooper Wooten. Yet the evidence presented has been inconsistent with such claims of fear. The testimony from Trooper Wheeler, who was part of her security detail from the start, was that shortly after elected to office, she ordered a substantial reduction in manpower in her personal protection detail … an act that is inconsistent with a desire to avoid harm from Trooper Wooten or others.

…It is noteworthy that in almost every contact with the subordinate employees, Mr. Palin’s comments were couched in terms of his desire to see Trooper Wooten fired for reasons that had nothing to do with fear. His comments were always couched in terms that he was a bad Trooper, that he was not a good recruiting image for the AST, that his discipline amounted to nothing more than a slap on the wrist, that nothing had happened to him following the administrative investigation, and so forth…

I conclude that such claims of fear were not bona fide and were offered to provide cover for the Palins’ real motivation: to get Trooper Wooten fired for personal family related reasons.

Bringing Palin down

So even when someone has the clout to get rid of a sociopath, they can’t do it. It’s a crying shame.

In my previous article on this topic, I fretted that Mike Wooten threatened to bring Sarah Palin down, and he just might do it. Palin was looking a little wobbly of her own accord, but this could be the issue that does her in.

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I thought the same thing….but they do get theirs. For eternity.


The dean of my campus and one of the history profs and I were discussing the Sarah issue the other day. Then another prof walked by and said he really liked Sarah until she opened her mouth. I take it she’s a little blunt? Still she’s Alaskan and word is they don’t mince words up there.


Although I agree Wooten was engaging in antisocial behavior and needed to be fired, in reading all the reports it seems to me anyhow the focus of the report was more on whether Palin abused her office by pressuring and then firing (and why) of the state’s public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan. In Govn. there is a chain of command and rules that have to be followed before firing anyone.

I do agree with Donna that Wooten is probably happy over the issue causing grief for Palin. But on the upside, it is not like Wooten’s name isn’t being smeared through the mud, too, since his anti social behavior is being listed in news articles for all the nation to read or hear.


For anyone who wants a more informed basis on which to form an opinion about whether Sara Palin abused her power the entire report, including testimony can be found at:

It is quite length–263 pages, but a pretty interesting read for the most part.


There are alot of articles about Sara Palin, with interviews with people who have known and worked with her years before the issue with the Trooper. One of the more interesting ones, with quotes from people who worked with her or had dealings with her when she was Mayor is located at:

The last half of the article is the most interesting. And particularly interesting was two people who used the exact same words to descibe her, although the two people had never met. If you read the last half of the article you will hear the same descriptions from various people that we use to define our sociopaths right here on this board.

Although it is just my opinion (of course) I think Wooten and Palin were just a battle of the sociopaths. But I think Palin is the better one by far.


If what has been written about Wooten is true, then he is probably a sociopath.
However, the real question is, knowing what we now know about Palin, would you believe anything she says??? Aside from Troopergate, she has revealed just about all the red flags I can think of during the political campaign and if you think seriously about it, John McCain did not stoop to the levels he does now or behave so irratically before she came on the scene.
Recently, there was an article in one of the US papers by a group of behavioural psychologists who studied her eye winking, cutesee performance in the VP debate. They actually stated that she showed all the mannerisms and voice tactics of a classic manipulative, sociopathic personality.
We all think that we can see through P’s but it seems that approx. 40million Americans have been fooled yet again.


Thank you! I’m so glad the community here is recognizing that Sarah Palin is a sociopath.

Our country has made a terrible mistake giving attention to disordered people like her. When will the group of uneducated, but hood winked citizens, learn that she is this era’s Amy Semple McPherson and female Elmer Gantry?

Ox Drover

Dear Suzie, welcome to love fraud, we generally don’t do much politics here unless someone does something really psychopathic (like take bribes, try to sell a senate seat etc) but MY own humble (or not so humble opinion as the case may be) is that a HIGH PERCENTAGE OF ALL POLITICIANS are very HIGH in the psychopathic traits at the very least. To put that a little shorter–I think they are almost ALL CROOKS by the time they have gotten to a pretty high level in gov’t. They just have to make too many deals to get there, and an honest person couldn’t stay in there, so they either deal or die as a politician.

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