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Reports of U.S. child abuse are down, but fatalities are up

Reports of child abuse and neglect totaled 686,000 during fiscal 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That terrible number is actually an improvement, down from 688,000 in 2011.

A total of 1,640 deaths were attributed to child abuse and neglect. About 70% of the children who died were under 3 years old. Parents were the perpetrators in 80% of the cases.

New federal data: Child abuse reports dip slightly, but child fatalities rise, on


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I don’t doubt this for a minute! First, our legal personel display ever more sociopathetic traits due to being sources of power, and 2, our current society is transitioning from its moral foundation to a mercenary one.


I agree Flicka that Our society celebrates a mercenary mentality. Devious/gaming the system is rewarded, revered…. while those who espouse morality are ridiculed for being gullible and weak (voted off the island).

Just a casual read of the statistics reveals a glaring disconnect. 44% of victims of maltreatment are white,only 22% and 21% are black/hispanic. I do NOT believe that less than half the number of minorities compared to whites are living free from abuse, rather more likely they are being Enormously, ENORMOUSLY, unreported. Read also the sentence that “state budget cuts make protection less available”. BINGO. There’s no one to report to.


Exactly; just as my 40-53 year old grown children describe me…”stupid”, “crazy”, “weak”, a “loser”.

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