Sexual predators for mayor: Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner

My husband and I live in New Jersey, close enough to New York City that when Terry goes to the local convenience store for coffee, he can also buy the New York Post. He loves the paper’s clever, double entendre headlines and pull-no-punches stories. So when he heard Anthony Weiner was going to run for mayor of New York, he was thrilled. “I can’t wait to get the paper,” he chortled. “It will be full of Weiner jokes!”

Yesterday the news broke—Anthony Weiner was at it again, sexting women he never met.

He held a press conference declaring that his behavior was wrong, it was behind him, and he was still a candidate for New York City mayor. His wife Huma Abedin was by his side. She read a statement, saying she loved and believed in her husband, forgave him, and they were moving forward.

By the time the 10-minute press conference was over, I was furious. Anthony Weiner glossed over his atrocious behavior as if it were as insignificant as jaywalking. The man had no shame, no remorse. I’ll bet that the only reason he apologized was because as a candidate, he had to.

I’m not sure what to make of Huma Abedin. She was obviously uncomfortable during the press conference. So either she feels trapped by her marriage to Weiner, and the fact that they have a child, or she is also a political animal willing to tolerate her husband’s infidelity as part of a quest for power. Frankly, I hope she leaves Weiner.

Weiner, with wife at side, says lews exchanges happened after resignation, on CNN.com.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner

Then there’s the mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner. On Monday, his former communications director, Irene McCormack Jackson, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. And apparently McCormack is just one of many women that Filner allegedly harassed. It was so bad that the mayor’s deputy chief of staff told him he needed “extreme therapy,” and many political supporters abandoned him.

For his part, Filner admits he has a problem, but says McCormack’s claims are untrue.

San Diego mayor: I think claims in sex harass suit untrue, on CBSNews.com.

Even though we loved Weiner jokes, this is no longer funny. The sense of entitlement, recklessness, and hubris of these two men is appalling. One way or another, they both need to vacate the mayor’s office.

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – cbs8.com

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After that %$#@ Sanford actually got elected I posted a comment on the CNN news clip with my extraordinarily unflattering opinion of him. It still shows up if you do a google search under my name. I’m proud of that because I wrote what I think and I’m not being stalked. For all of you dealing with stalkers please be careful not to use your real identity….for those who can, I say inundate CNN with our opinions of these predators.

Don’t forget disgraced former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, the hooker scandal, now running for comptroller of New York City.

Also the sex scandal surrounding former New York David Patterson.

Donna, just in case your husband missed any:

Collection of Anthony Weiner jokes

“Sydney Leathers”??? With a fake name like that, she HAS to be a porn star, right?

As a New Yorker….. NYC no less, I watch the election show in utter bewilderment.

I’m a community activist and have almost daily dealings with a host of our elected officials. The self-aggrandizement that motivates their decisions, principally fueled by the construction/development dollars that support their campaigns, is mind boggling.

I believe that just as corporate culture rewards the testosterone laced drive toward achievement of psychopaths, success in politics is also most easily achieved by morally disordered folks. The candidate who is glib, charismatic, swift talking, and can create instant rapport, often has the edge. I’m sure all of you recognize those characteristics as the traits of a morally disordered mind.

Makes you wanna run to a deserted island where you can easily recognize the reptiles you’re dealing with. They don’t wear suits!


Gee, I was wondering… could it possibly be a mere coincidence that Weiner is a shoe fetishist and this gal is sporting the name of “Leathers”?

Besides, real girls don’t have names like “Sydney” anyway. Sydney is a boy’s name. So Miss Leathers is in flagrant violation of Lansky’s Third Law.

If anyone is wondering what “Lansky’s Third Law” is, it’s something I remember from a long time ago when I lived in Massachusetts. An article appeared in the Boston Globe about a guy named Lansky who’d written a book of rules for naming children. Apparently this guy hated all of his own names, including the Lansky part, because people were always asking him if the gangster Meyer Lansky was a relative of his. This inspired his campaign to persuade parents to give their children proper, appropriate names they could live with for a lifetime. Lansky had numerous guidelines, like not mixing up names from different ethnic origins (“Antonio Goldstein will never make it,” he said), shunning those awful “cutesy” spellings (in later years I counted six different spellings of “Brittany” at our daughter’s grade school alone), and being careful of what the initials spell (nobody wants to be David Isaac Miller if their initials spell DIM). But his three cardinal rules for a given name were that you should be able to

1. SPELL it;

2. PRONOUNCE it; and

3. Know WHAT SEX it is.

Of course there are unavoidable exceptions. We all know there are long-recognized spelling variants of certain names (like “Nora[h]” with or without the “h”), and a small handful of names traditionally used by both sexes (Lee, Leslie/Lesley, Evelyn…) I expect we all know that John Wayne was christened “Marion,” as a few other boys were in his day. No wonder he changed it! Lansky also had something to say about the “images” that attach to certain names. I expect he would have agreed that porn stars are likely to have strange, “in your face” kinds of names… for instance, anyone named “Wendy Whiplash” has just got to be a porn star!

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love all of you???
As I sit here laughing at these jokers and you guys’s analysis I send big hugs and a huge thank you.

And don’t forget the current mayor of Toronto. What a freak show that is!

I can’t help but wonder, though, at how the real sociopaths of New York keep getting off with a free pass. Those would happen to be the financial and pension system crooks that the infamous Eliot Spitzer will be going after once he’s elected comptroller. The tabloid assault on Weiner interrupted the similar assault on Spitzer, so similarly that it’s a wonder they didn’t just use the same headlines and bikini pictures. Spitzer is supposed to be a sociopath, too. Interesting how he’s trying to stop sociopaths loot New York for millions, if not billions. That’s what killed Detroit, by the way. It’s all been reported and little remarked upon.

Filner’s behavior is not unique in public agencies in San Diego County or elsewhere in California. The sociopath that I was in a long term relationship with was a high ranking official in another public agency and behaved in a similar fashion, negatively impacting numerous women’s lives and making sure two of them lost their jobs while his greatest punishment was perhaps a little annoyance that he didn’t get exactly what he felt entitled to – absolute compliance and subservience from any woman he targeted. This behavior was going on throughout our relationship without my knowledge and only came to my attention after he had abandoned me and moved on to new victims because a friend saw the stories in the press and forwarded them to me. Following the Filner story is like reliving it for us, but both I and these two women are moving on with our lives and though it is not easy at all, we will be fine. These men will always be monsters. I know Filner’s type well and watching him makes me sick.

While no high ranking politician, my former spath always had women working for him. He was most definitely in a position of power and influence. .. Making a LOT of money. I am certain he used many of those women. When I finally figured out what the affliction was – it took all the courage I could muser but I kicked him to the curb and I am SO GLAD. I now realize and know that he could NEVER change. On our old computer I found a bookmark for a sexual harassment attorney. I almost guarantee he was worried about some woman threatening a lawsuit at so;me point, hence then it is time to just job hop. These types are filth, pigs, trash. They will continue what they do until the law has serious consequences. . There are so many articles already detailing how the courts don’t care. These men will be monsters. My spath actually said, “I am not the monster you think I am.” How telling!!

And one more thing.. when in the interview about Weiner it was said, he acts as if he got caught jaywalking. I laughed so hard because I always thought than when my spath was caught he acted as if he got caught stealing a #2 pencil. They minimize their actions but if they don’t like that we made spaghetti instead of pizza (small example) they act as if an earthquake brought their house to the ground.

Honestkindgiver, your spaghetti vs. pizza example is so right on…love it!

The spath I was involved with actually never minimalized his actions, he denied he took them. When one of these dramas was going on, he told me about it, saying that the woman was telling lies to hurt him and get him fired. What she was accusing him of, and subjecting herself to the humiliation of going public was so embarrassing that I told him women don’t make things like this up and subject themselves to the humiliation of going public for the fun of it…so if he didn’t do what she was accusing him of, then what did he do? After that he didn’t mention it to me again until one day he told me how disappointed he was in me that I hadn’t been supportive in his “time of need”.

These men have a sense of entitlement that is outrageous, and too often they are sharp enough to stay just inside the law. Filter seems to be on his own since the City Council voted unanimously to sue him for any damages the City incurs as a result of his actions as well as denied his request that the City pay his legal bills. Bravo.

Speaking of sexual predators in politics, Larry Elder says:

Weiner Should Say: ’I’ll Quit When You Apologize to Broaddrick and Willey’

Thanks for the update Donna. Women in the military have a difficult time just getting superiors to listen to them about sexual assault and harassment, let alone having it prosecuted – it’s reached epidemic proportions and Filner would have known this as a congressman. I’m sure he’s an opportunist, but he’s also (intentionally, IMO) targeting women who already feel they don’t have a voice.

Huma was horribly and publicly betrayed. She is likely to be experiencing the shock reaction of a “betrayal bond.” It’s the toxic glue that many folks simply are not aware of, that keeps victims in relationships when they should be heading for the hills.

Patrick Carnes’ book, The Betrayal Bond should be “must reading” for anyone experiencing this type of humiliating abandonment.


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