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Sheriff and his female deputy have an affair; now they’re charged with multiple felonies

Jennifer Tomaszewski, Texas County deputy

Jennifer Tomaszewski, 38, scored a job as a jailer in Texas County, Missouri, hired by the sheriff at the time, James Sigman. Tomaszewski and Sigman soon began an affair. Seven months later, she is promoted, and the whole sheriff’s department starts falling apart.

Now both Tomaszewski and Sigman are charged with felonies, including assault, robbery, harassment, child endangerment and unlawful use of a weapon.

It sounds like someone is disordered — maybe him, maybe her, maybe both.

Former Missouri sheriff, deputy had affair, now indicted on multiple felonies, on

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I hope they get put in the same prison with the people they abused.


Her picture certainly does have that contemptuous “No, I don’t really care” look to it. I so hope they both get some serious consequences for what they have done.


HI SLIM!!! I hope you are doing well!!!


Hi EB, I am doing well. I hope your life is going well, too.


Oh EB! Just saw your update. GOOD ON YOU! I hope he gets TAKEN DOWN!!!!!

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