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Signs of a female sociopath: Outrageous lies and manipulative behavior

Most people who tell their stories on Lovefraud were targeted and abused by sociopathic men. It’s important to remember that women can also be sociopaths.

The signs of a female sociopath are pretty much the same as those for men. They lie, manipulate and exploit. They are self-centered and feel entitled to anything they want. They use other people without shame or guilt.

Here are some recent examples from the media:

Anna Sorokin, fake German heiress, on trial for scamming $275,000

Anna Sorokin, now 28, called herself Anna Delvey. She infiltrated New York City’s artsy-chic-cool social scene, telling all her new friends that she was a German heiress worth about $25 million. She had big plans to open a visual arts center, complete with bars and restaurants, on Park Avenue in New York.

She hosted lavish parties in fancy restaurants, then didn’t pay the checks. She stayed in luxury hotels for months at a time, promising payment would arrive via wire transfers, but it never did. She did manage to borrow money from people and got a $100,000 bank loan, and then handed out $100 tips like candy to waiters and Uber drivers.

Finally, the hotels, restaurants and others pressed charges for theft of services. Anna Sorokin was arrested and, unable to make bail, has been residing in the Riker’s Island prison since October 2017 — a far cry from 11 Howard in Soho.

Sorokin’s trial is now underway. To present an appropriate image, her defense team retained a celebrity stylist to dress her for court. She’s worn a low-cut Michael Kors dress, an Yves Saint Laurent blouse and Victoria Beckham pants.

On Friday, her designer outfit didn’t arrive — apparently getting fashionable clothing to Riker’s Island isn’t easy. Sorokin had a meltdown in her cell before the hearing — she didn’t want to wear the white blouse and black slacks provided by the Department of Corrections. The judge was not happy. Sorokin eventually showed up wearing the pedestrian clothing.

Anna Sorokin lied, manipulated, overpromised and spent money like a seasoned con artist. She has all the signs of a female sociopath.

Producers from Netflix and HBO are observing the trial, with plans to make a movie about Anna Sorokin.

Wannabe socialite Anna Soroking tried to blow off court over wardrobe meltdown, on

Alleged “Soho Grifter” Anna Sorokin is using a courtroom stylist, on

Maybe she had so much money she just lost track of it: Somebody had to foot the bill for Anna Delvey’s fabulous new life. The city was full of marks, on

Aurea Vazquez Rijos convicted of plotting her husband’s murder

Adam Anhang, a 32-year-old Canadian real estate developer who had already made $24 million, moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2004. He believed the island offered tremendous business opportunities for development.

Shortly after arriving in San Juan, Anhang met Aurea Vazquez Rijos, a widow and former beauty queen. By the end of the year, they were living together.

Then Vasquez Rijos told Anhang that she was pregnant. As a devout Catholic, she said marriage was the only option. So they married. But soon after that, Anhang learned that there was no pregnancy. He told a friend that, “he felt like he’d fallen for the oldest trick in the book.”

The marriage quickly fell apart, and Anhang wanted a divorce. Worried about his wife’s contacts in the Puerto Rican underworld, he hired a bodyguard.

But on Sept. 22, 2005, Vazquez Rijos invited him to dinner to finalize their divorce settlement. He went without his bodyguard. And when they left the restaurant in Old San Jan, he was attacked and stabbed multiple times. Anhang bled to death on the street.

Vazquez Rijos fled the country. But Anhang’s father, Abe Anhang, suspected that it wasn’t a robbery gone wrong, as police said. He believed Vazquez Rijos was behind the murder, and spent years tracking her down. She did everything she could to escape justice.

She was eventually caught. Vazquez Rijos, along with her sister and ex-boyfriend, was recently sentenced to life in prison of murder-for-hire.

Police said a millionaire’s murder was a robbery. The truth led to an international hunt for ‘The Black Widow,’ on

Elizabeth Holmes on trial for fraud for duping investors 

As the founder of a Silicon Valley startup called Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes promised that her invention, a blood-testing device for consumers, could perform hundreds of medical tests with only a drop of blood. She managed to raise a billion dollars in financing. But in the end, her blood-testing invention didn’t work.

Now, she and her former company president and love interest, Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, are charged with wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. They’re also being sued by Walgreens for $140 million — the drug chain went into partnership with Theranos, and it was a disaster.

This is not just the story of a business failure. Elizabeth Holmes used investor dollars — via the Theranos company — to fund her lavish lifestyle. A profile in Vanity Fair detailed her spending: She rented a huge mansion. She had two drivers, two security personnel and two assistants. She insisted on flying by private jet. She retained multiple teams of attorneys. She also rented a corporate headquarters building at $1 million per month.

It all started falling apart in 2017. But, according to Vanity Fair, Holmes acted like nothing was wrong, even as employees were losing their jobs daily. She was described as “chirpy.”

When members of her corporate board began asking tough questions, Holmes obfuscated. When some board members realized Holmes was deceptive, she shook up the board.

Holmes is due in court for a status hearing on April 22, 2019. In the meantime, she’s out on bail, and has just gotten engaged to William “Billy” Evans, 27, a technology worker and heir to a hotel chain.

John Carreyrou, a Wall Street Journal reporter, wrote a book about Theranos, called Bad Blood. And HBO just came out with a documentary called, The Inventor: Out for blood in Silicon Valley.

“She never looks back”: Inside Elizabeth Holmes’s chilling final months at Theranos, on

Alleged fraudster Elizabeth Holmes is engaged to hotel heir, on

Elizabeth Holmes trial: What’s going on with the Theranos founder after ‘The Inventor,’ on

Elizabeth Holmes displayed paranoid behavior at Theranos, experts say, on

Not understanding the signs of a female sociopath

Anna Sorokin was described in the media reports as a grifter, and Aurea Vazquez Rijos was found to be involved in murder. These women committed obvious crimes.

Reviews are mixed on Elizabeth Holmes. The Vanity Fair article wonders if she may be a sociopath, but Women’s Health says she displayed paranoid behavior.

As evidence of paranoia, Kristin Canning, the author of the Women’s Health article, says Holmes demanded absolute loyalty, stalked employees on social media, sought incriminating information about employees’ past, and would turn on people in a flash. These are symptoms of a sociopath.

Lovefraud uses the word “sociopath” as an umbrella term for multiple personality disorders — antisocial, narcissistic, borderline, histrionic and psychopathic. Why? Because from a target’s point of view, the precise diagnosis doesn’t matter. People with any one of these disorders are bad news.

But all of these women seem to fit the criteria for psychopaths. Here are the key symptoms, according to Dr. Robert Hare:

Interpersonal traits

  • Glib and superficial
  • Egocentric and grandiose
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Lack of empathy
  • Deceitful and manipulative
  • Shallow emotions

Antisocial lifestyle

  • Impulsive
  • Poor behavior controls
  • Need for excitement
  • Lack of responsibility
  • Early behavior problems
  • Adult antisocial behavior

Again, the actual diagnosis doesn’t matter — unless you’re a court-appointed psychologist trying to determine if the women will commit additional crimes.

The average investor — or love interest — should simply stay away from them.

To learn more about the signs of a sociopath, check out the Lovefraud webinar:

The Basics: Love Fraud and How to Avoid It




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Unfortunately, this is all too true. My wife of 15 years left me while I was in the middle of chemo (and near death). She stole all of our money. prescription drugs, would disappear for days at a time (leaving the 3 kids with me to get off to school, feed, check homework, etc.), began drinking and drugging copius amounts, got arrested twice in 7 days for DUI, She got 5 tattoos in 30 days (she had zero previously) and, ultimately, married the (28 year old) unemployed tattoo “artist.” She was 49. She then bought a home 7 doors down from our home of 15 years. 14 years have passed, I have survived the cancer. My wife was divorced by the tattoo guy and she was evicted after 3 years of living down the street. She has been incommunicado vis a vis myself – and the three kids.

The bottom line? I will never get married again. As the Jews said of the holocaust, “Never Again!” I still love women, but I cannot open up again to another woman — that will be a spath or worse.


Blindsided, I am so sorry to hear that. I am glad you were able to survive your cancer regardless of her careless actions. These people – sociopaths truly can do the most ruthless things and never bat an eye about it


Sounds like Anna Sorokin and Blindsided wife’s were not only sociopaths but also Bipolar.

The bullet points are spot-on. Have a brother who would humiliate me in public, such as calling me lazy or “living off the public teat,” (I’m on Disability through no fault of my own), in a restaurant, where all the other diners could hear. Kept calm, as I knew he was making a fool of himself. His poor wife, normally deathly afraid of him, trying to shush him. Thankfully, she refused to have children with him, and on her wedding day, BEFORE she married him, she told me this, because she felt he would abuse any children they may have together. Sadly, he has made her life miserable, and is a gun fanatic armed to the teeth. Think she’s deathly afraid of him (I suspect he’s threatened her with his guns) because she is so jumpy, especially when he talks about his guns. Glad we are no longer speaking!


Thank you for posting this. All too often women are overlooked for being sociopaths. I had a boss who fits the criteria to a T. She had absolute lack of remorse for all the pain she inflicted on employees. She would often stalk employees, pry into their lives and then use whatever information she found against them. Nasty nasty woman


This is very true, women often get overlooked as sociopaths. My boss was a woman and I believe she is a sociopath. She would torture us employees; I believe just to see us suffer. She would often laugh when others were suffering or in pain. And somehow nothing was ever her fault- her crappy department, low morale of employees, she blamed this all on us. But somehow she is still working there- with a bunch of Yes-men. She is expert at launching a smear campaign against anyone who doesn’t admire her and look up to her. Anyone who had a backbone didn’t last long there.. it just appalls me she is able to keep acting like this with no repercussions

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