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So when is a spiritual leader actually a sexual predator?

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic

Marc Gafni, denounced by many Jewish leaders as a sexual predator, is remaking himself as a New Age guru. The news prompted author Chaya Kurtz to write a blog post outlining the warning signs that clergy and gurus have ulterior motives when approaching women. A few of her warning signs are include:

  • The spiritual man who thinks you’re special
  • The spiritual man who wants to see you outside of class
  • The man who wants to spiritually connect with you through your body
  • The spiritual man who pierces you with his eyes
  • The religious man to whom the rules don’t apply

Many women have written to Lovefraud about being pursued and abused by men they met in church or through other religious or spiritual functions, and I can say that Chaya’s list is on the money. I recommend that anyone involved in churches spiritual organizations know all the warning signs. Read the complete list:

How to spot a spiritual sexual predator, on



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Rosie Jackson

Great article! I’m sure it will help improve awareness about the ploys of sexual predators who use people’s spiritual faith and trust in order to exploit them sexually, monetarily, emotionally – you name it! I read some of the comments from people who posted. Many were extremely negativel and indignantl. Obviously these people have been lucky enough to escape being burned by a sexual predator. Good for them, ignorance truly is bliss especially when it concerns psychopathic sexual predators. I certainly hope they remain unscathed! In the meantime, forewarned is forearmed so don’t say we never told you! Be safe out there! Blessings!

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