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Sociopaths, psychopaths–just call them evil

Medical and mental health professionals have differing views and opinions about the personality disorders that are the topic of Lovefraud—sociopathy, psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder. You could also include narcissism and borderline personality disorder.

There is disagreement among professionals about how the disorders should be defined, what causes them, and what can be done about them. As an example, take a look at a recent post along with the comments: ASK DR. LEEDOM: Is there a gender bias against men in the diagnosis of sociopathy?

No matter what discussions are raging in the professional world, here is what the rest of us need to know: There are evil people among us.

“I never knew such evil existed”

Lovefraud receives plenty of e-mail from people who have been deceived, manipulated, bankrupted, assaulted and deserted by sociopaths/psychopaths/antisocials. One comment that I frequently hear is, “I never knew such evil existed.”

Yes, it does. This is what evil people look like:

  • They are charming and say all the right things
  • They are supremely confident in their own greatness
  • They are highly sexual
  • They crave excitement and are easily bored
  • They are impulsive, risk-taking and irresponsible
  • They are pathological liars, telling falsehoods large and small
  • They feel no guilt or remorse; nothing is their fault
  • They use you and then spit you out
  • They do not play by the rules
  • Once they are adults, they cannot be rehabilitated

M. Scott Peck, M.D., in his book People of the Lie, says: “Evil is that force, residing either inside or outside of human beings, that seeks to kill life or liveliness.” In other words, evil people seek to kill the life force of their victims. Sometimes this means turning victims into broken shells of what they used to be. Sometimes it means murder.

Three points for professionals

It is extremely difficult to fight evil. Therefore, the best thing we can do is avoid it. We need to accept that evil exists and learn to recognize the key symptoms so that we can keep evil people out of our lives.

So what does this mean for the professionals? In many cases, these are the people who are making recommendations and decisions that affect the lives of both the evil and the victims.

In my opinion, professionals—and this includes legal professionals, especially court judges—need to learn three things:

  1. How to distinguish the evil people, who cannot be helped, from those who have succumbed to terrible life circumstances, such as poverty, crime and bad parenting, and may possibly be helped.
  2. How to save the offspring of evil people from growing up to be evil.
  3. How to help victims recover.

There are people in the world who feel that everyone has good within them, that with enough love and understanding, anyone can be helped. As much as I would like this to be true, it is not. Evil exists. We’ve experienced it.

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Sabrina Singularity:

Am I “evil”? I think I am; my therapist says I’m not.

The view from the OTHER SIDE of this issue: to be the “monster”.

I was diagnosed with ASPD (that means, as a psychopath) in 1992, by a psychologist who gave me a “very poor” prognosis, automatically, due to the diagnosis.

He was a slick, expensively-dressed, very articulate and extremely aggressive young man who was adamant about his diagnosis of me. If I cried in front of him, he sneered and said I needed a better acting coach. When I tried to talk about what was bothering me, he said things like, “Did you rehearse this in front of a mirror?” No, I didn’t, but although I didn’t lie to him or to any other mental health professionals, I’ve been treated like a leper by them — and I know why.

It took me over a decade to find a therapist who would actually treat me! Most took one look at my records and dumped me on the spot, because of the stigma attached to such a definition. “Doesn’t ASK for help”???? HAH!!! How would they KNOW???

I was asking for help, for certain, but no one was listening. One of them actually said “You don’t need a therapist, you need an EXORCIST!” Another threatened to call the cops, and I hadn’t even done anything! Still another called me “scary and dangerous” and instructed security to bar me from re-entering the building where she worked. Later she told a social worker that my EYES had scared her “half to death”. Right, like I was giving her the “evil eye” or something. Give me a break.

So much of it is just because of words: a label. I had a brief inpatient visit this Spring, partly because of this very same issue. I tried to kill myself, but changed my mind mid-attempt, and landed in the ED, bleeding. And then I started shouting sarcastically in the middle of the psych-eval interview, “So, you all agree?!! Oh, WOW, watch OUT!!! I’m a PSYCHOPATH!!! I’m going to destroy the WHOLE WORLD!!!” at the top of my lungs.

Not the best idea. I didn’t exactly get my true point across. And I discovered that some shrinks just don’t have a sense of irony at all; so, of course, I ended up getting committed.

And during my stay, another patient, obviously of superior CONSCIENCE, tried to beat me with her Bible, to “get the devil out” of me! The nurses automatically accused me of lying about everything, no matter what the issue, and they kept yelling at me because they were constantly suspicious that I was “up to something”. And of course, they just HAD to put me in a room alone; fine by me, if somewhat insulting. Did they think I was going to EAT a roommate?? Or maybe just LOOK at them — because I started getting that business again from some of the patients and even staff, about giving them the so-called “evil eye” ”“ right; whatever.

What do they see in my eyes??!! It’s too much. Just everything. I’m sick of being treated like a female version of “Jason” or “Freddie”! People look at my psych records and get all these weird ideas, and they expect a cinematic show.

Oh, and if I cry or show the slightest bit of pain, no way does anyone believe it’s real; I’m automatically attacked for trying to put one over on someone with my “dramatic performance”.

So. I’m giving psychotherapy one last shot, with a therapist who can look me in the eye without suddenly turning into a panicky wreck. I guess that makes her special. That and the fact she sees me as just another human being, not a freak or “monster” or vessel of “pure evil,” as I’ve been called.

But now I finally believe that I’m not “sub-human”. Well, I’m trying to, anyway. I’ve had extensive neurological testing, and I’ve been told by several specialists that parts of my nervous system are messed up. I sustained repeated, substantial trauma to the head as a child. I’ve been through CT scans, MRIs, and two complete courses of those strobe-light EEG tests, plus the regular neurological exams.

The “aura” that comes before a convulsive seizure is one of the scariest things I’ve endured, and just before blacking out, the weird feeling of having a plastic paddle shoved into my mouth by a nurse, to keep me from swallowing my tongue.

Meanwhile, as I’m struggling through all that, plus (and especially) the emotional and cognitive aspects of my illness, it seems to me that the rest of the world is having a party to which I am always uninvited. I feel that way because they share things I will never know. Ever, as long as I live, no matter how much progress I do manage to make. Accepting that is very hard.

Up until very recently, my hatred for the world was formidable. This competent and no-nonsense therapist is actually helping me with that. It’s amazing that she, or anyone at all, is able to help me.

BUT one thing is vital to remember: IT WAS NEVER MY CHOICE to be as I am.

People need to be aware that mental illness is first and foremost a PHYSICAL thing. No one CHOOSES to develop any form of it.

The human brain is still a largely unfathomed territory. Less blame and judgment, more science and intervention, would go a long way toward preventing — or at least much better management of — disastrous illnesses such as mine. Hollywood shouldn’t dictate all that people know about such things.

Well, anyway. I just thought it was a good idea to offer another person’s point of view. And, YES, I am a person, not an “it”. Despite numerous protests to the contrary.

So many people have called me “evil” — if I believed it all, I’d end up going all the way in committing suicide. Although the damage that was done to me so long ago, and what I was born with, cannot ever change, a lot can. I have already changed enough to be able to do something like writing here!

Oh; by the way, I want to mention that the notorious “fake” tears aren’t precisely so: how that works is that one weeps about one thing, but claims it’s about another. It’s what you learn to do when no one around you wants to know what’s really going on. You even convince yourself.

Now all I want is to move as far beyond my staggering limitations as I possibly can do. I want a life. I live in self-imposed exile, isolated and reclusive. And yet, when someone tells me I’m “hopeless,” it only makes me more adamant about breaking free of the mental cage in which I’ve spent my whole life — so far.

Statistically speaking, my expected lifespan might fall twenty years short of the general average. But I intend to defy that, too. I’m in great pain now, psychologically, because I’m facing things that are quite horrifying to remember, and it is necessary. But in spite of that, I am starting to conceive of having something worth living for…and THAT is brand new for me.

One thing I never forget: “When you’re going through hell, KEEP GOING!”

Keep going…


Dear SS,

Psychotherapy is of limited value for most issues regarding personality. Please consider joining a DBT group. The worst aspect of ASPD is impulsivity or poor impulse control. The main reason why those with ASPD do not benefit from treatment is that they are unwilling to work on their impulse control.

DBT could very much help you improve your impulse control. If substances have been in your life, complete abstinence is also part of recovery.

Let us know about your progress. Write me if you would like a copy of my book, it will help you understand why you developed this disorder.

* They are charming and say all the right things
* They are supremely confident in their own greatness
* They are highly sexual
* They crave excitement and are easily bored
* They are impulsive, risk-taking and irresponsible
* They are pathological liars, telling falsehoods large and small
* They feel no guilt or remorse; nothing is their fault
* They use you and then spit you out
* They do not play by the rules
* Once they are adults, they cannot be rehabilitated

Wow you just described my ex to a T.
I wish I had known of this site before marrying.

I found what you had to say facinating! My little sister is 18 and if we could get her to sit down with a professional and our family (to show other facts and history) I have no doubt whatsoever that she would be given the lable “sociopath” as well. I am the only one in my family that can seem to accept that it is the truth. And even from the time she was little a few family friends would make comments about her eyes looking evil (they sometimes did and still do). Every last detail fits her perfect. I think the difference between someone like her and someone like you is that you want to know what you are missing and you care enough about it to at least strive for what you CAN experience. My little sister will never admit that she has a permanent condition; I am sure a brain scan would show it (her natural father was a confirmed socio/phcopathic preditor of the worst kind); -all of this and even brain imagry would do nothing for her. Her denial and ability to lie to everyone (and herself) is so ingrained she isn’t even capable (at this point anyway), to wrap her mind around the concept that a very fundimental part of what makes people human is missing from her. I think she knows she’s different but I think she confuses it for some weird specialness or some grandious thing. I also don’t necissarily believe sociopaths have no emotion at all, I think they do experience it in short weird little spurts (so no, not ALL the tears they cry are fake). I also think that for a person who has not had a regular emotional faculty that it scares them when they do really feel something because they are not sure what to do about it so it just gets pushed away. Even in bad cases such as my sister it is as if it is safer in the strange void world her mind inhabits; it’s the only place she knows. I think for someone like you there is a lot of hope, you want to be part of the world, you want people to be able to trust you and I am sure with behavior modification and time you will go far. I wish my little sister had the same honest confrontation with herself that you have painfully put yourself through. I think she takes extacy and lives in the rave sceen because it is the only place she can feel normal and when she’s high maybe she gets an idea of what it is like to feel something real. . .too bad none of it is real. Kudos to you for comming here:)


I have started reading M. Scott Peck’s book, People of the Lie, having it confirmed that there are evil people in our world. This morning, I watched the Today Show and learned about a case in Connecticut where a psychopath is being tried for crimes that he committed in connection to a home invasion (in July 2007) – this deranged, wicked man (and his equally sick psychopath partner) beat the husband, Dr. Petit, and committed horrible acts with the wife and the two daughters. The husband managed to escape, tried to seek help for his family, but unfortunately, the psychopaths “won,” killing the wife and two daughters, burning the house down. Do I believe in the death penalty – in this case, YES. This doctor and his family had a close encounter with EVIL, two home intruders who proved that evil exists in human beings, some people not having an ounce of good in them. It infuriates me that these two monsters were on the loose, preying on an innocent, unsuspecting family. The husband will never be the same again, altering his world view of good and evil (where humans are concerned).


bluejay, i saw that too. my first thought was people “like that need not walk the earth”, but perhaps my knee jerk reaction is wrong. perhaps this is all a matter or the natural order, the yin and yang of life. i hate what they did and the way so many here have been preyed upon, SS included, but this is our lot, our learning and our gift to help us learn that we have not found a paradise on earth and to help us to grow and perhaps reach for it in our own ways and in the lives we lead. Sounds like a good book though–I still need to keep learning the lesson that “people lie.”

Ox Drover

For some reason I must have missed this article and comments as I went through the archives, or back when I was first starting to read here at LF. While I totally agree with the article itself and think it is a good way to look at the acts of some people.

In reading the first response though, the only response of Sabrina S. and the responses to her comment, I find something disquieting in first her response 3 years ago (and apparently never coming back again in the time since then). I don’t normally comment on the “validity” of another poster’s life story (and Donna can remove this with my blessing if she thinks it is in appropriate) but since Sabrina S seems to have been long gone after her one post, I will take the chance.

Her entire post seems very “contrived” and almost a “pity play” of “pity me the poor psychopath who wants to change and I am labeled “unhelpable.” Oh, Woe is me!

Her description of the therapist who “diagnosed her” as “slick, expensively dressed…etc”

The story of the inpatient stay where the nurses “yelled at me” “called me a liar” etc. doesn’t sound at all like any of the in patient facilities I ever worked in.

The “i’m in great pain psychologically” (sounds like a pity play to me) and her feelings of “having a plastic paddle shoved into her mouth” during a seizure (which is sometimes done to patients who are receiving electro-convulsive therapy for severe depression, but it is not forcible. Also the mentions of head injuries as a child.

Anyway, the whole post to me has elements about it that make my “P-dar” go off, but not with empathy so much as there’s a very savy person in the “house” who is well experienced in the mental health field as a “patient” and actually may have some legitimate diagnoses but I think the most important once may be the concept of her own self importance and brilliance.


I haven’t read Peck in a long time and I’m not sure if this list (listed above and below) is attributed to his work, but plucked out of context and assumed as gospel, it is incorrect. I also confess to have jumped into this discussion too late and am unfamiliar with the original article. However, it states of evil people, above:

1. They are charming and say all the right things
2. They are supremely confident in their own greatness
3. They are highly sexual
4. They crave excitement and are easily bored
5. They are impulsive, risk-taking and irresponsible
6. They are pathological liars, telling falsehoods large and small
7. They feel no guilt or remorse; nothing is their fault
8. They use you and then spit you out
9. They do not play by the rules
10. Once they are adults, they cannot be rehabilitated

Numbers 1-5, 5 up to the point of being irresponsible, have nothing to do with evil by themselves. Being irresponsible is a maturation issue, not a state for condemnation by those appearing to be more self righteous.

Number 6, 7, and 8 are a given, although number 8 sounds more like a victim’s personal subjective venom. Talk about being ‘irresponsible’, had they ever asked themselves why they had chosen themselves for the victim role?

Number 9 does not necessarily imply that a person is evil. A visitor to Thailand who touches someone else’s head, while it may appear offensive to a Thai, does not imply evil intent by the person doing the touching; ignorance of customs, maybe. Th “evil” would come if that visitor was actually AWARE that actions would be perceived as offensive and then chose to do it anyway. Number 9 should have read “Does not play by the rules BY CHOICE.”

Number 10 is flat out false. Talk about a pessimistic view of life. Number 10 assumes that by age 18, 21 or whatever, a person is set in their ways and that there is no hope left for them. What of those countless people who “allow” themselves to be led through their corrective midlife crises or to have embraced God in their life? Is that not indicative enough of the intention to surrender one’s ego?

It is that ego thing, that ‘survival benefit for the mind’ that finds itself in a dangerous world and not able to make peace with the world around it. It is that ego that would throw a baby carriage under a bus if it thought it could survive only two minutes longer.

Ox Drover

Dear BR549,

(is your Screen name a telephone number by chance?)

I’d like to go over your list or arguments against this perspective, but right now I actually have to go and work in my garden and pot some plants.


the list is not intended to describe evil things people do – being charming is not evil. It is intended to be list that when taken together, you get a complete picture of someone you should be afraid of. This theoretical person most likely attracted you by being charming and continues to appear that way most of the time. But secretly only wants to hurt you.
None of the items on the list MAKE them this way, it is just a profile that WE HAVE SEEN. It is what WE HAVE SEEN that they have in common.

I don’t really understand your last paragraph about the ego, can you clarify?

kim frederick


kim frederick

I think #7, taken alone, is enough to assume this person could be evil…and dangerous…that’s all I need to know.

I’m hungry. Think I’ll eat a salad, made of fresh produce, and then remove the rocks from my garden.


Ok, first off I’ve always thought exactly what you’re saying about sociopaths and have been told that I was crazy, paranoid or even imagining the evil I see in some people. I never thought of them following me through lives but it does strike chord with me in some way.

Have you ever seen a group of these people work together to ruin 1 person? This has been going on in my life for the past 5 years. I’ve just come to realize it in the last 2 years. I really almost thought that something was wrong with me. Any advice you can offer is appreciated.


Hi Seer,
they do get together to work in groups.
You read about it in the news all the time when a person commits suicide after being bullied.
Usually there is one master psychopath that is directing all the drama. This one will slither away and never be implicated, they have an exit strategy planned. It’s usually someone you are very close to. Someone you’d never suspect.
That’s why you need to learn the signs.

Ox Drover

Dear Seer,

Knowledge empowers us, and I suggest that you stay around here and read and learn and become powerful in protecting yourself by using that knowledge.

The articles in the archives are a wonderful store of information, the ones listed by author and subject (rather than the dates) go back all the way to the beginning of this site, the o nes by date only go back 1 yr)

I’m sorry you have a need to be here, but being here is an excellent place to be if you are targeted by a psychopath. There is knowledge here, support and understanding. Welcome.


Why are these people so good at making everyone else think they’re good and decent people? I’ve actually had the internet thing happen already. I even believe I know who was behind it. I’ll stick around and read more. I’m living with one again and I need all the help I can get while transitioning out of this situation since I see they have allies to help them.

Ox Drover

Dear Seer,

Knowledge IS POWER, and there are hundreds of articles here to explain the psychopath and how they work—I suggest you go back and read from the ones by subject and author, just the articles for now (there are over 700!) and possibly purchase some of the books recommended here, first off “Without Conscience” by Dr. Bob Hare, the primer for beginners, and one I particularly like for dealing with the emotional abusers is “Stalking the Soul, emotional abuse and the erosion of Identity.” by Marie France Hirigoyen. It is out of print, but you can usually find a copy on the used book sites amazon or B & N. It is WELL worth the look around to find a copy of it.

Yes, they do have allies and dupes (people they have fooled) and they are good at what they do. Good luck with escaping. I’m not sure what your relationship with the current psychopath is, but whatever it is, it is a parasitic one I am sure and they are sucking your life blood in some manner….or finances, or just out to eat your soul! Keep learning it is our best defense and offense as well.


Thanks again Ox…


Hey. I’m new here, just wanted to say hi!


As far as the subject goes, I would have to agree with Oxy D. I don’t believe for one second that the woman who so generously informed us on her experiences was being completely honest. Though I would not agree that sociopaths are evil, they do tend to hurt people. They play with them, and they use them. They know it, and they have no shame in it. There are times they do the pity play thing, and this is another form of manipulation. For the most part it works.

Let’s go with the suggestion that she was in fact falsely diagnosed. That I can believe, I was wrongfully diagnosed myself with schizotypal. Her diagnosis all falls down to to two simple questions. Sabrina, if you are reading any of these comments I ask you this:

Do you have a conscience?
Do you lack empathy for others?

Sociopathy really burns down to that. They have emotions, though very diluted, and even though they don’t always go out to destroy, the idea to is always present. No one is safe.


I get the feeling these people harassing me want me to do something. I’ve given up thinking they want me dead because they had plenty of chances already. Maybe being able to wreak havoc in my life is enough for them. I don’t know who I can trust anymore. They’ve hacked my e-mail accounts and phone.


Hey, Seer:

They do work in packs, and they do this because there is a form of leader. The leader takes their position by being the first to set one up. It is usually established because of the ego of the person who decdes to initiate the harm. Others follow because they just find it amusing. It’s like watching a baby animal being eaten by the master, the other females watch, and the other males take part. They do it because it is fun, and when there is a group, they don’t stop until the subject at hand is destroyed.

Ways to avoid this, well first you have to be absolutely sure you know who the culprits are. Once you know who they are, you have to try and beat them at their own game. I can’t be too much further aide until I know just how aware you are of what is taking place.


I am so sorry for what you are going through. I want to help you and promise that I will answer your questions but right now I have to run because there are grey rocks all over here that keep getting in the way and I gotta take care of that right now.
I would suggest that before you post, you really, really spend some time reading here, I don’t know if you’ve done that.
First and foremost, I believe that the people you speak of, are aware that you are posting here. They do stuff like that.

Ox Drover

Dear Hollowaters, welcome aboard.

Sometimes victims can be just ordinary dysfunctional people who get caught in the trap of a psychopath and in their pain they STRIKE OUT at the psychopath in a way that itself seems psychopathic….sort of like if your dog were to get caught in a leg hold trap and you went to reach down to free it, in its pain, it would very likely reach out and bite you, the very hand that reached down to rescue it.

Or, any number of other situations where a person who was or had been victimized was in so much pain that they were literally “insane with the pain”—physical or emotional–and can strike out. It happens. There are other choices, but some soemtimes when a person or animal is in such pain that it literally can’t focus on the reality of what is going on.

The psychopaths try to keep their victims off balance.

There is also the “self calming” tendency in some prey animals when they are “trapped” to just give up and quit struggling at all. Just lie there and be eaten alive without any resistence. I think it is a sort of “shock” that over takes them and they literally can’t feel what is going on. I have observed this in wild animals caught by predators who weren’t really injured or hurt, but just gave up.

Dr. Temple Grandin used this in designing the squeeze chutes for handling cattle (prey animals) so that when they are firmly HELD and can’t move, they calm down and quiet down, and are thus less likely to injure themselves or their handlers for routine immunizations or vet care, etc. I own one of these squeeze chutes myself and it is invaluable in handling cattle safely.

Sometimes I think some people who are victims just “lie down” and take it, the Stockholm syndrome is an example of the abused giving in. I think it is in some ways evolutionary and helps us survive being taken captive by another tribe, or being sold as a slave, or a woman owned by a male—because if we didn’t “calm down” and “quiet down” and learn to survive in our position of subservience we would be weeded out of the gene pool quickly by the stronger and more powerful husband/slave master/owner/war lord. This tendency to cow down in order to survive I think is as much genetic as it is for some groups of people to be genetically programmed to resist or counqueor (such as the psychopaths who tend to be more aggressive or sneaky in their rebellion rather than cow down.)

It’s all pretty interesting intellectually but living it can be pretty problematic at times.


I’ve got problems with those rocks, can you come over and help me move them? They are HUGE, bring help.

Ox Drover

Yea, I’m not sure which ones are buried deeply in the ground and we will need a crowbar to unseat them–I told Donna we might need some help. I think if we can’t handle them, Donna will help, so for now we will just do the best we can and try not to mash a finger while we see what is going on! LOL

I’m making stew with the scraps of meat and pot liquor from my tenderloin roasts I cooked a couple of days ago. I have enough left of the meat for another day’s meals but though the stew would be nice with some corn bread. So much sodium in the corn bread though I can only eat ONE SMALL piece but I guess I shouldn’t whine too badly!

I tried eating two small pieces of the corn bread and I can calorie-wise but not sodium wise….doggone it! Corn bread is the STAFF OF LIFE!!! Hard to live without it! At least for me.

Are you feeling better about this deal with your parents? I know it hurts to get through all that. I can’t remember who had said it a month or so ago here on LF about “learning to function in my dysfunction” and that is exactly what I did with my egg donor. I learned to function in the DYS-function. I even “forgot” or put aside the many times I had gone NC with her, but never PERMANENTLY NC, just didn’t talk to her for a while but knew it wouldn’t be forever—it was a passive aggressive thing on her part and on mine too—and I realized how much of that kind of carp I had engaged in with her, learned at her knee how to DYS-FUNCTION IN THE DYS-FUNCTION. And, how she would punish me if I didn’t go along with her program.

I’m starting to look back and see the REALITY of how she treated me, but also see the reality of how I DID NOT LEARN FROM IT, BUT STARTED TO COPY HER DYS-FUNCTION. How I JUSTIFIED my own dys-functional behavior. How I participated in it all. Sure, I was “programmed” to do so, but I didn’t recognize what was happening even when I had a change to, but persisted in the dys-function. NOW, and only now, am I starting to comprehend my full part in it.

BUT I am not beating myself up for that part–no sense in self beating over it, it is done and past, and I am learning now. I’m still not perfect, I’m still making mistakes, but I am GROWING now where before I just kept making the same ones over and over. At least I am making DIFFERENT MISTAKES NOW!!!!


Skylar, you’re right. I have no doubt they know I’m posting. Heck, for all I know they could be posting here also. I went to a therapist a year ago, turns out she was either recording and reporting what was said in my sessions or they were listening from an adjacent office. I joined a group that was said to not be affiliated with my tormentors but they lied too. This will be my last post here. I’m totally aware of them. Not because I’m smarter than anyone else but because they always try to use the same key phrases to try to trigger a reaction from me (personal info I’ve shared with them over the years). It’s almost as though they want to make me aware of them. Do these people ever stop to think that someone they see as cattle might lash out? I guess not.

Oh yeah, the stuff about the HUGE rocks seems loaded.


A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I,J,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z…….

Why do men wear mustaches?

Ox Drover

I give up? to strain their soup? I can’t watch the video, not enough megabites on the air card! ha ha


ah, it’s just miss lily allen, oxy.


JUST miss Lily Allen?


well my, that was pejorative, wasn’t it!? and i wrote her whole name in lower case….i have no manners what so ever.

Ox Drover

Who the heck is Lily Allen? Shows I live in the boondocks!

Jack asses got into the yard today trying to get the corn out of the duck pen! Wish I’d caught them like I did the cat! POW!!!! I’m really proud of that one, but gotta keep the bedroom door closed, or she’ll get even…hee hee Cats are psychopathic! But I AM bigger and meaner so she can stay!


Lily Allen sings my theme song!

The Fark You song….


Ox Drover

Okay, I may just have to listen to that if I can save up enough megabites by the end of the month! MIGHT BE MY THEME SONG TOO! LOL


I’ve posted it a million times…….
It’s the song Jr presented me with EARLY on…..and I loved it!

It sure fits.

I listened to it when I got down, and EACH drive over to court….the whole hour there!!!!! Smiling ans singing to it’s catchy tune.


it’s a great little pop ditty targeting homophobia and bigotry, that has unleashed a torrent of creative videos on youtube, made by groups of diverse people in support of gay folk. it’s quite a lovely little movement.

…and now, WIKILEAKS! paypal, mc and visa have shut down payments, julian assange has been jailed for rape ( how terribly convenient), wikileaks server is shut down.
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Hi ALL. I am bran new here.

Been divorced from a sociopath since August 2003. During the marriage, I thought I was dealing with the issues of an alcoholic. This is what ALL of the councelors said. It was not until 3 years after the divorce that I even knew what I was really married to-a sociopath. Our teenage daughter was going thru a rough patch and in her counseling I answered many questions about the divorce. This Psychologist is the head of the most respected center in the region. He turned to me and said, “He sounds like a Sociopath.” Of course, he quickly clarified that this was not a diagnosis since he had not even met my daughter’s father but it really struck a cord with me. I reseached the characteristics as soon as I got home. He had 9 of the 13. I have NO DOUBT in my mind he is a sociopath. Our marriage was a total con to get at my parents money. I thought I was being strong and figuring this out but here I am 7 years later still sorting. I do not personally know one other person on this earth who has had a similar experience but I know you are out there and I am reaching out to find you.

It is so scary to think of a world where people have NO REMORSE. It seems to me this is a growing issue. I read that ASPD is not genetic but et it is found in numbers in some families. If this is a learned behavior, I really fear it spreading with increased pressures in our world


So my former S calls me out of the blue this morning to apologize for all that he’d done to hurt me. If no one is familiar with my story, my S and I were engaged when he up and married the mother of one of his children. He basically left me with an empty savings account and a broken heart. His wife was a previous victim of his that he cleaned out before leaving three years ago. Days after they were married he flew away to spend the holiday weekend with me. A month later I found out that he also had another girlfriend that is carrying his child that he’s been sleeping with at the apartment that he shares with his wife. He went to jail for a probation violation a month after being married and has since been released. I didn’t recognize his voice this morning and he wanted to know if I’d forgiven him, if I hated him, and told me how much he’d loved me and how he’d been in love with me since he met me and then asked if we could be friends. I laughed at his insanity and he said that he needed my friendship. I think this is SO hilarious because his wife tried to convince me that God had instructed her to marry my former S. I also found out that there is a posisbility that he is still married to someone else. I am SO thankful for him being out of my life and now that he’s called I know not to answer if his number pops up or I receive a call from a private number. For a minute I thought that there was a chance that he’d changed by the grace of God, but now I see he’s up to his same old b.s. and I am SO happy that I stood my ground and let him know that he was messing with the wrong chic!

Ox Drover

Dear Breathless, Good for you TOWANDA!!!!! Same old BS!!!! Nothing new!

Ox Drover

Dear REachingout,

WELCOME, you are NOT alone! He is not a rare bird either, unfortunately, and there is genetic AND environmental components.

I’m glad your daughter is getting counseling! I think her counselor is right, if he meets that many qualifiers he is at least, the VERY least, not good for you or her.

Welcome to our place! It is filled with great folks a nd lots of good information READ AND READ and read some more, learn. It helps. God bless.



Was he actually a sociopath, because he sounds like a regular ol’ douche to me.

Either way, he’s a loser, and I can only hope you stay firm and don’t go back to him. Your honesty about you hesitation to give into him makes me think that you might or already have. Unless you’re a masochist, don’t go back.


O, and once again I agree with Oxy D (correct me if this bothers you). Sociopathy is both environmentl and genetic.


Hello Folks,
Can you tell me TOWANDA means?


“Regular ol’ douche’s” are only manufactured by Summers Eve.
A douche is a douche is a douche is a douche!


Towanda is the warrior battle cry from Fried Green Tomatoes.

It’s a GO GETEM GIRL cry out!
Good going!


No darlen…..they never change do they!

The change must come from us…..good going GF!
Keep strong……and vet his number……it sounds as if he needs some supply because his mask is slipping in other ‘areas’. He viewed you as a good ol standby.

Prove him wrong……
Rinse repeat.


i thought i would just point out

S.S. has copy pasted the exact same post here :

( warning, possible triggers )

where a bunch of more self-professed sociopaths say ridiculous things like, ( And i QUOTE )

“Again, I repeat, they only want HONESTY, if you don’t want to be their victim, then by all means get away from them.”

LOL seriously you guys! They only want *honesty*… how could we have been soooo blind? * heavy sarcasm *

Anyway I digress.


@Erin B

I stand corrected. That was a funny comment. My youth still has me saying such words 😉 I had other suggestive phrases, but I did not want to get banned for inappropriate language.

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