Staggering statistics about domestic violence

Reading the newspaper on Saturday, two terrible articles jumped off the page.

A New Jersey man accused of abandoning his infant daughter at a gas station in Delaware has been charged with killing the toddler’s mother, whose burning body was found in an upstate New York park. Read more.

A man apparently infatuated with a special-education teacher shot and killed her as she walked into her elementary school Friday, shortly before students began arriving. Read more.

These were stories of domestic violence with the worst possible endings.

Dr. Liane Leedom has written previously on Lovefraud that, “studies of male perpetrators of domestic violence reveal that 50% are sociopaths and another 25% have sociopathic traits, but not the full disorder.”

So how big is the problem of domestic violence?

Not long ago, a Lovefraud reader sent me a link to a web page hosted by the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence. The page is a survey of recent statistics, compiled to help lawyers and advocates who want to include statistical data in arguments to the court.

The list is truly sobering.  Here are some highlights:

• Approximately 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States.

• In recent years, an intimate partner killed approximately 33% of female murder victims and 4% of male murder victims.

• Of females killed with a firearm, almost two-thirds were killed by their intimate partners.

• 1,006,970 women and 370,990 men are stalked annually in the United States.

• 81% of women stalked by a current or former intimate partner are also physically assaulted by that partner.

• 61% of stalkers made unwanted phone calls; 33% sent or left unwanted letters or items; 29% vandalized property; and 9% killed or threatened to kill a family pet.

• In 8 out of 10 rape cases, the victim knows the perpetrator

• 13% of adult women had been victims of completed rape during their lifetime

• In a study of eighth and ninth graders, 25 percent indicated that they had been victims of dating violence, including eight percent who disclosed being sexually abused.

• Physical aggression occurs in 1 in 3 teen dating relationships.

• About 50 percent of battered women who are employed are harassed at work by their abusive partners.

• Slightly more than half of female victims of intimate violence live in households with children under age 12.

• Between 3.3 million and 10 million children witness domestic violence annually.

• A study of 2,245 children and teenagers found that recent exposure to violence in the home was a significant factor in predicting a child’s violent behavior.

Those are just a few of the listings. There are many more on the ABA page, and several have links to the actual studies and other informative websites. Read more.

Here’s the bottom line: Of the assaults committed by men, 50% are being committed by sociopaths, and another 25% are being committed by men with sociopathic traits. I’d be willing to bet that the women who commit domestic violence are also sociopathic.

I think we can assume that most of the intimate partners were romantic and lovey-dovey when they first met the targets, and the relationship gradually spiraled down into abuse. This is why we need to know about sociopaths—so if we start seeing the first signs of violence, we can get out before things get out of hand.

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Sexual predator official state web sites are up and running for “registered” sex offenders, but the statistics show that there are at least 100,000 living who knows where and are not living where they are registered.

Arkansas “sexual assesors” personel told me that they were 5,000 assessments BEHIND (that is a year behind as they do about 5,000 a year of NEW offenders) and even after 10 months of being in my state, the Trojan Horse psychopath was STILL not assessed, and BECAUSE he was not officially ASSESSED as to his “level” he could NOT be arrested for not being and living where he said he was. DUH?

I raised some cane as we say here and they did get him to the top of the assessment list, but by that time it was “too late” to arrest him—he was registered at and living at my egg donor’s home.

IN addition to that, he had dropped from Texas’ assessmenht of him as a LEVEL 4, HIGH VIOLENCE RISK to a “level 2 moderate” (at that time he didn’t even appear on the WATCH LIST & he had 3 offenses with children 9, 11, and 14 years old and a huge 15 page list of other crimes he had been convicted for—when I questioned this, I was told “well, he didn’t commit these crimes in THIS STATE.” So crossing the state line made him a safer man.

I checked again today, and something has “changed” he is NOW on the web site, still listed as “level 2, moderate” with an address that is “not mappable at this time” but does give the BLOCK and STREET where he lives as well as the city.

But unless you were searching for him by NAME he would NOT SHOW UP. Unlike the web page for when he was in Texas, there is NO information on the crimes he has committed, even the sexual ones, but says for “information about those crimes contact ACIC” I’m not sure what ACIC is, but will see if I can find out.

It does at least have his photo on the web site and appears to be a current one. There is nothing on his description though except his age, sex and that he is caucasian. Nothingn about the tattoos, hair color, eye color height or weight. It does give his date of birth.

Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. Incidents of DV go up with alcohol consumption. Good to be careful.

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