Stress eats holes in your brain

Dealing with a sociopath means stress. Somehow, we have to find ways to reduce it. Here’s why:

Yet another reason to reduce stress: It shrinks your brain, on CommercialAppeal.com.

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Sebbo, It is my opinion that YOU have been NCed. The fact that THIS is what bothers you most, bothers me. It is not a good sign. It speaks to your need to have the last word, and a desire to pull the strings. The best think you can do for yourself, at this point is to accept that you are powerless, and that she has made her decision. I know how hard it is, but you need to respect that, and move on. Work on those things in yourself that attracted this kind of woman, and ask yourself what it was that attracted you to her.

A crock pot. LOL. That’s a metaphor for the WTF bucket, isn’t it? Love it.
Now he doesn’t have a crockpot to piss in, or a window to throw it out of. Ha.


I understand your feelings. It is terrible to be completely cut off without any ability to have closure, or even settle the score. But the truth of the matter is THAT is what malignant narcissists DO. It is the real hard cold truth. There is NOTHING to be done about it.

They go on their merry way, and we are left with all the fallout, humiliation, shame, and feelings of despair. That is also the truth of it.

The only way out of these feelings, it directly THROUGH them. They are now yours to figure out what to do with. SHE has nothing, now, to do with your situation.

Cold, huh? It’s horrible. And lonely. And makes all of us angry as hell when it happens.

You will absolutely have to let go of settling the score, having a meaningful exchange with her, caring what other people think about you (and her), trying to get everyone to see it from your perspective.

You will require support from people who already know what this is all about (like from people here). You will need to understand what was happening for you that made her appear so attractive. You will need to re, and re-read, articles here, until knowledge is MORE important to you than getting even with her. You will need to seek professional attention if you cannot cope with this betrayal on your own, or if you get depressed and cannot keep your life on track.

This is YOUR life Sebbo. Take back your power. Turn your back on her. She used and dumped you. Fuck her.


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