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Study says kids do better with fathers in the home – but doesn’t mention sociopathic fathers

Boy crying while sitting on the stairsResearchers at the London School of Economics say that children born to a single mother have better health, intelligence and social skills when their biological father lives with them.

Kids fare no better if a stepfather joins the family than they would if their mother stayed alone.

Many studies claim to “prove” that kids are better off when they live with both their mother and father. Unfortunately, these studies rarely determine if the father is disordered.

As Dr. Liane Leedom explains, living with a disordered parent is not good for kids at all. In fact, these kids can be seriously damaged.

But because of the cultural belief that “all kids should have two parents,” many well-meaning parents try to stay with disordered partners, when they and the kids would probably be better off escaping.

Children have a stable home environment and perform better at school if their biological father lives with them (but the same benefits do not apply when a stepfather moves in), on

Ask Dr. Leedom: Is there any new research on sociopaths and parenting? On




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psychopath fathers model behavior to their kids, about how women (especially mom) is to be treated, which is disrespect, verbal abuse, being the ‘slave’ of the menfolks, to be ridiculed, mocked, worked like a dog. I should know, I was there for 30 years. Not surprisingly, all 3 turned out, one way or another, just like him!! Since I had only a high school education, and a few months of a technical school education; I was terrified at the prospect of trying to support myself and 3 small boys. He would have fought for custody (since they were HIS kids), and had he gotten custody, I would have been bled dry for years of child support, for 3 sons. So, I stuck it out. It only added to the gene pool that the boys already had from him, to see and hear his further years of abuse, until they were old enough to leave home and I could escape and not suffer a battle for custody.

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