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Study says PTSD may cause genetic changes

New research on mice finds that trauma conditions at a young age produce PTSD-like symptoms, and the symptoms cause genetic changes that are passed down to offspring.

Read Genetic scars of the Holocaust: Children suffer too on

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Night hens…..thanks for the memories!


EB< HENS< SHABBY< ROSA – feel dead asleep at my computer last night.;) thanks for the moondance.

rosa – your wish makes me smile. 🙂

beautiful monring here…rained in the night, the sky is a bit moody, but tinged with pink. the construction of the road outside my place has stopped and the paving (which is gonna fuck one step up) hasn't started yet – so beautiful, so simply peaceful, awoken by the city crows having an argument.

going to go out into that nice morning before work.

i have a funny reltionahip wit the phone – and it's since the spath. #1, i bought a new phone because the old one started acting up (battery wouldn't hold a charge) during my long hours on phone with the spath. And *he* found the voice quality bad. so, I bought a new one. for some reason it doesn't show voicemail on the visual display, so unless I go and manually check my messages I miss them. and i often do. add to that that i lost the freinds who usually called, and that my house is in sucha disarray 'cause i haven't used my living room since last nov. (smokers moved in downstairs and that room is the worst) and that's where the phone base is….i guess it's a symbol of how i relate to most people now – affected by illness, I am isolated, I donn't reach out, and they don't reach in, and i don't *try*. I am too traumatized to *try*. too emotionally tired out by the illnesses, and the emotional drama and trauma – FINALLY, not giving to others before myself…and i am still not giving myself what i need…i pray that comes in time. I have been getting around more the last few days, walking. my feet seem to be handling movement better, and my knees are functioning a bit better, so walking doesn't cripple me up so much. but, back to the phone…i have now started putting it in a consistent place and have stopped flipping out when it rings. When i moved last year i had to go to another phone company and they must sell their numbers, 'cause i get a whole lot of telemarketers…unknown numbers (the spath's psecialty) al lthe time. i thought she might resurface in the last weeks – and will feel edgey for a few more. this time last year was full trauma and drama mode over here. what a freaking nightmare.

Well darn it. I missed the moon dance. Here’s to you…moon dancers.

Well guys, looks like you had a great time last night at the dance! Well, yea, my sequene covered bedazzled Darth Vadar mask called to me and I actually went to sleep at a normal hour, and got up at 6:30 this morning—well NOT “bright eyed and bushy tailed” but at least able to stagger to the door to let the dog outside—then I heard son D’s hound dog barking and realized that there was a jack ass in the front yard (Only Fat knows how to cross the cattle guard,) so Hairy was standing outside the yard WANTING IN and started BRAYING—gosh, I LOVE THAT SOUND~!~~~

Next time we have a LF moon dance I’ll bring the boys and get Fat and Hairy to SING for us! They can sure make MUSIC. Little light on the lyrics, but the MUSIC IS GREAT!!! LOL


well, when one choir door closes….

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