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Study says PTSD may cause genetic changes

New research on mice finds that trauma conditions at a young age produce PTSD-like symptoms, and the symptoms cause genetic changes that are passed down to offspring.

Read Genetic scars of the Holocaust: Children suffer too on Time.com.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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This goes along with what Liane and others have said about how environment changes (turns on or off) various genes in our DNA. Interesting study for sure.

In fact, I guess that anything that happens to us positive or negative has an impact on what we are.

I also remember reading a study done with rats that seems to have been born out by studying populations of people who have been in famine.

If a mother rat is starved while she is preg. The babies are born mentally “retarded” compared to normal rats, even if after birth they are given a perfect diet.

Interestingly enough, the males if mated to normal rats have normal babies, but the females if mated to normal males still have retarded offspring for 3 generations.

Since stress of various kinds makes a difference in the chemical make up of our bodies and brains even if those babies are given “great” environments after birth, if they were born to a mother who was stressed or had chemical changes after stress, I can see how they would be effected.

Not like the old idea (cant remember the name of the kind of idea) but where they thought “learning” could be passed on to the next generation of offspring in the womb.

All well and good, but these people experimented and tortured millions of real people. This is mankinds darkest hour. I can see how it could affect generations after. I get chills from it oceans away from it. I have no desire to visit Germany ever- if only to see it through the eyes of liberation. But how about instead of a Holocaust remembrance day they call it the forget the Nazis day? The one day that is really misnamed is the day of Jesus’ crucifixion- people call that one good Friday.


given what my mother lived through in her life, i wouldn’t be surprised if it effected my makeup. in these last few months i see ticks and habits of hers in me…i know how stressed I am, and it makes me question how stressed she was.

This is interesting to me because at a very early age in life I experienced a series of traumatic things starting from the age of 3 watching my mother fall down a flight of steps and being taken away to a hospital where she died 5 years later, paralyzed from the neck down with a brain tumor and living in an orphanage and then a very abuse foster home before ending up in a “normal” foster home and then on my own by age 17. I have always felt that my ability to separate one person from another and give trust without being affected by other people who I could not trust was both a curse and a blessing. I see this in my children too but when it is a curse my children seem vulnerable because of their ability to trust others – probably those that should not be trusted, just as I am aware that I have done for a lifetime. My trauma caused me to be “overly fair” in assessing even a bad situation and I think I passed that trait on.

Dear Deb,

Welcome to Love Fraud. Glad you are here.

Clarify for me what you mean by “overly fair” if you would.

Again, Welcome.

I’ve always wondered if my oldest son was born with cerebral palsy (brain damage) – despite a picture perfect pregnancy and delivery – because of the extreme stress I was under being married to the first spath.

That man made me so sick physically. The sadism, mind-games, crazy-making, perpetual lying, etc. was more than I could handle. Perfectly healthy before I met him, I became allergic to practically everything under the sun, developed endometriosis, and was about twenty pounds underweight. It all vanished the day I left him, though, and I haven’t been sick a day since!

Dear Jofray,

How bad is the CP with your son? How is your son doing? What age is he now? Was the P his father?

This might explain why my daughter, who has been brought up in conditions exactly opposite to my own, shows similiarities to me that she really could do without, like hypervigilance. I didn’t know whether it was because maybe I had over-protected her, because of my own complex ptsd, or whether the behaviours were ‘hers’ from birth (it seemed to be so as she would startle so easily, for example). I suppose at least if there’s the possibility that she’s inherited it she can learn the coping strategies I’m learning now for the first time.

Not like the old idea (cant remember the name of the kind of idea) but where they thought “learning” could be passed on to the next generation of offspring in the womb.

Lamarckism, Oxy? A belief in the heritability of acquired characteristics. What’s reported here is a bit different, because the changes affecting the second generation aren’t necessarily adaptive, but the basic premise is similar.

Redwald, Something along that Line, but not sure if that is the word, but your definition is correct about the meaning of what I was trying to say. Gosh I wish I had a memory like I use’ta’do! CRS

While THAT concept was dis-proven, because if you taught a rat to run a maze correctly, its offspring would NOT have INHERITED that knowledge.

What the current study seems to show is that the anxiety, PTSD etc of the parent(s) has some effect on the off spring, possibly by turning on or off expression of certain genes. Which I think is possible.

Well, need to get up and get cracking have an appointment in town! See you guys later.

LOts of genes we have are dampened down by our opposite parent’s gene for the same thing. I’ve been reading on studies of this that they are doing now, interesting stuff.

Other genes are turned on and expresse only under certain conditions.

Studies done of children who were raised in familine conditions. The female3 children born who were starved before they were born bear babie girls who have every egg they will ever produce for the next generations, and these eggs are malformed. That baby will grow up and have a retarded baby because the baby’s mother was starved in her grandmother’s womb.

The male childen will be retarded as well but they will produce new ssperm and their children will not be abnormally retarded if they have also not been strarved after conception.

Starvation produce generations of sub-prime intellectual females ujp to three generations.l Think about Darfur and other places, NIger, and now Haiti and Pakastan areas that were marginal at first, but then throw in war, drougth, floods and disease and little or no medical care or vaccines, much less food and clean water.

Even in this country with many young American teenagers having babies and living on sodas and friend potatgo chips and the like, the children these teenagers are producing have not had an ideal diet prior to birth, and probably won’t after words.

I read an article today in a London paper about a 21 year old bloke who has 8 babies b orn to 8 women and two more to be born shortrly. Each of these women are on welfare and are quite young themselves, and now that they have a baby will be given a “counsil house” (public housing apartment) and welfare money to riase it. I am just almost sure this don juan who has spread his seed so widely in London, will continue to propogate his genetic material “for the good of the world” (NOT!!!)

Which of these 10 teeanged girls will know to teach h er children to have a conscience and teach them right from wrong, and to demmponstrate empathy (even if she knew those words)?

I feel over whelmed, I can’t fix the world, but if I can do one good thing or say one nice thing that encourages some, I guess that is what I have to count on is dcoing what I can do and not being sad I can’t do everything.l

So….let me get this right.
If I am adopted….and I have holes in my jeans….
I’m not in a very good life position then right?

AHHHHH, no wonder I found a sociopath to spend my life with.
Blame it on the jeans!

Off to bed now…..handing over the Late night tiara to you Oxy….Nighty night.

Dear ErinB,
They have also proven that diarrhea is genetic too.

Didn’t you know? It runs in the jeans! bwa ha ahahahaha ahyaha


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Thunder? Hell, Henry, we’ve all been through the darned PERFECT STORM! But we rode out the waves! And everything that went with it! TOWANDA FOR US ALL!!!!

In all my selection of shoes…..which has taken over spaths walk in closet…..(Imelda For sure!)….I don’t own cowboy boots….just snowboots! 🙂
But…..i’ll sure as hell dance with my friend under the full moon….couldn’t pass that up for the world!
What times are you calling me to the dancefloor Hens……i’ll be the barefoot one with the bouncy hair! (ie….foot loose and fancy free!).

COMPUTER PROBLEMS? I am having problems ONLY on LF and ONLY on some threads. If a thread is long (and “long” can be anywhere from 150-300+ comments) I can’t get on it SOMETIMES. It will just load the first part of the comments but not get down to the “comments” box, and the script will go all the way to the right side of the screen (i.e. none of the ads come up on the right side of the screen.)

Sometimes if I just “refresh” it will load, but other times not at all.

Also, as soon as I Tell donna about it, it “faith heals” then may be okay for an hour, or a day or a month! It only happens on LF and I am not slow even on loading on other sites.

Anyone else have such a problem? I use an air card, but changed from AT&T to Verizon and service is much better.


How about midnight Bouncy? I will be the Silver haired gentleman and I will be barefoot also—glass of wine?

Pinot Noir please.

Your midnight or mine? I think we are either 2 or 3 hours difference….it’s 8pm here.


hens – how’s cricket?

I LOVE silver or salt and pepper hair!!!! 🙂

I will be all the ‘envy’!


eb – being a woman with a pay cheque means i have a bottle of pinot noir reserve on the rack. am saving it for a special occasion – maybe the lf barn dance.


then when you are finished twirling with hens, you can come on over and admire my salt and peppa’ confection…(piled high on my head0

Hey One….
We are getting ready to go full moon dancing….you and OX want to come with?


absolutely…cool up here tonight but the sky is clear and she’s a shinin’

One…..you are a beautiful person…..I’m sure your pile looks fab!

I like a large wine glass…..pour me a glass and i’ll be over after our twirling.

I’m gonna peek outside and check out the Mooooooon!

Of course I want to come WITH! Henry and I are ENGAGED if he ever decides to go straight! I’m first in line! LOL

Darned computer gremlin is bugging me tonight only posts I can see or post on are the SHORT threads!

Cooling off enough here that we can enjoy our dance, and I figure it is cooling off a bit at Henry’s place in OK….hotter than usual for this time of year!

But I think actually I’m gonna go on and go to bed, dog got me up early this morning!

Say Hens, you never did telll us how Cricket is!! I just wanna know what the VET BILL is! and to know if it is smaller than the national debt after the stimulus bills! LOL But the pups are worth it all! ((((hugs))))

I’m ready! Midnight in what time zone?
Oh, am I invited?
I just invited myself.

Erin it is 10pm here so we all need to get in sinc – one step bring your wine this is going to be great, dancing in the moonlight with such special ladies….~! care if i drink coors lite?

Ox crikit is doing fine, not her usual fearless self but I bet she will howl at the moon with us tonite…


why thank you eb 🙂

gotta tell ya – my 2nd event at work came off well (yesterday) – have to do the P&l sheet tomorrow, but everyone had a good time.
i have also told them that we needed to adjust the expectations to meet the time lines (unfortunately can’t do it the other way, as it is a contract), and i have agreement with the head of the committee i answer too. this is huge. i am now actually out of crazyville at work. exhaaaaaaale…

am also still working on the spath papers to DA, and the papers for the doctors at the environmental health clinic….and if i can i will do a writer’s workshop this weekend. i had to quit the choir – 2 hours in the church and my face was numb and it’s taken me two weeks, and i am still reactive. it’s really sad and it seems cruel, but i like my attitude about it. keep looking for a way to sing – get some voice lessons, move on. maybe it’s just not my time to be with a big group of people.

Shabby Shabby please join in our moonlite dance…I am going to listen to my new theme song ‘I am no stranger to the Rain’…put that cloud behind us – beg steal and borrow some moonshine…


damn – pinot noir and doxies! this just keeps getting better!


hens – did they find any damage in her foot?

Yes Chic…..please come! Just look for the silver haired fox’s and the chick with bouncy hair and no shoes!

Oxy….girl….DON”T EVEN GO THERE…..i’ll crush ya! You can join us….but please don’t cut in on my dance….engaged or NOT!

One….you can serenade us…..I posted the lyrics to hens song. That would be so wonderful!!!

So…am I right…..we are meeting under the moonlight at 10pm westcoast and 12 hens time? One….are you on Hens time zone?
I think Oxy is….but she seems to be turning into a pumpkin already! Maybe if her bedazzled Darth vador mask slips tonight she’ll join us…… 🙂


it’s 11:25 here right now. and i may not last another half hour, but i sure am here now.

One….your moving along girl!!!
Nothing is permanent…just keep that in mind.
If today is crazy…tomorrow is another day. YOU KNOW THIS!!!

hey One no damage..the vet bill damaged my check book tho..her leg and foot is still swollen twice the size of normal but better than the ten times it was, I am hoping this will subdue her some, she has always been so fearless and hyperactive..I know they are little hunters but I dont think she would survive another snake bite, this was really serious. She went and got her ball for me to throw for the first time tonite, that made me smile…Ok i am going to be out dancing under the moonlite in 20 minutes;;;;00:45…crank it up ladies…

Well…..shall we dance?

Yes Erin I am going out side now will be dancing for a while….is that you in the white pajamas?



hens – aww, she brought her ball 🙂 been a hard week, glad you are coming through it. how’s your back?

Maybe that’s why my butts so big…..YEAH….that’s it…..a pigmy rattler hit me!
I’m sticking with that story! if it works for cricket….it’ll work for EB too! ;0

Hens….glad she’s doing better!


i didn’t get bit by one, a nest of the buggers wrapped around my middle!

With lace….yeah…that’s me!

I’m heading outside to meet ya…..
Talk to ya’ll through the moon….
Be back in a bit.



jeez – no one said we were wearing clothes…now, i feel out of place.

dancing dancing i’ll see ya in the moon….i am lovin it

through it all we withstood the pain = still dancing come on shabby erin and onestep lets dance some more

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