Take out the sociopath – just place your order

For all of you wishing for the permanent solution to the problem of a sociopathic tormenter an arrangement that will stop him or her from tormenting you heck, the predator won’t torment anyone —here it is!

Solution courtesy of a Lovefraud reader.

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2t – um, sharzies!

Hens: J.R. Martinez deserves everyone’s vote tonight! However, we both know that he’ll be in the final three, so we need to spend our votes keeping a deserving underdog on the show for now. Thanks for the reminder that I still need to text my vote in within the next 15 minutes!

2time – I agree – my second choice is Rickie Lake – thanx for chiming in..

No problem. Seven minutes to decide who I think might get booted off—but deserves another week—if he/she doesn’t garner enough votes from people like us!

Yes Hens…..right up there next to our ‘other friend’! 🙂

oh EB I have put so many things on the back shelf – can we change the rules to – ignore unless it’s a saturday nite?

Saturday night play dates……Uh….OKAY! 🙂
Let’s take a vote! 🙂


Dear 2X,

The only thing we are concerned about (*the old heads) is we don’t want someone who is new and raw to be off-put by the crazy things they do. If they post something or ask a question just don’t post to that question at all, ignore it and post to the post above them, or
post on new or old threads that they haven’t posted on.

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