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Take out the sociopath – just place your order

For all of you wishing for the permanent solution to the problem of a sociopathic tormenter an arrangement that will stop him or her from tormenting you heck, the predator won’t torment anyone —here it is!

Solution courtesy of a Lovefraud reader.

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Bwaaahahahaha… that was hilarious!!! Thanks for the chuckle. I am on my well prepared way out the door to confront a sociopath with some very incriminating information on her and since she is already terrified of me I don’t think there will be any problems after today. I love it when a plan comes together 🙂

hilarious LOL



bit of a struggle not to hit the ‘next’ button. 😉

besides….i’d want to do it myself.

mind you, i guess i could just direct and watch.

one joy, who isn’t ‘over it’ yet.


Donna, I appreciate your sense of humor in posting this!!!!

The funniest part perhaps is that every single person on here is laughing while also wishing this were real on some level. Comedy in tragedy.


It’s a JOKE, Ringling, a JOKE !!

Donna, thanks for the humor this morning, it was getting a little too serious around here.


Thank you. That was too funny. I really needed a good laugh this morning.


You are right. I went ahead and clicked next and I’m convinced that the website was setup by my ex-spath. The page where you select your preferred method of murder included many of his known favorites, including: drugging, plummeting, accidental and apparent suicide. Additionally, he often discussed crushing and dismembering. Once he filmed a burning death and submitted it to the news channels.

The other clue that this is his website is that he would often use “fine print” in his cons. These would be written in almost imperceptible print at the bottom, so that if he got busted, he could say “it was a joke.” That’s the prototypical psychopath “exit strategy”, which all psychopaths set up at the very start of their con.

I’m convinced that this is his website and I hope he gets no business from it at all.

That said, I was very satisfied with my purchase as I ordered a hit by drugging for only $146.99!


Sky ~

If you would have ordered plummeting with a rock, it would have only cost you $99.99 (plus shipping and handling).

You got ripped off girlfriend…..


Hens ~

I was thinking of you, this is more affordable than dentures.

Where is your Oh my….


Milo, it was worth the extra $50 because drugging is how he planned to kill me. turn about is fairplay

Ox Drover

Yea, it’s a joke…but I won’t say that I have not WANTED to “off” several of my family psychopaths, or the one across the road that sued me for $50,000 because the plane my husband was burned in crashed in his field and it caused HIM distress that could ONLY be cured with money. Actually, a man in my neighborhood was so upset by what the neighbor had done that he SERIOUSLY offered to off him….but I reluctantly declined because as much as I WANTED to off the guy at the time, I knew it was WRONG to do so. Actually, thoughts of revenge have been shown by research to light up the pleasure centers of our brain.

While I am not going to seriously entertain the thoughts of actually killing someone (except in self defense) this IS AN AMUSING WEB SITE and It gave me a laugh! Thanks for sharing it Donna,, I think we all have a bit of appreciation for gallows humor.


Oxy ~ EXCUSE ME – just what do you think those 1,000 fleas are going to do to someone? I think I saw that mentioned in the $249.00 package.

Ox Drover

Milo, well did I mention not only the 1,000 fleas, but the crabs of 100 meth hos?

One time in my living history group (this is a TRUE story) where we portray pre-1840 life in Arkansas (which was pretty rough and tumble) some guy was caught stealing from another member, so the men stripped him, except for enough clothing to cover his junk, and tied him down like the Indians would have tied down a white man over an ant hill and left him during the school days. It was quite hot and more than 1,000 school children and their teachers trooped through our encampment to see how we lived, cooked and so on.

He was screaming the whole time “Help!!!! let me up, they’re gonna kill me!!!!!” while a couple of feather clad Native Americans sat smoking their pipes close by him. The school children and teachers thought it was all a part of the “show” and when they finally let the guy up at the end of the day, the male population of our group suggested that he MIGHT NOT EVER WANT TO COME BACK TO ANY LIVING HISTORY GROUP IN THE ENTIRE U.S. OR SOMETHING WORSE MIGHT HAPPEN. A little “frontier justice” but he lived over it.

I still laugh about that event and it took place more than 15 years ago. As far as I know that is the ONLY time there has been a theft of anything by one of our members, though we have to watch our stuff when the public goes through, but the tradition of NO THEFT among our members is inviolate. Even if someone might be a thief somewhere else, he is not going to steal there because the risk of getting caught and the consequences would be worse than jail.


Oxy ~ “frontier justice” I love it. I bet it left an impression on the school kids as well. They probably went home and told their parents that they would not have wanted to live “back then”.

Ox Drover

My living history group is made up of an odd assortment of folks, from FBI agents, State Troopers, teachers, house wives, truck drivers, and everything in between….including a few “rough characters” that I wouldn’t put it past them to make a living stealing stuff, but if they do, they do NOT do it at an event. We can’t lock our tents up so it is the “honor system” as far as the participants are concerned. Once at an event someone dropped 5 one hundred dollar bills, and someone found it and turned it in. I can’t imagine any other place where that would happen, maybe, MAYBE in a church!

At the large events where there are 3-500 people camped there for 10-12 days the group self appoints “dog soldiers” or camp security officers so if someone gets rowdy or whatever it is handled internally, and if someone is ejected for bad behavior (and I’ve seen that happen) the jungle telegraph pretty well gets the word around and they are not welcome at any other events even among other groups as there is a lot of co-mingling between groups and events all over the nation, so word spreads.

This is the ONLY instance I have even HEARD ABOUT someone stealing something.

We did have a guy in our group who was also a park ranger at a state park who was arrested in a kiddie porn sting and went to Federal prison for it….he came back (it was hushed up by the parks department) and rejoined our group, but this old witch (me) raised enough of a stink that he was banned from that, lost his job with the State Historical Museum (thanks to me!) and eventually committed suicide after the local cops questioned him again. He had kept on taking jobs with 4-H and other kid-type groups but several of the women in our living history group kept up with where he was working and we sent copies of his criminal records to his employers for jobs when he was working with kids. But that is what pedophiles do, and that is to reposition themselves working with kids. It never seemed like he tried to get a job that was NOT working with kids.

His wife stayed with him even after he was arrested. She is a quiet “mousy” and very “nice” woman but I wonder WHY she stayed with him. Was she part of it? Or was she trauma bonded to him? The last time I saw her I didn’t recognize her at all, she has aged 100 years in the last 10.

Funny thing though, after he came back and rejoined our group, the MEN on the board of directors (which included 2 men I think are psychopaths) took the position that “well he’s paid is debt to society so we can’t kick him out” but the WOMEN backed me 100%. AFter that I did a 2 year term on the board of directors and made life difficult for the two men I think are Psychopaths. After this year, both of them are OUT of the group. One went to jail for a short stint after he was found living with his mother’s dead body that had been dead 2 weeks to a month, and the other is retiring and moving to France. LOL

Hi Oxy!

Long time no see. I came to hang out for a few hours tonight. I’ve been so busy lately.

Hello Sky, One Joy, Milo, others as well……..

I just got back from a little vacation in the south of Germany and noticed there is a HUGE grey rock right smack in the middle of my Delilah bed. I actually think one of the neighbors’ kids might have just decided to play a prank on me and drug it out from the woods to put there. This has happened before, but I’m just as surprised every time. That’s what I get for going on vacation and leaving my garden unattended. The sheer size of this thing, though, is actually a bit creepy.

Nice to be home, though.

Ox, there was a TV show where families had to live like they were on the frontier. I should dig up the name. You’d probably get a kick out of it. It was like “Survivor” without the Hollywood glamour. These families actually had to build their own houses and make a garden to survive. I liked it, but it never became a sensation, so most people have never seen it.

Sky, did you actually click the next button? I was afraid to, haha.


This is too funny! Too bad we can’t place actual orders. Lol 😉 I ordered the works for the narcissist in my life. I think Oxy is right – wanting revenge is only healthy & normal. And it does feel good!!

Ox Drover


Yes, wanting revenge is only healthy and normal as a response to injury, it is when we let it FESTER into BITTERNESS and keep on with it that it becomes TOXIC to US. “It is like drinking poison and then expecting someone ELSE to die.” (don’t know who said that but it is a good one.)

Today my son D and I found out that the father of some of our friends has molested one of his daughters, and also took out a “student” loan in his oldest son’s name (the son never saw the money but will have to pay it back, and may not be able to go to college next semester now) and my son and I are both so angry at this man that we could very well imagine doing something horrible to him, starting with sticking toothpicks under each of his toe nails and traveling upwards until we got to his eye lids. I literally was so angry I wept and my son was so angry that his face was STONE. While I know that I am probably more angry at this man for what he has done to his children than I would be if he had hurt me personally, I know I can’t let it EAT at me or I will be the one that is damaged. I have to some how eventually LET GO of that wrath, that festering anger and bitterness….not for his sake but for my own. I have to be there to be supportive to his children. To help them with their own grief. The older ones are “getting it” about daddy dearest being a psychopath, but there are still 4 younger kids that are vulnerable to molestation and abuse and the courts have not ordered supervised visitation. Not sure what will happen about the student aid fraud, but the man is a state employee and if –IF– he is prosecuted he will lose his job and his wife may be worse off as her child support will be entirely cut off as well. It is a catch 22 no matter what happens. Typical psychopath collateral damage.


um. there’s a “next” button? was there some do it yerself instructions just in case i’m short of cash?

i tried to donate just in case. mebbie to do it like in church? ya know, give a dollar and there’s plenty in the plate to keep when it goes around the second time.


That son who’s father fraudulently obtained a loan will not have to pay that loan. The loan company needs to be notified of the fraud and the boy’s credit report needs to be protected. But the boy will have to do it and many kids don’t want to burn the bridge to a parent. That’s the problem. Sadly, b’c the parent has already burned it and the kid doesn’t know.


Very funny Donna!

Ox Drover

Katy, I’m not sure what will be done about the loan at this point. The son just found out a few days ago. The mother is separated but not yet divorced and with 5 kids still at home (including this one) she is struggling to keep her head above water. The oldest 3 of the 7 kids have all gone NC with the father….but he seems to be particularly targeting this oldest son (the one he got the “loan” for) and the secondary problem is if the FRAUD is prosecuted the man is a state employee and will lose his job….so there goes the mom’s child support.

It is one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations. The son is learning what his father is, and his two sibs that are both over 18 (there are 7 kids) know what a sleeze bag daddy dearest is, but the 4 younger kids are still just hurt and confused. It is a big mess for sure, but this man is EVIL and I could write a book about what nasty things he has done to his 2 oldest children (both young adults now) who are GREAT young people. Kudos to the mom! I don’t know the younger kids all that well, but the youngest boy, who is about 4 is ADHD and I hope he doesn’t come out to be just like daddy dearest! He is a hand full now, but the rest of the kids as far as I can tell are all very normal and compassionate, great kids. I would be proud to have any of them as my child or grandchild. I’ll keep you posted on what the outcome of this story is.


I need someone to talk to. I have recently encountered by sociopathic ex boyfriend this week and I let him in – yet again. I did not have my phone blocked and he texted me, I replied as he said he had resigned from his high paying job out here on the westcoast and was leaving the CA bay area and returning to his home in the southeast to live with his Dad. He said all of the right things, said he loved me and that he wanted to carry on a long-distance relationship.

I had asked me to stay a few extra days so we could get ‘re-acquainted” as he disappeared 5 months ago. But, no he was going to leave on Saturday and I find out today that his company is throwing him a big going away party and that he did not mention it to me, much less invite me.

Here I am – back at square one – again and feeling completely out of control. I feel like a fool and that he has thrown me away like a raggedy ann doll.

I know that this sounds dramatic, but I want to hurt myself as I cannot face another disappointment. I live alone – I work alone – my family is sick to death of me talking about him.

Please can someone please talk to me?


Hey Shelby,

It’s scary and harsh to face the world on your own day in and day out, and it’s such a normal wish to have someone by your side instead. I’m sorry that the spath abused your loneliness to hurt you even more for his own selfish needs.
You sound very lonely and that is a gutting feeling. So, if you need someone to talk to, I’m listening. And sure you can talk about him


What can I do? I am so sad.


When I’m sad, I cry my heart out until I feel weary, crawl in bed and let sleep and dreams do the rest. And when I next wake up, some of the ton of sadness that weighed on me earlier has been cried away. Time will make it better. It’s a cliche, but it’s the truth. It’s normal that you are sad. You’re wounded. You’re hurting. And your sadness is some of the emotion you need to live through in order to lick the wounds so they can heal. So, when you say you are sad, you are already doing what needs to be done. More, you are reaching out for company to make you feel less lonely in the process, and that is good too.

I wish I could do something for you. In my mind, you are sitting on my couch, and I hug you and let you cry on my shoulder. We are here for you 🙂

Ox Drover

Dear Shelby,

I’m sorry you are sad, but if you are feeling like hurting yourself, get some help NOW!!!!

Many of us have felt the ultimate sadness, wondering if it was worth it to go on day to day….but believe me, it IS.

Don’t let this jerk determine your feelings….NO CONTACT is there for a reason, and that means we get the time away from them to clear our heads emotionally and logically, so that they can’t push our buttons.

I definitely know how it is when our “friends and family” get tired of hearing about it…but LF is here for you, and we DO understand. (((hugs))) anbd God bless.


He surprised me with his text message and when I called, he was sobbing on the phone. This was Monday. Here it is Friday and he has done it to me again. The blatant disregard for me, after I told him how much I loved him and that if he asked me, I would leave everything here to go with him.

Instead, he ignores me and now I know that neither does he respect me nor love me. I am nothing to him.

All I asked of him was to tell me if he could give me what I wanted, which was honesty. I asked him that if he could not ‘love’ me or keep this up, to just tell me. But, I can’t even get that.

He is leaving me again and again, I’m left broken.


Shelby, you deserver better! You did not deserve to be pushed on your vulnerability, on your lingering feelings for him, make you hope again only to ditch you so much rougher.

You deserve honesty and respect.

While it may not lessen your feelings of loneliness and sadness at the moment, I hope you also turn the leaving around… even if not physical, you can mentally leave him, and come to yourself to heal what is broken.


Shelby, Shelby, Shelby………..
May I suggest you step back and pick up your self worth that’s laying in the gutter!!!!!
Why would you settle for crumbs when you have the whole fresh baked loaf available to you!!!!

He was looking for a quick booty call before leaving…..and who in the hell wants long distance…(UH, him so he can keep his local SF booty call for when he comes visits). He’s not proud and wants to show you off… were not invited to work party…..AND he’s leaving tomorrow? REALLY!!!!
” I asked him that if he could not ’love’ me or keep this up, to just tell me. But, I can’t even get that.”
Okay…..YES YOUR GETTING YOUR ANSWER….how clear do you want it?

Stand up and realize WHO you are and WHAT YOUR WORTH!!!!!
Even if it means being alone. I think it would be healthy for you to spend some time working on ‘why’ you are willing to settle for less…..

Your opening statement was…….”I have recently encountered by sociopathic ex boyfriend this week”

Okay…’s on the que cards to RUN GIRLFRIEND.

As I tell my kids……there is a reason you broke up the first time.
(regardless if they are sociopaths or just toxic or it wasn’t working out for any other reason).

Never look back, keep your eyes focused to the future.

You deserve much better than this… just have to CONVINCE yourself of that!!!!



Dear ErinBrock: I see your name and think of Erin Brockovick who brought PG&E down to its knees. He actually works for PG&E and was at the Hinckley plant – the very one.

Your note was right on and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you – you are right……actions speak louder than words.

I don’t know why I have low self worth, but I appreciate you shaking my tree. I guess it is from not being what my parents wanted me to be, always trying to please everyone else or trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be.

This is the 3rd time he has come back to me. But, now with him moving 3000 miles away I feel that I won’t be terrorized any longer.


Erin Brockovich is my inspiration. her inspiration helped me kick some serious spath ass during my divorce!
My Gf’s still call me ‘Erin’……or they will say….OMG….she’s gonna bring out ‘Erin’….in regards to something that needs dealing with. 🙂
I used ErinBrockovich as my original screen name…..never thinking that people would think I was ‘the’ Erin Brockovich…..but it became apparant I needed to change it….so I’m ErinBrock….or EB!

There is always a reason we take the steps we do in life……and if they are not leading us to a healthy place…or we find ourselves settleing……it’s time to step back and take a look!

It’s a blessing he’s moving 3000 miles away…..block his number and go NO CONTACT so he can’t continiue to give you the mind fark you have been getting from him. If you continue to take his calls or text or emails….don’t fool yourself…..he can terrorize you from the MOON my dear!
Take back your power… can only control YOURSELF!

Reflect…..and you will find.
Stick around…..we’ll water, fertalize and shake your tree. You’ll find support here at LF!


My sister was just over here and I cannot get validation from her. She says “quit being the victim”. I’m not wanting to be the victim. I’m tired of sitting around and taking his love bombing me for his own pleasure.

I just wish I could get the validation I need from the people that I thought/think are on my side. You are right about the no contact. I read that and know it, see it, but when it happens, it is so reactive to respond to him.

So, I now have blocked him (again) from my phone, my emails and so on and so on.

EB, thank you for taking the time out of your evening to talk to me. I feel weak, vulnerable and childish, but I am most grateful for your kindness.


You will find validation here, if you don’t get it somewhere else. Though it’s not supportive of your sister, you can turn her words into a supportive message for yourself (from yourself, not from her)… “I empower myself, I ignore him and go no contact until he’s blue in the face. And then I will cease to be his plaything (/victim) any longer.”

And that is what you have just done by going NC! Go Shelby!


Is it just me, or does anyone have the problem of no contact? It’s not that I want to have contact, it is just that he comes to me out of no where and before I know it, I pick up the phone.

How do I stop that reflex? Am I just being an idiot?


Change your phone number and protect the number, so he can’t call you anymore?


I’ve thought about it, but I use my cell for work and it is a number I’ve had for over 8 years.

My partner said that he would destroy me if I stay with him and that is exactly what is happening. He’s not the only problem I’m faced with. It is just that this is a cauldron of several things that are coming together like a perfect storm.

He takes my energy – sucks it up like a vacuum.


I know the perfect storm coming together. feeling.. was wondering about that until yesterday, feeling like a loser and failure over it. Got my ephipahny about it last night. I make sense to myself again and so did what happened in my life which would otherwise be unrelated to the ex spath, and refound the start of my self-confidence again. My best friend remarked on it today. He could hear it in my voice instantly.

I know it’s really cumbersome and annoying to have it changed when you’ve had it for so long and for work. But it is overcomeable, a practical hassle yes… but not undoable. But it will certainly make it VERY difficult for him to ever contact you again.


Hi Darwinsmom: I get what you are saying.. with technology, he will always know where I am. My job is very public and he can always get to me through that. I feel that he will not due to his fear of me calling the police and he is not that desperate.

Thank you for your time tonite. It means a lot to me that you have taken the time to write your thoughts.

I am going to go see my pastor tomorrow – actually his wife – for whatever reason she has taken a shine to me and I am going to try to talk to her tomorrow.

I wish you well and thank you again.

I will endeavor to stay closer to in touch with this site.



Please do Shelby… I’ve xperienced it helps to return.

Sounds like you were able to find a little more peace and determination for yourself. And I hope you will find some support with your pastor’s wife.

Also, you can ask your company to not tell him where you are if he enquires.


BTW 185$ for melting… that was a hilarious joke site

Ox Drover


The VALIDATION we need, truly need, is not from others, but from OURSELVES. We can validate our own truth. The problem is that we have looked for others to tell us “you are right.” But we need to tell ourselves we are right, and to believe IN OURSELVES and our own feelings and thoughts, and then DO WHAT IS RIGHT even if we are the only one in the world who realizes the truth.

He is disrespectful to your worth. To you. You do not need someone, anyone, who is disrespectful to you.

When someone shows you what they are, BELIEVE THEM. He is toxic! (((hugs)))) and God bless.


You are so lucky that he is going away. Don’t be sad, be happy and rejoice, he has only malicious intent toward you and he only pretends to care so that you will allow him close enough to strike like the snake he is. I understand that his acting is really good, but that’s because he’s been practicing his whole life. There isn’t anything REAL about him, so it’s easy for him to put on any facade. The only thing he won’t show you is his evil, sinister side because then you’ll run away.


I understand what you mean. To the psychopath, who can maintain to contradicting thoughts in his head through the process of splitting, both would be genuine. Because he can believe his own lies while being aware that he is lying, he does actually see both as being real.

The reason this is possible for the spath is because of his shallow perception of the meaning of words and the consequent shallow perception of the world around him.

We empaths perceive, that all things encompass, not just the surface but the deeper significance of what is below the surface. For example when we see a body of water, we understand that it isn’t just the surface but a volume of water with things deep within it. That is how we perceive words, emotions, actions etc… everything.

By perceiving deeply, we understand that it isn’t possible to love and demean at the same time. The deeply held aspect of love precludes it. But for the psychpath, who feels only the surface of love without the deeper aspects of it – sure, why not? Love, abuse, kill, save, fix, hate.. whatever. It’s all the same… none of them have any depth so why not?


sky – i had my tires rotated today, now going to go wash my dishes and then engage in a little stand up with EB –


onestep – when did u get wheels?


only the ones in the garden dear hens.


Hi One,
I poured a “topping” on my concrete slab because the first pour sucked. tired.

There are people who help those such as you. We are not it.
Here is one that could help you:

The premise here is that you have, due to trauma, numbed your own feelings so you wouldn’t have to feel them. Because of that, you cannot feel anything, including empathy and love for others. You are working with the emotional repertoire of an infant. But many feelings are still occurring in your body, you just haven’t been able to interpret them for what they are. Instead you are feeling them as bodily functions. This therapist, will work with your body AND your mind to get you to release yourself and start growing again.

It has to do with will power. You use yours too much and it has suppressed who you naturally were meant to be. This was your choice, whether you recognize it or not, so you can choose differently.

It should take you a couple of days, at least, to read through that website and research further on Reich and Lowen. This is the best advice I can give you and if you are serious about wanting more out of your life, then you will go now and read it.

I won’t be responding any more to you because I know that if you are still here and not reading what I recommended, then you are only here to manipulate and not to really seek help.

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