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Tasteless t-shirts at UK retailer

Topman, a chain of men’s clothing stores in the United Kingdom, was forced to remove hundreds of sexist t-shirts from its shelves.

Read ‘You provoked me’: Topman forced to remove T-shirts after slogans ‘glamorise domestic violence’ on DailyMail.co.uk.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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61 Comments on "Tasteless t-shirts at UK retailer"

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I’ve done it myself in the past, made “cutsie” remarks about husbands hitting wives, etc. but I realize now that my “cutsie” comments were not CUTE and were not appropriate.

I am glad that this company was responsive to the public’s comments to them, but I am MORE PROUD that people would be offended by these shirts enough to take the trouble to contact the company and get some action from the company.

Maybe this kind of “humor” is no longer OK, which means that not only my awareness of the inappropriateness of this kind of “humor” has grown, but our culture as a whole is also growing aware as well.

Oh….no. The comments are just as disturbing as the article. Those shirts made me cringe and more. Wouldn’t be surprised if the corporate big wig on top who “loved” this idea was a sociopath trying to convince the women of the whole world that they are crazy and need to just get over it, because this is “reality” and how all the world thinks.

Oh My , This is going to be a good thread. We can all quote our favourite T- Shrit < that was a typo but think I will leave it anyway. Yeah the world is run by corperate greedy sociopaths…
btw My T- shirt say's " It is better to have loved and lost than to live with a physco the rest of your life.."
and what is your t shirt quote?

“Please! Don’t feed the psychopaths!”
and then my trademark logo underneath: A dull gray rock.

Oh, Hens, I will not answer that question for right now until I think of a KILLER caption! My favorite Tee of ALL times shows two buzzards sitting on a limb and one says to the other one “Patience my ass, I want to kill something!”

I like Sky’s tee caption, that’s a good one. Yours is good too, actually I have seen one that says about the same thing as yours. I do think LF needs ot have a Tee shirt collectionn with the LF logo on it and some captions. Could raise money to help Donna go to schools for programs.

ya know it’s really starting to settle in my mind that he REALLY was a physco…sheesh what a trip that was..I have often said , ‘this is a life lesson so dont fail it’ but wait a minute – that seems to justify or rationalize what they are all about.. I take that back – I was intercepted by an Alien from the planet Fungus and survived to tell about it…~ Now go write that on a shirt and make a million dollars you greedy corrupt corperations ~!


Hahaha…you are way too funny 🙂


I thought about you today. The headline in my Local Living part of the newspaper was, “Hens in the ‘Hood.” 🙂

They are talking about urban chicken farmers…people who live in the city, but raise chickens in their backyard and then sell the eggs or keep them for themselves.

I think there was a law past not long ago allowing people in city limits to have at most 8 chickens – one being a rooster. Or was that 7 roosters and one hens? hmm.

If it makes any difference the female ducks sound LOUD “Quack” and the males just HISS quietly…but they are bullies! I’ve got 4 females and 2 male ducks and I think the total cost was about $100 each! That’s not counting my TIME and LABOR…or the STINK! But the eggs are great! I just can’t eat any of them now, I’m trying to kill son D by cholesterol poisoning, slowly clog his arteries, but he doesn’t care, he loves egg salad!

Those stinky ducks seem to get worth more every time you mention them Ox, is this a hint for more duck support? I hope not because times are hard, I am even typing this by candle light because the electric company turned off my power.


OMG, you two!!! i’d pee myself if i hadn’t just…..

Hens, just plug your computer into a WILD CURRENT BUSH! LOL Yea send me some more $3 dollar bills! LOL I can’t get anyone to take them so I just pinned them up on my wall and every time I look at the face of Obama in the middle of those phony bills I think of what crooks I think all politicians are!


i dunno oxy those wild current bushes run AC/DC and we know how Hens feels about that….

well burnin boob’s if your gonna talk like that I am gonna go to bed – gnite..

ONE/JOY! LOL, you must made me CHOKE, and I had trouble breathing! LOL ROTFLMAO You must admit “toothless fairy” is FUNNY!!!! But actually Hens, he wasn’t tooth-LESS cause you bought him some new teeth! LOL The better to bite you with! LOL

You two are making me roll, you’re both as bad as Magnolia Thunder! But thanks for the laughs! ((((hugs))))

yeah – I got to stop tellin you everything Ox – you wont let me forget..I hope you drop your skillet on your toe..gnite


OMG hahahahahaaaa snort….wheeze….omg omg omg….


omg i have been laughing for 2 minutes st8t….


oh, my tummy hurts…bwahahaa

I can’t wait for Milo’s synopsis of THIS conversation in the morning…….


ouu, we could go through and delete half of our posts like you know who mr. chicken does to really confuse milo!

Then Ms. MTP… might just have to come out with her RED STILLETOS…..and kick some butt!
THEN…..the trouble would start!
Can’t have that……..


gnite mz mtp, tis waay past my bedtime and i am feeling like i can finally get some sleep. nite nite all.

Night darlen…….

I have no idea what happened in this room. Too many inside jokes, but there is stuff all over the place. What did you guys do, throw a party? Anyways, I wanted to share a t-shirt slogan, but it’s a bit long. Okay, so it’s a computer screen and on the computer screen it says….


Problem detected!

Authorizing system scan….

Virus found.

Sociopath has been moved to quarantine.

Deactivating Stockholm Syndrome…success

Disabling “giving a shit about the bastard”…..success

Deleting corrupt system files…..success

Overriding Inability to Love Again…..success

New life successfully installed!

Please wait while trust loads….

Oh, another t-shirt:

Does not socialize with anti-socials!

Mr. Chicken? who dat?

I like your computer screen idea. very geeky!


PANTHER! awesome….i am going to make a pdf of it to load to my personal computer. given the medium i was conned through, this one makes me laugh. Nice one.

and yes we did have a party. they are known to happen late night. used to be oxy, eb, hens, witsend (who doesn’t post now (Hi witty!)) kim frederick, silver and sometimes gem and CAmom – think thats the list i know. and yes there is a bunch of old jokes strung forward. so come party when you can and add your own inside jokes.


mr. chicken as Arnold Coleman!

Hens (Mr. Chicken)

I’ve been meaning to ask you for quite some time, why didn’t you repo those choppers? You could have had them bronzed.

OneStep ~ Milo is so confused right now, I’m still trying to think of a line for my T-shirt AND the bush Oxy is talking about. Is it like a duck in the bush is worth 2 under a gray rock???


No Milo, the only thing worth anything under a gray rock is a snake.

now we could exptrapolate from the ‘red current’ bush and pull out current and make a slogan like: run current through a spath, until the river runs red.

one joy is wearing her ‘dark’ hat today. 🙂


haha – hens has a new nickname. xo flaming boobs

Ok, I need to update my tee-shirt.
It’ll say, “Please don’t feed the psychopaths”
underneath will be DRAMA with a red circle and a red slash thru it. (NO DRAMA)
On the back will be the gray rock.


mine is going to say, ‘if the …. ‘ oh, i can’t say that on a public forum. dang.


one of my fave t-shirts was from a uni quee group. It read: Freind or Phobe?

i knew this real niaive woman, deeply right wing fundamentalist who i had a class with when i was in college. She asked me what a ‘phee be’ was. I explained that it was a contraction of ‘homophobe’. She asked me what that was. This conversation ended with my saying, ‘ i think you are a really sweet woman, but you are not my friend, and in your world i shouldn’t exist, so you are a phobe.’ it was quite liberating. there really are some ‘for us or agin’ us’ hard lines.


ouu sky, how about grey rock dingle balls for car mirrors – that way they are at hand when you have to spathback while leaving the scene of the relationship.


one joy is BOTH dark and silly today.

must go back to work (the automaton’s directive)…blech, she wants to play and say ‘screw the stupid exhausting job’…..

This particular thread is just….unique 🙂

One/Joy I like your grey rock dingle ball idea. Maybe LF should start producing LF paraphernalia. There could also be a special LF skillet. And a doormat that reads: WTF = GTFO (instead of Welcome).

So, you’re making that computer thingy your desktop? Cool!!!! 😀 You’re right…it does suit you well.

I think this would make a great T-shirt too.

Spathinator Mathematics:


How about:
My WTF? Bucket is full,
Find another poison container.

Here was one of my favorite t-shirts:

“Join the army. Go to exotic new places. Meet exciting new people. And kill them.”

And another one (when I lived in San Francisco):

San Francisco, my favorite city where the women are strong and the men are pretty…

Here is my t-shirt entry:

Help Save Humanity
Have Your Spath Spayed or Neutered
call 1-800-DUL NIFE

Milo, I really think that would help. I am so very serious….

Although I am laughing hysterically right now. I think it’s cause I remember the day I first looked at him and wondered to myself if neutering him would solve the problem. It did wonders for my cat.

OMG Milo I am still laughing so hard I’m crying…I mean not crying crying…laughing crying!!!!

I want that t-shirt!!!! OMG

Panther ~ that will be $37.50 please


okay, really digging these two:

Spathinator Mathematics:


Help Save Humanity
Have Your Spath Spayed or Neutered
call 1-800-DUL NIFE

(this abrev. would be really good as people would have to ask what ‘spath’ meant)

Milo! You rip off! $37.50! For a t-shirt? Oh my God…I feel so exploited!!!! 😀

Please at least tell me the proceeds go to the Dul Nife clinic.

But then at least I can say, “Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.”

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