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‘Teacher of the year’ accused of sexting

Days after being named “Teacher of the Year,” John McDaniel, band director of a middle school in Texas, was arrested for sending an explicit photo with a student.

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It just goes to show how charm, likeability, and our desire to believe that what we see is what is really is the truth ends up hurting so many.

The statistics are what? One out of four girls and one out of seven boys are sexually abused at some point during their childhoods?

The trouble with pedophiles is there is never just one victim. They have multiple victims because adults don’t want to believe that adults do this to children, but part of the issue as well is that the children that they groom for their lust come from unhappy homes.

I feel part of the responsibility lays with the parents. It may not be what people want to hear, but there are plenty of parents who don’t understand, don’t care to understand, or know, but are indifferent, to being caring parents and meeting the needs of the children. It angers me that when there is substance abuse prevention done with children and adolescents that the focus is as if everything is hunky dory at home, while study after study has shown that alcohol and substance abuse often occurs because the children mimic what is happening at home.

The emotional needs for love, security, and guidance do not go away, which are what make these children vulnerable to the grooming and desires of the pedophiles.

Maybe, too, it is time for the schools to start teaching the students and parents what is inappropriate and unacceptable behavior on the part of the teachers and other school staff.

I know that my son’s high school had a manual about how the students were supposed to behave, but not one word about the expectations of the parents. We’ve had multiple teachers removed for being sexually involved with students as young as the middle school.

I think it is time that people woke up to this problem, stopped denying its existence, and started teaching and providing remedies of what the kids can do so that this kind of stuff stops.

Ox Drover

There seems to have been a “rash” of female predators exposed in the past few years. If you will click on the link for “female offenders’ blog on the left side of the screen, you will be able to see that though a HIGH PERCENTAGE of those prosecuted are male, that in FACT the actual number of those ACTING in appropriately is pretty much EVEN male/female. I am glad to see this “hidden” abuse coming out more and more.

BloggerT who has put this web site up used to post here frequently. He is a mental health professional that Liane Leedom knows quite well and says that he is “one of the experts” in this kind of offense.

It is not only the men that are offenders but women as well.


I know that well. Remember the copy of the letter that I wrote to the town’s newspaper at the beginning of the year that I posted here?

There was a female high school teacher that no longer teaches because-oops! They wouldn’t tell us.

All they would say is that she was suspended and then with their lawyer and her TWO lawyers present they decided to let her go.

Funny, but last night my son and I were discussing her. He said that was the third incident that he had heard of her being sexually involved with a student, but in at least one of the cases, the student was a senior and was 18-years-old so that would make him a consenting adult.

Ox Drover

G1S, while he might have been a “consenting adult” none-the-less he was a STUDENT and was therefore under her direction which in my mind means that she was the controlling one.

My son had an affair with a married female major on his unijt. I never did figure that one out. She came into the visiting room while we were there once and he introduced us to her. You could see the “sparks” flying between their eyes and the looks they gave each other. No secret. I can’t understand how she was not outed. It was a FELONY for her to have an affair with a prisoner.

Liane Leedom’s X married the prison nurse that was at the prison he was at. I think the marriage was after his release, but the affair must have started when they met in the prison.

I wonder WHY these women would risk so much to hook up with a prisoner. Obviously they did though.

A woman employee in the prison in Texas where Patrick was, had an affair with both a prisoner and a staff member, and they found her body in a closet with her throat cut and the inmate in the closet too with his throat cut. It was deemed a murder suicide on the part of the prisoner, but Patrick said that the guard she was having an affair with killed them both. I actually believe him on that one, but the determination was the prisoner killed her then himself.

I knew a man who was in a minimum security federal institution once and he said there were many iinstances of inmates and guards having affairs and the guards getting caught and fired, but not prosecuted.

In Texas there were many instances of guards smuggling in stuff, and getting caught but not prosecuted either. Just fired.

Betsey Wright who had been Pres. Clinton’s chief of staff here when he was in Arkansas got caught recently trying to smuggle stuff into death row, here in Arkansas and she was prosecuted.

Clinton pardoned a group of really bad prisoners on the last day or two of his term as president. His brothers in law had been paid $200K per prisoner to “appeal” for them for a pardon. How is that? Many people have forgotten the flap over that, or that the Clintons cleaned out the white house of over $200K worth of furniture and art that had been donated to the White house not to them. They had to return it. It was all a “big misunderstanding” of course, not a crime.

Looks like Edwards will get off…that saddens me but at least he got prosecuted.


I agree. He was a student and the teacher violated a lot of boundaries. She wasn’t let off the hook. She lost her job.

I have a feeling the parents swept everything under the carpet. I wouldn’t be surprised, since the student was a boy, if the parents (or at least the father) did a nudge-nudge, wink-wink on the kid for “landing” a teacher.

I wasn’t happy to see that Edwards got off, but your examples point to how foolish it was to go after him, meaning that there are much stronger cases with far more convincing evidence that can be pursued, but they aren’t.

I hope someday people will raise up in a collective voice and say that they are not going to take this BS anymore. I don’t see that one happening too soon.

We keep sinking lower into the cesspool. The ones in control aren’t going to pull us out because our going under means less headaches and more gain for them.

We need strong leaders to step up and offer solutions to stop all this nonsense (what people keep getting away with) and pain.

Ox Drover

What I have noticed in people who are in the “public eye” is that they seem to “have no shame” for the things for which they are publicly exposed and censured for.

Ted Kennedy seemed to have no shame for the episode that cost a young woman her life…the people of his state didn’t seem to care, they kept on reelecting him.

The Clintons don’t seem to have any shame, and the people of the state of NY accept her and elect her to office. Then she is appointed to high office in our government by our current president.

The Clintons still write and sell tens of millions of dollars worth of books and he gets big bucks for giving talks and they live like kings. No shame for their behavior either in moral or financial aspects.

I did find it rather funny though that their daughter by dint of her name got a job on a national television show, but was so boring that she lost it after one episode. I’ve never met the girl, though I have met both her parents, back when they were in Arkansas, but she obviously doesn’t have their gift of gab.

Ox Drover

Here’s a case of a prison officer in UK who was involved with 7 inmates before she got caught. It just amazes me that people will be so stupid.

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