Telepathic experience with a sociopath: ‘It was an absolute terror’

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Clint.”

You have heard the story hundreds of times. I was a naive do-gooder with a new friend that i just could not figure out. Last night, he explained himself to me in way I would not have believed possible.

A little background on me: I am an engineer/scientist in my education and way of thinking. I do not believe anything that cannot be proven in a controlled experiment or supported by scientific data. I do not believe in magic, ghosts, ESP, UFO’s, voodoo, witchcraft, good & evil, etc. etc. That is until last night. I realize now that i should not dismiss things not fully understood.

I met a 23 year old guy named Alex about 3 years ago. We quickly became friends and I integrated him into nearly every facet of my life and inherently trusted him as fully as my brother or mother. I always knew something wasn’t quite right about Alex’s psyche but was unable to pin it down. I found him fascinating and I literally studied his every move in an attempt to figure him out. In the process, I have become almost obsessively in love and lust with him. I am 50 years old and I have never experienced love and passion with such intensity.

Long story short, I recently figured out that he is a sociopath and confronted him. He pulled me in closer and tried to explain the he did not actively plan and think about ways to hurt people. I was simply incapable of understanding him. My mind is “pure as the ocean” as he says. I have never experienced evil thoughts.

Last night, Alex and I communicated telepathically. I don’t know how it happened nor the process that allowed it to happen, but for several minutes I was actually inside his head and I could see, feel, and hear the whole experience of what it is to be Alex. It was absolute terror. It was the most profound, scariest, and most horrific experience of my life. I literally ran out of his house screaming. Have you ever heard of this telepathic connection thing before? I understand him now.

I understand how a sociopathic mind works. I know why they mistreat animals and commit violent acts at an age when they should have no concept of what they are doing. I understand now that I am in real danger because this thing is inhuman and lacks a soul. It’s a freak of nature that resembles a normal mind turned inside out. Everything about good & evil and right & wrong is in reverse. Oh my god there is pure evil all around us.

What now?


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I’ve never had a telepathic experience, but I did have one moment of clarity in which I believe God was speaking to me. I knew, without a doubt, that if I stayed in my marriage to my spath, that I would die. His behavior and the anxiety it caused was causing serious health issues that were making me very sick.
What now? RUN~

Hello Clint
What an experience! I am left brained and am interested in description. Will you share more? The actual event to which you refer is vague.

What happened that connected you to him telepathically?
For example:
Were you awake? Sleeping? Holding his hands, head? Looking in his eyes?
How much time passed?
What did you “see” when you were communicating telepathically?
Did he “see” your thoughts telepathically?

I’ve had what I call light bulb moments with two of mine. The most shocking and horrifying part is when you realize the depths of their malice and contempt and how empty and dark they are. It’s almost unfathomable. It gives this sense of a breathing human body with no real person inside, like the walking dead. I felt that same chill all over again as I was reading your post.

Like you, I’m a lover of science and a skeptic of the mystical. Maybe this is what psychology calls projective identification? It seems to happen when boundaries are compromised. We know they project so much of their psychological garbage on us. Or, maybe it was just your own subconscious mind that put the puzzle pieces together for you. On the other hand, there might well be a paranormal or spiritual dimension in play.

About this part: “tried to explain the he did not actively plan and think about ways to hurt people”. Don’t believe for a minute that he doesn’t plan to cause harm, they lie compulsively. He admitted to hurting people in that statement. They put extensive planning into ruining the lives of their targets.

Whatever the source of the revelation, the danger conveyed to you is real. He’s no doubt been laying down traps to betray. I know you love him and I’m so sorry for your pain. What to do? Get your boundaries back up! You do this by securing your property and valuables and getting away from him as soon as you safely can. Be careful, sociopaths don’t take well to rejection by a target. And be kind to yourself, none of this was your fault.

This did not happen directly to me, but when I was married to my first husband, my friend had a frightening experience regarding me. She had never met my husband, as she and her family had been out of town on my wedding weekend. I had not been married long, but long enough for my husband to become a different, scary, abusive and manipulative person I did not know. He was the quintessential sociopath and had fooled everyone. I told no one he was abusive and had tricked me into marriage to appear straight although he had always had relationships with men and continued to after we were married, took all my money, ruined my credit and even embezzled from my friends’ non profit organization! I sought counseling. He even fooled the counselor. The day I met my friend for lunch I showed her our wedding album (these were the 80’s when picture albums existed). She looked at the first picture, slammed the album shut and said “get out while you can or you’ll be dead within the year – he is dangerous and unfaithful, he’ll kill you by violence or disease.” She nailed it. He was just as she said, and I had told no one. She said she didn’t know why she said it other than she needed to and I needed to listen. She was as afraid as I was. It was all I needed to hear. I left by week’s end and never looked back. 25 years later and I’m so glad I did. Strangest thing I’ve ever experienced, but i took it as a sign of Devine intervention and followed the direction given. Thanks Cindy!


What we slowly realize when we interact with these people is that there are evil people in our midst. I believe in God and after my experiences, it was like I read Jesus’ words for the first time – He states in the Bible that there are good people and EVIL people. I personally believe that your inner person was aware of your friend’s true nature and was alerting you to the fact that your friend is dangerous. Your experience has awoken you to the reality of the existence of evil people. Yes, it’s shocking, rattling (to say the least). Take good care of yourself.


if you always had a sober mind I will not advise you to believe on “telepathy” because of a bad experience with someone” At least get enough samples to make a proper correlation”

I do remember the moment when I finally pictured the person I thought was the best thing that could have happened as totally the opposite. It is a moment of shock. If I would have to find a word that summarizes it for me it would be: ice. But it is the shock. When the reality we perceive comes into a sudden contrast with the reality that is, there is a logical moment of neurosis. Take it as such and don’t overrate it. With enough time I simply saw “my so-called sociopath” as someone very selfish and childish. We sometimes tend to forget how cruel many children can be just for the experience of something new or something that reports them some feeling of power gratification. In any case, the least emotional you get into the situation, and the more attached to the ground, the better. It is in moments of challenge when we really show ourselves how reasonable we are.

My other advice is the same as the one that the commenter “concern” gives you. Protect you assets and set proper boundaries so he can done minimal damage.
to you

In the beginning it felt as if there was a lot of mind connection going on but it only made me feel closer to him. The moment of revelation was two fold and happened about a month apart leading to my final departure. He punched me in the stomach one morning, while sober, while getting ready for work, and while kids were down the hall… then as if nothing happened, went back to the sink and mirror, naked, and continued getting ready. I said to him “I think you could actually kill me someday either accidentally or on purpose without blinking an eye.” His response was a quizical sound as if to say, hmmm good thought.

About a month later, as I was laying on the deck face down bc he had slammed a door on my spine and then threw me, his actions AFTER the violence were the signals to his evil being… he sat down on a deck chair, lit a cigarette and smoked the entire thing in silence while watching me writhing and stating that I thought my hip was broken. Then, he said he would drag me inside if I didnt stop crying. In that moment, no amount of anything would keep me near him. It was utter darness, not just just a conceited man I was dealing with. He was put in jail the following night.

That moment you see the evil, can feel like seeing inside their mind, but it is our mind exploring their experience. I can tell you I had many more of those moments well into the divorce process when I was reading through his “collection” of keepsakes he kept hidden in our home… at the back of his sisters wedding video there was porn added on… which dates to his teen years and hiding what became an obsession… fettish for anal, and OLD women hidden on floppy discs to be used untracably on some sort of external drive… his cheating on every woman ever… and a signature in his elementary yearbook “you are a cool dude, but way too angry.” I tried to put together what he went through to make him this way, but its impossible, and irrelevant. The fact is there is no understanding it unless you are disordered as well.

You had a very enlightening experience, hopefully it will keep you on alert to future situations.


I have had different kinds of experiences with my former husband, a classic psychopath. Although he now lives an hour and a half away there have been a number of time when he and I have passed in our vehicles or bumped into one another in places that make sense-fairly remote roads near my home when he was spending time w our son or in a grocery store in the middle of the day, but the specificity of the “coincidences” has been weird. I’ve wondered if he’s tapped phones and had all them checked (actually easy to do) and that wasn’t a factor.
I’ve been able to move on thanks to lots of therapy and help over 5 years and so he’s not “in my head” much at all. Thank goodness. But I’ve just kind of accepted that for whatever reason these things may happen but the last time this happened and I saw him (or his and his current wife’s doubles) fleetingly in a supermarket I’m happy to report that I decided that whether or not it was him it didn’t matter and went on my way without letting the thoughts stay in my head for more than a few minutes.
So I don’t know what to say about the original poster’s experience except that it’s good he or she is now free and safe.

I BELEIVE YOU 100%. I was married to a telepathic sociopath. They are known as “psychic vampires”. Understand there are different varieties of spath.
There are legends that psychic vampires are descendants of the nephilim or the fallen angels. Do not discuss this with normal persons or they’ll label you nuts.

But I know exactly we’re you’re coming from. My ex-husband was a telepathic spath and from time to time would get inside my head and talk to me and actually laugh about it while inside my head. When this was happening I was completely overwhelmed and in disbelief. Some of these folks have super-human abilities. When I was talking to counselors after my divorce many told me I was crazy and probably experiencing PTSD.

However, I did run across a psychiatrist who was a specialist, older, had more experience with the paranormal than his contemporaries and told me it was possible and he was aware of what I was describing. As for counseling you have to find the right person who believes you.

After my divorce I did a lot of research into this type of spath because I was still in total disbelief and sometimes doubted my own sanity.
And yes, I would equate it with the UFO experience. So know that someone believes you and you’re not alone.

Yes. The final time was when he was giving me his spiel about “trial separation”. Suddenly all my subconscious defenses dropped and I realized that I wasn’t being paranoid, he DID enjoy hurting me and he WAS poisoning me. That he was completely hollow, that his responses seemed so perfect because he had learned them from TV and movies. That he wanted his own way and believed he was totally justified in doing anything…even murder…to get what he wanted. That he wouldn’t consider it murder, because other people don’t count. So many things fell into place with a loud crash. I hadn’t allowed myself to acknowledge that I was afraid of him, that I was having nightmares about him, but seeing through his eyes, I knew anything was possible. Like others, I suddenly believed in evil, souless humans. As soon as he got his stuff out, I cut all contact. Thank heavens I could do that, although I still miss his sister and wish I could have told her what was going on. It worries me that he moved back in to mooch off her. But he had spread enough lies before hand that I knew she woudn’t believe me. I now pay attention to those little red flags I tried so hard to ignore.

So yes, I do believe you, totally.

How horrible. Entering the sociopath’s mind? Gag…

Whatever you believe it was – that moment saved you! I’ve had similar, light bulb moments, flashes of complete clarity, that are so frightening at the time because what you see to be your future is absolute hell. For me though even those moments weren’t enough to get out – I just trod water for years and years, feeling it was the right thing to do for my children. For me, it was actually seeing the truth in cold hard unarguable black and white that saved me. When I became suspicious that my ex spath was having an affair (which turned out to be correct), after several months of observing, waiting for 100% proof, I finally worked out his Facebook password and it wasn’t just his dalliance that was revealed.

It was a person that I didn’t recognise, didn’t know and didn’t want to know.

It was a pathological liar who hadn’t just been lying to me for 23 years but who lied to everyone else in his life – constantly! He was playing so many different parts he must have been exhausted by it!

For several months I continued to log in as him, every chance I got, when I was at work, where I would screen print the previous nights messages for evidence; at home on the sofa while he was logged in on the other lap top – I would watch his live conversations. It was a very dark dangerous time, horrible, obsessive behaviour on my part but I had to know and I’m grateful for that period because as hard as it was, it totally purged me of a man I once loved.

With the bully out of my life I have gradually become stronger and stronger – so much so that I finally felt able to confront (albeit by letter) my step mother who I had not spoken to since 1991. A vindictive, sometimes violent, manipulative, gold digger who makes Cruella Deville look like a Care Bear! Incredibly long story short, she managed to appropriate everything after my father died and I’m trying to get one small part of it back – an apartment in Spain. Last year she promised she would give it back, went to Spain to arrange it with her lawyer but then came back and said it would cost to much, we can use it whenever we want and we would get it in her will.

With my sister’s backing I drafted a letter to say we would pay all the transfer and legal costs – call her bluff basically. The letter was ready to go but after an extraordinary dream – which left me really disturbed, I felt something was wrong, I felt scared she was going to sell it and we would know nothing about it until it was too late.

Good old google – we found the apartment for sale. She’d stuck it on exclusively with a small agent and forbade them to use any photos. I was positive it was the apartment but needed proof so my boyfriend went out there as a perspective buyer. I was right. She had put it up the day before for a very low price for a quick sale. Legally it was now in her name so we wouldn’t have known anything if it hadn’t been for that dream.

I told the estate agents the truth and they took it off the market and I wrote her a scathing letter, copied to relatives who she would not wish to know her true nature.

She has since agreed to ‘allow’ us to pay the transfer costs – but what should have been an easy, straight-forward process and taken a few weeks – has been on-going since October! She’s come out with constant lies – the funniest of which is that she knew nothing about the sale, the estate agents put it up without her knowing – of course they did!!!

Over the years I’ve had many ‘dreams’ relating to her, usually in relations to the night my father died. I used to just dispel them as bad dreams but now I am fairly convinced they were more than that.

I hope that we can conclude the transfer of the apartment one day soon and then perhaps I can get this other piece of evil out of my life for ever and the Cinderella sisters can live happily ever after! 🙂

It sounds as if this experience was a realization that you’d been repressing for a long time. Finally you allowed yourself to see Alex as he really was. I don’t think it was telepathy. However, I would never discount anything that someone believes.

In my experience with a path, and I’m a realist, it did seem to me that there was a karmaic connection due to coincidences that seemed to occur between us in an uncanny way. I think part of this was due to the fact that I interpreted these incidents and like thoughts as something special because I was so infatuated with him. We humans tend to do this. And he knew how to play it up, which also contributed to the perceived existence of a “special” connection.

Dear Clint- not to sound trite- but can you get this experience down on paper? It’s a movie!

I was with a spath over 10 years ago. He called himself a “producer/director” in Hollywood. This guy was “criminally insane”. He collected money from small investors for an alleged film. He’d collect small amounts of 5K to 50K. He’d get film equipment rental companies to “loan” him cameras and lighting. Well, after he collected a certain amount- it was about 70K when I knew him. He’d take all that liquid Scash$ and run off with it to another state. Then he’d sell or pawn all the cameras and lighting. Apparently he did this numerous times every 2-3 years. In between large packets of $ he’d run smaller productions in little towns until things cooled down in CA. He’d drive into some little town in the middle of nowhere and immediately go to an AA meeting and start collecting people to run another film scam.

His SON is also a producer/director (but not a criminal like his father)- produced a film loosely based on his father and Christopher Walken played the father! He actually looked like Christopher Walken when he plays those creepy characters.

Well, let me tell you- this guy was telepathic in a really destructive way. No matter how far away I was from him he could “transmit” messages to me. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs- and I’m also am a real skeptic when it comes to this ESP/psychic stuff. (This was years ago before Long Island Medium and the previous celebrity mediums!) This guy “stalked” me “psychically” for 2-3 years after I left him. I was only with him, working with him for a few months. I don’t know why but he became obsessed with me even though I wasn’t a beautiful actress or celebrity (his usual target). Periodically he’d leave the LA area to “visit” me physically. For 3 years I moved around the country- living with friends and relatives he didn’t know about- but he’d actually FIND me no matter where I was. My friends were protecting me from him by giving him inaccurate information to throw him off. It didn’t matter- he’d always manage to “get” to me somehow. Try telling the police that you are being telepathically “stalked” and see how far ya get!

In retrospect it’s rather amusing only because I was never in love with this creep. Luckily this guy is DEAD. So if you live in the LA area you don’t have to be afraid you’ll run into him! But there are likely many guys just like him stalking the film industry. You can find plenty of match.com- which is where I ran into the next psycho. But, luckily, this one wasn’t at all psychic.

I met a guy on Facebook that fit your description close enough I just googled him to see if he was still alive. Since he is still kicking, it’s not him. I told this guy I would be checking out EVERYONE before I would meet with them, and he gave me some real info over several months. The internet wasn’t as efficient then, but I’m a pretty dogged investigator. I found out his lies and shared them with other women I knew he was fooling also. I don’t believe he was a spath, but it still hurt like heck that he managed to suck me in as far as he did, even though I was watching for those red flags. But at least he didn’t get any money from me.

I worked with a psychic vampire who actually was a supervisor/case manager. He often gave me the impression that he was ‘superhuman’. He did not get inside my head but tried to…he would bend down towards me to ‘teleport’ his message (usually sexual). I was flattered at being admired but never ‘bought’ his spiel.

The ‘other’ receptionist, who was very heavyset and big boned, loved it when he switched his attention to her. I took note of how quickly she arranged to take a vacation day one Friday, in tandem with his four days off. One day she appeared behind me in a distressed mood, but before I gave up my seat at the reception desk I looked at her. She had gone back to being blowsy and frumpy looking (after previously having colored her hair the exact shade as mine/and cut it the same). Apparently, she had said something he did not like (maybe she made a jealous ‘slur’ against me).

I took the next day off after witnessing this scenario. Upon my return, my psychic vamp caught up to me in the copy room. “I missed you yesterday”, he said. Smooth operator. I often became kinetic around him because of his very virile/masculine persona and extremely good looks.

I’ve been reading these articles for about three years. This article finally inspired me to register.
My spath changed his last name to a word which means “witch doctor”. He and I bonded over the recent boom with quantum physics and many other things metaphysical. I thought he was truly a guru and loved our hours and hours of friendly debate and laughter.

At the time I was in a modest condo with two kids. I was relatively newly divorced after a 3 year custody battle and raw, naive and hungry for somebody to love me “just the way I am”. I was at the top of my game at my job, looked great, had some money in my pocket and was free, so I thought.

After almost a year of being “just friends” my spath made his move. He was in another relationship with a woman (for six years). I made it very clear that no way was I doing anything with anybody already committed. Within a week he supposedly single and at my house on Thanksgiving. Wine, laughter, loneliness…

His M.O was chivalry and sex. Once he got me into bed I’d sealed my fate. Not that he was a master, he just quizzed me before and after: “What would you like? How can I improve? Exactly what did I need?…” THEY ARE CHAMELIONS. He “became” everything I’d ever wanted. Took out the trash, bought things for my kids, I came home to vegan dinners and a clean condo. He once rented Bridget Jones’ Diary and from then on his “I love you’s” became “I love you… Just the way you are…”, having remembered I’d mentioned that sentiment many months prior. By April 2008 we were renting sizable house together in a great neighborhood and I was doomed.

I know the writer stated that he is a scientist and didn’t believe in a light or the darkness, necessarily. I feel the need to boldly shout IT IS REAL.

A little background on him: He was a deliquent from a wealthy family in Long Island. He flunked out of school before even attending high school. He was a binge drinker and acid-popper whose parents bailed him out his whole life. His story was that he resented his monied upbringing and sought solace in the drugs and drinking. He took off at 18 to thumb around the world. Married twice – one child with each woman – and divorced both of them shortly after the kids were born. Of course his stories about how “terrible” the women treated him I believed. The man in my heart was completely reformed. He even started a non-profit entity under which he was teaching kids about bullying and eventually opened a martial arts studio. I thought he was a true healer. I thought he was altruistic and wise. I thought he was human.

He didn’t want me to work. Got down on one knee and “proposed” that I let him support me. I panicked. Why? My inner voice was screaming “Don’t Do IT!”. I took him with me to my therapist and the two of them decided that I had some neurotic disorder and was afraid of intimacy. Shortly after I took a fall which seriously injured my back. The accident made no sense. Only a week prior he had placed some talismans on a window sill atop the stairwell to our bedroom to “help me see the light”. The stairwell light was out that night (had been begging him to fix it) I was feeling my way down in the middle of the night and it was as though someone pushed my legs out from under me… It took 15 minutes for my yelling to wake him.

I took a leave of absence and eventually caved into quitting my job during my recovery from the accident. He behaved as though he’d won the lottery.

Within a year my car and money was in his name. I lost almost all of my friends. He got nuts when I attempted to socialize without him and his reasons always made sense – after hours and hours of verbal brainwashing I’d rationalize “he takes care of me. it’s not too much to ask”. Eventually I was 80lbs overweight and inching toward agoraphobia. Of course he still loved me “just the way I was”. By isolating me he’d become my everything and the more unraveled I became the more supportive he was. He pampered me (when we weren’t fighting) so that I became fatter and weaker by the day. I didn’t even answer my own phone by the end.

At 7 months pregnant his mother was put into hospice. It was then that I learned how much money she was giving him to “support” us. We were absolutely destitute. My accounts were empty. My car was falling apart and we didn’t even have food. Between my trips to the foodbank (He couldn’t be seen begging for food. It might hurt his business.). I laid in a catatonic depression terrified for our future. At that juncture there was nothing I could do but be pregnant. While pregnant, he convinced me, he had say over what I did with myself because I housed his son in my womb.

It was during this time that our tantric sex (mandatory, all day every Tuesday) took a back seat. He became frazzled, stopped grooming and largely locked himself up on the third floor determined to make plenty of money, supposedly. Even once the doctor cleared me he wasn’t at all interested in love making. He said making money was the only priority he had for this new family. I believed him.

After the baby I fell into a deep post-partum depression. I seriously sat for hours watching the water under a very high bridge nearby wondering whether to jump with or without the baby. I knew it was a bad scene but couldn’t possibly see any way out. I’d read “men who hate women”, etc…, had volunteered at the Womens’ Center, worked for agencies housing the mentally ill and was far from uneducated but when under a spell, there’s no visible door out.

When I told him about feeling suicidal his response was cold. He suggested I leave the baby home if I jumped. I asked for help but he said there simply wasn’t money for “help” and suggested that I let him, the master healer, heal me. We had scheduled sessions during which I let him behave as a therapist toward me. It was crazy and I only got worse.

At church one Sunday there was a sermon on grief. The speaker was a poetess who read beautiful words about the phenomenon. Her closing words encouraged us to be clear about that which needed grieving and dive into the grief in order to heal. I realized during the epilogue music that I, myself, was dead. Gone. I left the church a wreck and people saw it. I’d hit my wall.

Once I started talking I couldn’t stop. I opened up to two women only and they saw to it that I made it to a support group. It only took two weeks for me to start shaking off the shroud of darkness. I looked at this man and only saw evil. Concerned this might be a new level of mental illness I went up to the third floor and almost fainted.

Our previous bedroom had been destroyed. There were plates and cups and mugs everywhere with fermenting food on them. The bed was absolutely ruined – sparing details, I couldn’t get past the stench. It smelled like death. REALLY dirty laundry everywhere. The shades were torn or ripped down. The room was ice cold. There were weapons everywhere. The walls were marred and there were magic spells printed out with greasy fingerprints all over them, “How to destroy the enemy. How to entrap a woman. How to use masterbation as a tool to boost your personal power…” His laptop was open and there, right there for anybody to see (I’d not been up there since the baby was born) were emails to and from some belly dancer with whom he was madly in love. By the end of the week I knew from the computer I’d taken that he’d been cheating since just before I became pregnant. He was telling women about how prowess, his monies, what a powerful successful business man and amazing GENTLEMAN he was. He was telling boatloads of women that he was only waiting for me to “get better” so that he could “get out”.

We went to therapy together again and he refused to apologize citing that I’d asked for it. He agreed to reel it in but, finally, I was angry.

I left him New Year’s Eve, 2011, with a six month old and two preteens to live in a friend’s loft. No money. My car was crap with no heat and I had no job. He’d refused to allow my son to be vaccinated so daycare wasn’t an option. It was a disaster but, with help, I made it work.

Once he showed up for my son with a new girlfriend. She looked like a teenager – had a plastic flower in her hair and was already afraid of him. When I put out my hand she looked at him for permission to take it.
Once it became apparent they were no longer an item I reached out to her on fb. She was only 30 (he’s 52). She had developmental disabilities since birth, didn’t drive or work and was completely reliant on her very aged parents. She told me that she’d felt like she was under a spell. At the time he was homeless, she said, living off of different couches unless he found money for a dirty hotel for sex. He was sleeping in his car often that summer including overnights with my child. He managed to convince her that a financial windfall was on its way and that the two of them would be married very soon. He went to her mega-church with her in a suit and convinced her that he was a “Jew for Jesus”. She organized a meeting with the pastor for him with the intent to earn money for his non-profit. He told her that he needed money desperately for a new car and back childsupport (child#2) so that he could continue to save kids from bullies and that it was God’s will that she help him. Her pastor took her aside after the meeting and told her in no uncertain terms that “That man is filled with the devil. He is no longer welcome in his congregation.” and that she was in serious trouble. Her parents helped her end it. She is still grateful for my call to this day because she worried she might be crazy. We all do.

I’ve been dragged into family court 22 times over the last two years. He has tried to have me arrested for “malicious slander” among many other things all to no avail other than costing me time and life energy.

His father died a week ago. I’d been very close to his mother while alive but, to my knowledge, his dad wasn’t ever going to forgive him for the turmoil he put them though. That morning I went to his apartment to pickup my son and looked him in the eye for the first time in years. The man was jubilant. I swear his eyes were a different color. I simply stated that I hoped the two of them had found peace before death. He leaned in too close and said,”Yeah, we had peace.” and scoffed. He was free, finally. No Jewish guilt anymore over failing to become a Menche.

Now he is starting to send “friendly” emails and waves at me from the car.

It was a mistake. No Contact is the ONLY way.

Be glad you were able to run, Man. Evil does exist. It knows no bounds and will haunt you until you are destroyed. I will say a prayer for you and the rest of us, too.

Clint, I can only imagine what a shocking experience that had to be both to be in the actual moment and to now ruminate over to try to understand. Most everyone here has come to realize that they needed to rethink some of their deeply rooted beliefs. I definitely have had to. Not that I wanted to. I had to in order to survive. The beliefs I had were trapping me and being used as weapons to control and dominate me. When we internalize and desperately cling to something that is not solidly founded, that dogma can endanger us. The choice is ours if we are willing to let go of some of those broken paradigms. It takes a lot of humility and willingness to look inside ourselves, and perhaps in ways we truly never have. Several have offered scenarios that seemed viable to them and were no doubt intended to help. I will do the same.
First off let’s admit that this is flat out freaky stuff that we are discussing here. Just sick and twisted. I’m going to approach this from the perspective that you are very clear and solid that this Actually Happened and was not about any cognitive or perceptual distortion. Sounds like Joanie123 had the same type of horrifying experiences. Some of the references she used caught my attention. The fallen angels according to scripture were powerful, intelligent spirit creatures. Like fleshly psychopaths, these ones willfully chose to follow a perverse course. They rejected the standards of a kind and benevolent leader and threw in with the original psychopath who used any method available to decieve, twist, pervert, and dominate others. As part of the revolt many of these betrayers took on fleshly bodies and took whatever women they wanted. This unnatural pairing produced a hybrid offspring of superhumans who grew up to bully and dominate. During the great deluge all flesh perished from the earth except what had been saved by special provision. These wicked spirits had to shed their fleshly bodies and return to the spirit realm. The Nephilim are long since gone, though many of their legends remain. Many believe much of what is called Greek mythology is based on this history. These debased spirits or demons are still around. They no longer have authority or ability to materialize fleshly bodies for themselves but given opportunity they can toy with ours, and our minds.They are powerful and the epitome of perverse. They have had millennia to refine their craft. Much of what is now commonly viewed as benign entertainment has connections to spiritism which can open doors to this dark world. Like fleshly sociopathic individuals they thrive off of deception and slander and are deeply vested in propagating these false beliefs. I hope some of this is helpful.

4Light2Shine, I am very familiar with the legends and stories of the Nephilim and I do believe it really happened. I’ve also read that their disembodied spirits, which are also called demons, do still inhabit people to this day. Many scholars on the subject believe that incursions are still happening between the fallen angelic realm and human women; basically, modern day Nephilim. If true, I have often wondered if that is why we have seen such a rise in sociopaths/psychopaths and just bizarre behavior in general within our society. This stuff sounds too crazy to be true. Modern psychology places labels and names on it such as schizophrenia or such, but it may be nothing more than old fashioned demon possession, or at the very least, demon oppression.

Just as [email protected] found out that her husband was dabbling in spells and the occult in order to control and manipulate people (especially women), it is possible that many disordered people have done this at some point in their lives. I believe this happens quite frequently. As you said, the seemingly innocuous interaction with the occult (quija boards, séances, spell casting, even movies, books,video games and music)can unwittingly open a door to the spiritual realm; a door that once opened will be their undoing and subsequently the undoing of everyone they entangle in their web. Clint said this young man was inhuman and had no soul; that everything was reversed in his mind. This sounds like one disturbed young man.

I used to think everyone was basically good on some level. I trusted too quickly and gave people the benefit of the doubt over and over again. I was groomed to be that way by a sociopathic father and a co-dependent mother (she was a wonderful mother, just didn’t know any better.) And my father dabbled frequently in the occult and his spoken intent of doing so was to control people. True evil does exist and often masquerades as light so as to seduce (especially sexually), entice (by telling you everything you want to hear) and then ensnare (you feel trapped with no way out). Where does it come from, this evil? That is where opinions vary widely. In my belief system, it comes from the spiritual realm.

I think that Clint experienced something very real, very dark and very terrifying. He needs to get away from this young man and completely sever all ties and all contact. The young man mentioned is only 26 years old and this age is often the age or onset of severe psychological problems that have been manifesting since childhood. It is often the age when they begin to act on thoughts that they previously only fantasized about.

To Clint, I believe you. You were given this experience as a warning. Heed the warning now.

When my psychopath dropped his mask it was as if I had another person inside me. I had foreign thoughts, emotions, desires, etc.
As I dealt with the paradox in front of me . . . what I was and my relationships was before and after the mask dropping, my profound feeling was that things I felt did not belong to me. As I recognized that I found that my emotional upheaval subsided quickly.
I looked endlessly for words to describe the phenomena. It is called Projective Identification. It feels like the person resides in you and you have been removed, so to speak. I really identify with the idea that you are living inside his mind. I think in a way you are. Its sort of like they injected a 3-d hologram photo of their state of mind. I don’t think it is ongoing, but we “feel” like it is.
Studies on projective identification are usually done for infants as it is an infants tool to get his/her mother to understand what he needs.
As for evil, I thoroughly understand the need to label because we as emotional beings would never utilize the methods, or think the kind of thoughts a psychopath thinks. I have come to understand it differently though. I believe that “they” are simply human animals without emotion or humanity. Animals aren’t evil. Simply they are no comparison to emotional human beings. They are ill equipt to handle the realm we live in. period.
With that said. an alligator isn’t evil but it is dangerous . . .and possibly even has more “emotion” than a psychopath. I think it serves us better, especially as rational people and scientists, to see psychopaths as severely retarded. With issues outside of the mystical realm, I think this understanding will get us further toward the goal of identifying and cloistering them away from society.

I wasn’t saying I didnt believe the experience, but am sensitive as you stated to not share with most people as it might uneccessarily label “Clint” as the one with the issue. Especially a talented spath, who could exploit that if needed to clear his own reputation, they are very believable long enough to get and maintain a good name when wanted.

Just be careful who you share with, all our experiences are our own to know as truth whether someone else gets it or not. Its all real.


I understand completely what you’ve experienced, and I would describe it as a form of closeness so deep that this can only be experienced with someone with no boundaries or shame. I would suggest that after spending so much time with him, thinking about him, analysing and trying to predict him, your neural pathways concentrated on building that connection to your “love source” for all those good feelings.

When you were lying next to him and (sounds like you are extremely sensitive, deep-feeling and perceptive) through your empathy you can feel the evil and see the imagery. These are all of your information and warning systems projecting a picture of what is beside you.

Like a blind person who can read by touching braille or a deaf person who lip-reads, when a person is deficient in something, they develop special abilities, in his case, emotional empathy. So he would be extra good at observing and reading you and forming this “connection” although for him it’s a distant concept rather than real and producing such biological changes as in you.

I was in a position of terror having experienced this with my boyfriend. While next to him, I “saw” him standing next to the hanging bodies of his family, skinned, and smiling while holding a hook. The way he moved was unnatural, his expressions mad. It was a message, perhaps not of what he wanted to do, but what he was capable of doing. It was my brain’s way of communicating to me: GET OUT.

After a time, you will notice that the connection you built was based on your own needs and assumptions, and perhaps a fascination and appreciation for his traits. Leave it alone. I wish I could help build a service for victims of psychopaths in my country but I haven’t got the strength. They won’t do anything that will introduce inconveniences for their lives (prison) but keeping safe is up to us. WE have to stay out of THEIR way. Somehow make sense of this relationship construct in our minds when they have nothing in theirs about us. What we are looking for with them is not possible. That relationship is false. The best he can see you as is an instrument to help him but it’s not a real recognition of your value because he feels no such value inside; he can’t. I hope this helps in your healing as it took me a long time to see it. There isn’t much point being angry with someone who was born that way. His evil is not genuinely directed at anybody because he hasn’t got the emotional capabilities to MAKE it personal. It’s neither his fault nor yours. Yes the acts are evil but he probably can’t help it. While it’s good to feel compassion for that “thing”, it can’t be changed and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. Maybe be thankful for what you enjoyed but see it for what it is, just a collection of expressions and behaviour which for him didn’t have the basis that it did for you. For him, it was totally random. So it means letting go of the ego, and deciding to keep yourself safe no matter what. They know exactly what they are.

DON’T BLAME YOURSELF, we are going through the same thing.


I like your input, very rational. I think that in any strong emotional happening it is important to, after the unavoidable shock and emotional pain, to look at the facts without any emotion to understand what really happens. There is a reason why science is not emotional and religion is…

When I think about what “my sociopath” said or did in a rational perspective, it wasn’t really that extraordinary, my projections and my own feelings generated the bond, and he simply took profit from it. Which was his objective. It is not that awkward after all. The issue comes becomes because for one person the relationship is emotional while for another one is a pure business and has no limits in his methods.

But it is nothing that particular to use people, many people do it all the time. The radical difference here is that they do it out of the professional life too.

I don’t think though, that “they are born that way” is the right approach. We are all born “in our own way”. Some people are more likely to love others and some less likely, it also depends on who they meet, what are their expectations in relationships, etc… But we all know that to use people is not correct. They choose to do something that is not correct and they are totally responsible for that choice because they have enough awareness.

If your brain tells you to ‘get out’ I would just do it.
In my opinion, RUN and don’t look back! This is my un-sophisticated way of doing things after having to escape 2 psychos.
And please, do NOT trust anything they say!

I can only imagine the terror of being in his head. I ignored the many red flags and even became a good minion. Gradually I saw the lack of goodness and in him but not soon enough. The absence of goodness was awful and I left him then. I do not even remember when the pure evil became visible to me. I was free from him and yet is was still the most devastating thing I have ever experienced. I once believed that everyone was good deep down and there was no evil. “Evil is merely the absence of goodness” Now I know that is not true. I met him when I was 18 and my mother was dying. I have known him for almost 50 years since we have children together. I still have recovered my life and my self but I have not recovered from knowing his evil. I do not know if that is even possible. There is no way to describe it to someone who does not see it and especially to those who do not want to see it. It seems like once you have really seen the evil in them, you are changed forever.

Towards the end of the hell I had to endure I was always shaking in fear. He’d smile. One night I was in bed next to him afraid to sleep when I saw a snake tongue going in and out of his mouth as he was in and exhaling. Another time I saw a ball of snakes where his stomach should be and snakes were slithering in and out. One time his head was a huge cobra with fangs as long as my fingers, ready to strike. The thought was that the venom will paralyze, however the death would come from the force of his body. One time I saw a scroll above the bed, blue with black letters. LEAVE.
I believe in guardian angels and I am spiritually sensitive. I believe it was all a warning since I was too ashamed to tell anybody and had nobody in my corner.

I am not spiritual at all. But I have experience this with my ex path. I have taken or somehow entered his mind and felt his “feelings”
every time I finish having that experience I come back to myself feeling confused, scared and anxious. Struck by evil.
Then I try to go back to feel it again, but I can’t. It happens spontaneously or after a good amount of thinking of him or replaying a traumatic event with him on my mind. I have also felt it while he was at home with me, or when I was alone in the house and he was out with his friends.
I also felt his devious ways, he is a sexual predator and before I found out about him, I remember telling him that he was sexually devious. And he will just say “No I’m not”..He would never ask me why would I think that of him. He would say that, and then disregard me, and act like I never said anything.

But you’ve never had the experience of “I have taken or somehow entered his mind and felt his “feelings” with anybody else you intensely loved before? To me that is a classic when I fall deeply in love. I “felt” him when I thought he was a nice person, and of course it was shocking to “feel” him when I realized he wasn’t at all. But the experience in itself remains the same.

I think I too got lost in the quiz of figuring out this person that I just could not make sense of or connect to. I think my curiosity got me into big trouble more than anything as this has been the toughest riddle of my life. I did not see snakes and stuff, but I remember the last effort he made at D&D, once aware of what he was I could see clearer and the face, I can’t describe it made me feel like I needed to flee from like an animal, and I did, I ran as fast as I could and raced my car home as fast as I could. It was pure and raw disdain mixed with hate, a rough cocktail. What I did have just after leaving him (this prior the final D&D attempt) were dreams, dreams that had me wake up terrified more than when I was with him and they without fail warned me of an impending contact attempts. Once I dreamed of him carrying back a piece of furniture back that I had returned, sure enough he messaged. Then he texted me a photo of a photo inside my house, I checked and the photo was still in my house but he had no reason to have a copy of it, it was unrelated to us, I then dreamed the lock in my door was removed and someone was peeking in, I changed the locks. And so the dreams kept coming and me waking up petrified at what they were warning me of, each time, something happened. I finally implemented no contact in full and I dealt with him as advised, as he dealt with me, I allowed myself to admit I can actually feel repulsed. But then dialogues in my head started involuntarily, the type that would have me scream out loud leave me alone. I then started referring to him in thoughts and conversations in the third person, I practiced making him one person removed, a him not a person. Finally the thoughts and dreams subsided, the dreams became normal ones where my mind was just processing and I wasn’t waking up petrified. My thoughts became rational. I have an app on my phone that blocks calls, they still show the attempt at a call but the call gets cut, he still tries weekly to contact, normally every 6 to 7 days, but by tangibly removing him, distancing myself, not checking, eventually the upset of these calls reduced and I can acknowledge the attempt without going into a mind rush. The only way is to decide and really decide that you are over with this, tired with this, and cut it off in your own mind, if you don’t, every little thing will throw you into that familiar space of chaos. It really is a decision for yourself and a constant reminder to yourself that you should not care, you should not care, you should not care until it becomes automatic. Just like you’d say, I don’t need that cigarette, until one day, you actually don’t. It does still intrigue me how powerful the mind games are and how they alter reality. You know, to be honest, he wasn’t good looking or even a good talker, he just seemed odd, an artist, I was curious but had no attraction at all, I felt safe for that reason with him as a friend, after some months, he asked if I’d consider a relationship and I said no, he accepted it seemingly and didn’t treat me differently, I thought well that’s a gentleman, I warmed up to the idea and finally did start dating him thinking I’m safe with this person who has been so patient. Only to realize that the “Choices” I was offered with manipulations and already there he was reeling me in slowly, 6 months later I was slipping into a dark place, 3 years later I thought myself destroyed, I wasn’t, I still (barely) had my job and house etc. but as a person I was in pieces. Then there was a physical attack and then, 2 weeks later a second attempt where he swore me and told me he doesn’t respect me, you know in that minute I was broken and superbly excited, all I could think is “Truth! I can still recognize truth” – I really didn’t think I was able to, only then could I start separating lies from the only 1 truth ever told to me, I let him out and then started the mind attacks. So after the long story I just told, all I can say is, they do seem able to still attack even in absence of body, explain it or not but they do. That’s why it’s important to not look, even at a photo on Instagram that they post because even there they send stuff, in my case he was posting pictures of around my work and home that freaked me out, they felt taunting but to anyone else they look like whatever images. No contact, even extends to our own minds, they can’t get in if you un-name them and make them its rather than humans, then they become as distant in the reality of your own minds.

I’m sorry all of you out there who have to battle through this but it is possible over time to forget them a bit more every day and find some other riddle to figure out like playing a guitar:)

Yes, it was a quiz and we were curious. And, come on, we got a hell of a ride! The more I’m detached from it the less dramatic I see it. Which doesn’t mean that it was not painful and that he was not a selfish and cruel bastard to blame for, but there are people who choose to be like this, the same way others choose philanthropy… To accept it it’s important.

Why I don’t buy is the view of those people “entering our minds” and all that pseudo-esoteric interpretations. I am sure that people who were in concentration fields in the nazi era had terrible dreams afterwards and typical reactions of having lived a trauma, but that doesn’t confer anybody or anything metaphysical powers… Let’s give to our brains what belongs to our brains…. Some reactions are normal after trauma. And of course if we realize that someone is dangerous or a stalker we might have nightmares with that and actually the person might actually call us, because maybe we were right and he was a stalker. But not because we dreamed about it…

To have a relationship with a constant lier it is of course something that makes people confused about knowing what is going on. But that, again, it is normal. If tomorrow we go to the street and everybody looks at us and tells us that our face is painted in green, though we don’t see it in the mirror, we will get confused too.

Don’t give this people a power they don’t have… and simply deal with the consequences of having had a traumatic experience. And, yes, we should all play the guitar 😉 Life goes on 🙂

Hmm, thank you, your comment adds perspective that I can chew on and perhaps accept. If you dream he will call, and he does, then you are right, he is a stalker, true. It just wasn’t daily and it seemed connected, please realize I write from a time before where I am today. I do have a great passion for atoms and a true belief in interconnectedness of the various vibrations we call life, it may not be scientific or sensible, but I took it to be similar to the gut feel you get sometimes and in my case I took the dreams as warnings, fear driven perhaps but effective. I think in that raw time, you are really operating on instincts so I won’t easily say the evil people “see” is not “real”, it could be their minds painting a visual picture to help them get out of a bad thing, you know we are constructed to survive so anything can appear to help us, dreams/omens/snakes/angels/people/miracles etc. Be it as it may, what it did achieve is to yes, own my brain back once I could recognize trauma, in the end, like you, I agree it was a quiz and ride of a lifetime, one I don’t want to repeat but what I am grateful for (just don’t tell him). What I was trying to say is that I don’t find it an unplausible thought that your mind could be in effect to a cause, even if you are the one creating the cause with a temporary altered reality at play and your subjective survival at risk. The dreams and stuff illustrated a journey to realizing that one can and should fence off your mind to get out of an anxious state of mind, how each of us get to the other side will differ and it should, as my dreams are not tangible to you, you had your own protection mechanisms I’m guessing. That their hold lasts a bit longer than a physical exit is a reality, so I say, whatever you experience to help you out and through is just fine. This is the time to learn to to trust and listen to yourself again and walk the journey to that point where you start finding new interests and live again. Life goes on, hopefully fuller and better than ever before since you own parts back that once were attached a bit flimsily.

This is a great article and thread. I do believe in the spiritual realm which includes such experiences as telepathy and clairvoyance. I also have seen a spath “turn into” a writhing snake right before my eyes. I don’t know what that *was* but it was not simply my imagination playing tricks on me; it could have been emanating from her, or it could have been coming from my own inner wisdom — however, it was a valuable insight into her true nature. And it was very helpful for me to be able to see through her deception. Yes, I was fully awake, we were in a conversation and I was listening to her speak, and I simultaneously saw her as she was sitting there, AND as a slithering snake — just for an instant. This type of experience does not happen to me all the time, and I believe it was true and significant.

Some people are more or less sensitive to spirit than others. For those who are sensitive, we know this ability to tune in waxes and wanes — rarely constant or something that can be called upon at will. For those who are less sensitive (or self described as “not” sensitive), it is easier to explain away these experiences in terms of science and the brain, things we believe we understand.

Most sensitive people I know do not reject science, but cannot deny spirit, either. For me, it seems to be two separate worlds, superimposed. We do NOT have to make everything align or reconcile. There can be both a scientific explanation and a metaphysical (or outside of material reality) explanation, and both can be correct, in some sense.

I do think that it can be quite shocking for a person seemingly grounded wholeheartedly in the material world, to have a sudden jolt into the more supernatural. It can be hard to rationalize what just happened.

It is possible that the telepathic like experience was the subconscious putting observations and facts about the spath together and presenting them to the conscious mind. The information about what the spath is like and how he thinks may have been gathered through the non supernatural senses, and the subconscious put it together and was able to create a picture of what is really going on in the spath’s mind.

In my experience with my ex psychopath, many of my conclusions and ‘aha moments’ were presented to me by my subconscious mind – it was all too unbelievable and horrible for me to figure out consciously and he kept me very stressed.

Spaths often use hypnotic techniques and keep their targets in trance like states which add to the supernatural effet.

AnnettePK…your post is exactly what I believe happens.. sociopaths like you state literally hypnosis their targets and keep them in trance like state continuously by creating constant stress.

It’s the constant stress which causes adrenal fatigue (body’s adrenal gland issue) for the target victim, which in turn the adrenal glands puts out high quality of cortisol, adrenaline and messes up over 50 hormones including estrogen, testosterone, progesterone that the adrenal glands regulate this is turn causes brain fog, memory loss, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, panic attacks etc etc. When the body’s adrenal glands are not working right your brain can not think clearly which allows the sociopath to keep you in the trance like state very easily just by creating chaos & drama. Once the victims breaks free and has time to relax then the brain can think clearly again and see the truth of what they endured.

I remember early on after I moved in with my ex I woke up with him steering at me at the time it freaked me out and believe that he was hypnotized me while I slept because I felt like he was in my mind. When I first left I asked my new counselor who told me exactly who my ex was if he was brain washing me…she said yes…she gave me the book Woman who love psychopaths by Sandra Brown. In this book she discusses the sociopath trance/hypnosis. SO SO SCARY!!

This is what society does not get…they do not get the pure evil ways of a sociopath they think that they are only killers but in fact sociopaths are killers of the soul (mind).

PS if you want to know more about “sociopath trance & hypnosis” just google those words. There are many article on the subject.

A couple of years ago I started a journal, ago fete my best friend died. I didn’t write in it every day, just significant events, good and bad.
I was re reading it today and was amazed at how many times I have written negatively about the spath friend. Saying things like, “I feel I have been betrayed” “I thought I had a great friend but he was never my friend”
He obviously got back in my good books every time.
Interestingly, exactly one year ago I was writing like this about him.
In February we were great friends again, I don’t want to say how I know that because it involves another catastrophic decision on my part……. But by April. I was negative again.
I counted 8 cycles like this last year…. In August drastically so, recovering to a decent level between October an December and now things are as they are now ( the worst ever)

He can swing!!! He isn’t going to get another chance!! What is wrong with me that I have let this happen to me????

Hi Elsa…I am so glad you decided to read your old journal. Being able to look back at your feelings is really a gift. YES, sociopaths put their target victims on a emotional roller coaster over and over and over…they will put on their “good” face mask when you are literally done with them…they do this to suck you back into their sick & twisted mind games…they love to break someone down slowly over time.

Once you decide to jump off their emotional & mental roller coaster ride you take your power back. No Contact Rule is your power! It’s your secret weapon against them.

Keep reading your journal when you have any doubt about him or want to call him.

Your beautiful best friend in heaven is sending you love & trying to guide you away from this evil guy. That is amazing!!

Look at the sites Adrenalfatigue. org, DrLam. com & Mialundin. com….adrenal gland issues is a big issue with healing from an abuser (PTSD). This is why I keep directing you to this area. The continual stress this evil guy has put you under has messed up your adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands regulate our blood pressure, blood sugar, cortisol & adrenaline levels (fight or flight mode) & over 50 hormones including progesterone, testosterone, etc. The progesterone hormone is the body’s natural relaxer when this one is out of balance (along with all the 50 hormones) it will cause you not to think clearly or be relaxed in your decision making, meaning you will be more impulsive in your decision making. This is why finding a good hormonal specialist or adrenal gland doctor is important to get your adrenal glands working correctly again that way you will think clearer and make proper decisions in this case to kick this guy to the curb once and for all.

Elsa, you are going to get through this hon…I know right now it seems impossible but you are moving towards the light at the end of the tunnel each time you vent, read your old journal and read all the info on sociopath abuse at the top of Lovefraud. Keep educating yourself about sociopathic abuse it is opening your mind up from his brain washing/mind control.

Take care.

Thanks once again Jan.
I have no idea where to get tested hormonally in the UK, but I will look.

I ahev net felt like “me” for a long time and he took me right out of my comfort zone. Once when he withdrew and I didn’t understand why, I asked him ” did you not miss my company”? He said “I missed being able to introduce you to new worlds” ( I don’t know quite what but he obviously knew he had a spell over me!!)
He did!!!
Now I feel like “how could I have been so shallow”?

I remember going out in a locals pub with him and he was putting on the charm with the barmaid. When she turned her back he nicked a bag of peanuts off the bar and put them in his pocket and still carried on chatting to her all the time.
I exposed him! She laughed and he denied he was going to take them.
But I have thought about that incident in the last week or so and realised how pathetic he is. He is 63 years old. He once eyed up this younger woman ( around 30) and said to me ” if I wasn’t sitting here with you I could pull her”
Who the heck does he think he is?
But everything I read fits with what he is!!!

I am scared if seeing him so much. I am going away with a friend tomorrow, although we have around 12 inches of snow here right now. But if I can get away,that will take care of things until Monday!! Then it will be three weeks since he yelled at me!!

Reading my journal has made me realise that he MAY come back – he has come back more times than I ever realised!

My friend who died loved me a lot and it broke my heart when they died. The spath sympathised with me a lot. It almost tarnishes their memory. I hate that I discussed my feelings so easily and deeply with him!

Hi Elsa, Your Welcome! I know that the medical community is much different in the UK then in the US. If you look at adrenalfatigue. org take the questionnaire to see how your adrenal glands are functioning. Also read/see the symptoms list. Dr Wilson adrenal expert & Dr Lam both say to take large dosages of B complex, D & magnesium to help heal your adrenal glands obviously you should get vitamin deficiency tested but if you read on those sites you can learn more about how to take the vitamins/minerals. In Mia Lundin’s book she discuss hormones ie progesterone creme that you can get at your local health food store it’s important to read her explanation as you can have too much progesterone creme which will lead to depression this is why it is important to have a doctor test your hormone levels.

Elsa…every victim has gone through the phase “why did I believe his lies”, “why did I not end things”, “how could I get sucked into his mind games”…the reason is simple sociopaths are master manipulators and normal people simple do not play games and therefore think everyone else does not play games. This evil guy loves to play mind games and get on over on people…him taking the peanuts was for two reasons he wanted to prove he can do anything and he wanted to see how you would react…it’s all fun sick games for him. When he took your chair it was the same for him as taking these peanuts from this bar maid. My ex h was aways getting people to give him things or he would take things it’s all just games.

This guy is 63 years old….remember you can not teach a old dog new tricks…what you see is what you get with this guy = an evil con artist sociopath. Know that sociopaths push everyones boundaries they love, love love to push people out of their comfort zone and in to their crazy zone…they also love for you to reveal all of your deep feelings and secrets so that they can used them against you later…be very careful in your future as to who you share your info with. IF someone is prying to know your deep feelings then they are most likely a sociopath but most people would never ask what are your deep feelings as it crosses the polite boundary and standards.

Glad you are going away with your friend…dont talk about this guy when your mind drifts to this evil guy focus intently on what is happening in your surroundings ie notice the good things in the room ie I like the window view, I like the woman’s dress/or the guy’s tie or I like how the restaurant table is set…just take this time to see all the good in this world…the snow falling, the nice hotel etc. enjoy life again!!

Train your mind on the good things again!! 😉

Have a great weekend!!

“I missed being able to introduce you to new worlds” sounds like word salad with absolutely no meaning at all.

Denying he was going to take the pack of peanuts is a ludicrous lie, since he already had taken them and pocketed them.

He is a joke!! Thinks he is clever!

I have had the same kind of experience with the sociopath I was together with. I have had countless times when we had telepathic contact. After 3 years of living hell with this person I finally managed to break free from him and I tried to cut all contact. But at times when I was thinking of him, I shortly after got an email or a text from him! I found it scary how every time I thought of him, he contacted me! Now I try to not give a single thought to him!
My best advice to you is to cut this person out of your life immediately!

Hello all,

Okay, I was so glad and amazed to see this thread because I had a similar experience and couldn’t imagine even telling my therapist because this was just too weird. I don’t know if it was telepathy or intuition, but most of the people I know believe neither exists, just too “woo woo” to be true?! It could also just be that my senses were stronger due to my eXPH and that I knew the person and some of his friends, and we all come from similar backgrounds.

At any rate, here’s my story:

I went through a bad divorce from xPH, and was very down and vulnerable. This fellow I’d known as an acquaintance for a few years, an extremely handsome younger man, I’ll call him PlayerB, had been occasionally flirting with and hitting on me since finding out I was divorcing. But I’d been ignoring PlayerB, especially as I knew it couldn’t ever be more than a casual fling because of the age gap and… well….I’m rather boring!.

Anyhow, one day I announced to my friends the legal separation from eXPH and a thought went through my mind “Now PlayerB will appear and be all sympathetic and try to hit on me”. Low and behind, he appeared from no where, came up behind me seconds later, hugging, saying how sorry he felt for me, all in a very nice way.

Then I thought “PlayerB” will start saying “we” like I’m his girlfriend -low and behold – he did.

I am ashamed to admit I had the fling with PlayerB because I was lonely and hadn’t had sex in years. Then one day I thought “PlayerB has told everyone I’m just his nurse, not his lover”. That very day, PlayerB confessed to me he’d been telling people I was his nurse (being as I’m a nurse).

Then I started to be able to sense exactly when PlayerB would phone or email, and be able to predict what he’d ask. I also could sense what his moods would be before he’d troop in the door, and when he’d been – ahem – busy with other ladies.

I also would catch myself thinking “I bet (insert name of other woman) paid for that” “I bet he just doesn’t want to pay for (whatever)” and before you know it he’d be telling me the exact words.

Then one day long after the D and D (why does a fling/FWB need a D and D?!!), PlayerB was hanging out, cozying up, and I thought out of the blue “I bet he’s going to ask me if I’ve ever been date-raped, maybe he’ll want future ammo” and out of the blue he asked the very question, I just looked shocked and said HUH?!!

Okay, months after D and D (yes I know I’m the idiot still talking to PlayerB, I got that weird sense again “PlayerB is going to start saying I”m his Aunt” and low and behold he did say this and I told him to get out of my life. A few more rounds of “get out of my life” and all such phenomenon stopped entirely!!

Then unexpectedly, no sense of it at all, I got a loving message from the guy, too late, I’d already blasted him saying “Don’t ever darken my life again”.

I know I’ve posted about a few negative fellows here, they seem to turn up in my life when I’m down and vulnerable, generally I look for nice, sweet, kind men!

And so,

I was also able to predict some movements of my sociopath but I don´t see that as telepathy at all. Rather that I was able to spot how a Player (that is well chosen) would behave to get what he wants. More or less like the police would do to try to catch a criminal: to try to understand how he thinks and his ways to foresee his movements. It is about observation and an eager interest that makes possible to guess someones future behaviors, and moreover these Players are not that complex people. They have devious interests by their ways are pretty plain and dull, like children games. Like a toddler telling her mother how much he loves her before asking her to buy him a new toy.

Oh, one more weird thing, I never let PlayerB back in my home after he started asking about my childhood pets and my mother’s maiden name. Now (after reading dozens of articles on fraud and identity theft), I finally get that one!!

The thing is, I felt kind of hypnotized at points, but also just vulnerable and “with my blinkers on”,

And so it goes!

Good for you to protect yourself and not let him in your home again.

You probably were hypnotized. My ex spath used hypnotic techniques on me and it took a long time to get out from under his ‘spell.’

I believe in the existence of a spirit world of good angels and demons. Also, one’s subconscious mind processes information gathered through physical means/the five senses. The conclusions drawn by the subconscious are presented to the conscious mind as intuitive conclusions. It’s a helpful part of our minds that can protect us. The Gift of Fear by Gavin deBecker is a good book on the subconscious mind and how to tune in to it.

I have read that often police participants in excessive shooting incidents (Bell, Diallo, etc.) don’t know why they joined in the firing. Investigators should question these officers about everything they experienced, including thoughts and things in their head that they can’t possibly explain.

All I can say is WOW!!! I have dealt with this but I just thought that my ex and father of my child had my house bugged or had somehow figured out a way to hack my phone. It was just always so weird. I would be talking to my sister and talking about him. For example; I want to go get (the baby)’s ear pierced today but I haven’t heard from (the ex) and then BAM, I get a text saying “Do you still want to go get (the baby)’s ears pierced today”. I have spent a lot of money getting my house swept for bugs, bought a new phone, searched my vehicle, etc. It seems like now that we are I this nasty custody battle that he always knows what I am going to do and is one step ahead so he is always so prepared, “No judge I was not drinking when I had my child, that was a non-alcoholic beer” after seeing the video. How can you tune them out of your head? Cathrine, I agree. If you watch them long enough, you can predict their behavior. It is also because they are creatures of habit. In a lot of ways, they still have the mentality of children. They will find something that works and use that until it doesn’t work anymore. The only problem I have is that I am linked with one for life (I found out 6 days after kicking him out that I was pregnant).

Candiscarter – although there may be some telepathy going on, many, many sociopaths do bug phones, computers, cars, and houses.

It might have helped that I tossed everything he has given the baby out (especially stuffed toys)!

I agree with Donna…Could your sister’s phone be bugged? Also if you have a baby monitor they can be hacked into as seen on shows like Dateline etc. I just saw on our local news not to long ago that a creepy neighbor broken into a woman’s apartment and put some type of surveillance camera on the tv plug and the woman only found out the neighbor was watching her in her bedroom through her tv when she accidentally touched a button on her remote. There are so many ways now for people to invade private spaces..so scary. These guys will do anything to gather info to control people. Your gut is telling you something is not right as to how/when your ex calls you = listen to your gut.

I have been afraid to interact on the computer now for over a year.
But after reading all of this I need to. The Spath that I’ve dealt with
For around three yrs. Won’t go away. He’s done his mind games litterly through my mind.
I’m a very sensitive Empath. ( Many of us victims are) but during my time of “Real” interaction with my Spath I was also told I had Other “Gifts” by many psychics. Before meeting my Spath I NEVER EVER WENT NEAR THAT STUFF! I was a Catholic and had had some unexplained spiritual ( Christian) things happen to me. ( all witnessed) The first day I saw my Spath there was an attraction right through our eyes! I was and very lucky to still be married. I should have known that instant , but I mistook him as “Love at first sight” he saw prey. We went through all the stages. With one exception. My husband knew I was being mislead. I was not myself. Yes he had a very distinct pattern. But my husband and myself started to witness very unusual unexplained things.
VERY VERY SCARY LONG STORY SHORT, I know he was into my emails and computer probably my car. But I could also tell when he was about to make his move. I had ZERO contact with him for one year. I stayed off social media. But last week I kept getting a “Feeling” I was out of state away from my husband. My Spath was brought up. After that I wasn’t acting “Normal” I felt him around me. It drove me crazy. One night I met a man that just started small talk with me. All of a sudden he started looking more and more like my Spath!! And to my failure I contacted him. Very short, just saying that he was Always right. ( he told me I’d come back to him) I said I missed him ( I only miss the weird way him being in direct contact made me feel better ) I was so weak! I erased my account. And I know I opened the door for him! YES I do know and feel him and his evil around me! As far as what has happened in my issue with this stuff. I always find a logical explanation. But there is STILL something’s that seem like he’s communicating with me. It’s scary and depressing. Who can you REALLY tell? I’m just glad to see I’m not alone. Thank you.

Always ponder spaths being an open playing field for possession with evil entities.

Well, this is very interesting. I believe there is pure evil in the world and I’m sorry “Clint” experienced it so intimately.

I had my own experience. Once, when I was in an argument with the spath, I remember laying on my bed wishing he would call. I began to recite my phone number over and over in my head, saying, “Call me, we need to talk, call me…etc.”

A while later my home phone rang. I excitedly answered it and the man on the other end of the line asked me if I were alright. I said, “Who is this?” He explained that he had been meditating and had picked up my desperate thoughts INCLUDING hearing my phone number being repeated over and over. I asked him where he was calling from. He replied, “I’m originally from Phoenix, but right now I’m in Tibet.” WHAT? If my daughter hadn’t been with me and heard my end of the conversation, I wouldn’t have believed it myself. I told this kind, caring human being that technically, yes, I was alright, but I had wanted someone else to call me. And that I appreciated his concern. I would say a prayer for him to be safe where he was. I was very touched by his kindness.

The moral of this story, to me anyway, is that our thoughts are VERY powerful. And I mean VERY! So if there are evil thoughts, you do have the power to combat them. You do have to guard your thoughts closely, meaning choose loving, kind and positive ones and block out the negative ones. When you’re in a relationship with a spath, it’s hard, I know. But we all have this ability. And we cannot give them anymore power over us. Guarding our thoughts is one tool in OUR belt we can use to protect ourselves. Thankfully, it was the beginning of the end of my relationship with the spath. And for anyone who finds this hard to believe, that’s ok. I still have a hard time believing it!


I believe you And wow!
What an incredible link that man had and I wonder if he had them regularly? He would have been an interesting man to speak to 🙂

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