Telepathic experience with a sociopath: ‘It was an absolute terror’

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Clint.”

You have heard the story hundreds of times. I was a naive do-gooder with a new friend that i just could not figure out. Last night, he explained himself to me in way I would not have believed possible.

A little background on me: I am an engineer/scientist in my education and way of thinking. I do not believe anything that cannot be proven in a controlled experiment or supported by scientific data. I do not believe in magic, ghosts, ESP, UFO’s, voodoo, witchcraft, good & evil, etc. etc. That is until last night. I realize now that i should not dismiss things not fully understood.

I met a 23 year old guy named Alex about 3 years ago. We quickly became friends and I integrated him into nearly every facet of my life and inherently trusted him as fully as my brother or mother. I always knew something wasn’t quite right about Alex’s psyche but was unable to pin it down. I found him fascinating and I literally studied his every move in an attempt to figure him out. In the process, I have become almost obsessively in love and lust with him. I am 50 years old and I have never experienced love and passion with such intensity.

Long story short, I recently figured out that he is a sociopath and confronted him. He pulled me in closer and tried to explain the he did not actively plan and think about ways to hurt people. I was simply incapable of understanding him. My mind is “pure as the ocean” as he says. I have never experienced evil thoughts.

Last night, Alex and I communicated telepathically. I don’t know how it happened nor the process that allowed it to happen, but for several minutes I was actually inside his head and I could see, feel, and hear the whole experience of what it is to be Alex. It was absolute terror. It was the most profound, scariest, and most horrific experience of my life. I literally ran out of his house screaming. Have you ever heard of this telepathic connection thing before? I understand him now.

I understand how a sociopathic mind works. I know why they mistreat animals and commit violent acts at an age when they should have no concept of what they are doing. I understand now that I am in real danger because this thing is inhuman and lacks a soul. It’s a freak of nature that resembles a normal mind turned inside out. Everything about good & evil and right & wrong is in reverse. Oh my god there is pure evil all around us.

What now?


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I have had the same kind of experience with the sociopath I was together with. I have had countless times when we had telepathic contact. After 3 years of living hell with this person I finally managed to break free from him and I tried to cut all contact. But at times when I was thinking of him, I shortly after got an email or a text from him! I found it scary how every time I thought of him, he contacted me! Now I try to not give a single thought to him!
My best advice to you is to cut this person out of your life immediately!

Hello all,

Okay, I was so glad and amazed to see this thread because I had a similar experience and couldn’t imagine even telling my therapist because this was just too weird. I don’t know if it was telepathy or intuition, but most of the people I know believe neither exists, just too “woo woo” to be true?! It could also just be that my senses were stronger due to my eXPH and that I knew the person and some of his friends, and we all come from similar backgrounds.

At any rate, here’s my story:

I went through a bad divorce from xPH, and was very down and vulnerable. This fellow I’d known as an acquaintance for a few years, an extremely handsome younger man, I’ll call him PlayerB, had been occasionally flirting with and hitting on me since finding out I was divorcing. But I’d been ignoring PlayerB, especially as I knew it couldn’t ever be more than a casual fling because of the age gap and… well….I’m rather boring!.

Anyhow, one day I announced to my friends the legal separation from eXPH and a thought went through my mind “Now PlayerB will appear and be all sympathetic and try to hit on me”. Low and behind, he appeared from no where, came up behind me seconds later, hugging, saying how sorry he felt for me, all in a very nice way.

Then I thought “PlayerB” will start saying “we” like I’m his girlfriend -low and behold – he did.

I am ashamed to admit I had the fling with PlayerB because I was lonely and hadn’t had sex in years. Then one day I thought “PlayerB has told everyone I’m just his nurse, not his lover”. That very day, PlayerB confessed to me he’d been telling people I was his nurse (being as I’m a nurse).

Then I started to be able to sense exactly when PlayerB would phone or email, and be able to predict what he’d ask. I also could sense what his moods would be before he’d troop in the door, and when he’d been – ahem – busy with other ladies.

I also would catch myself thinking “I bet (insert name of other woman) paid for that” “I bet he just doesn’t want to pay for (whatever)” and before you know it he’d be telling me the exact words.

Then one day long after the D and D (why does a fling/FWB need a D and D?!!), PlayerB was hanging out, cozying up, and I thought out of the blue “I bet he’s going to ask me if I’ve ever been date-raped, maybe he’ll want future ammo” and out of the blue he asked the very question, I just looked shocked and said HUH?!!

Okay, months after D and D (yes I know I’m the idiot still talking to PlayerB, I got that weird sense again “PlayerB is going to start saying I”m his Aunt” and low and behold he did say this and I told him to get out of my life. A few more rounds of “get out of my life” and all such phenomenon stopped entirely!!

Then unexpectedly, no sense of it at all, I got a loving message from the guy, too late, I’d already blasted him saying “Don’t ever darken my life again”.

I know I’ve posted about a few negative fellows here, they seem to turn up in my life when I’m down and vulnerable, generally I look for nice, sweet, kind men!

And so,

I was also able to predict some movements of my sociopath but I don´t see that as telepathy at all. Rather that I was able to spot how a Player (that is well chosen) would behave to get what he wants. More or less like the police would do to try to catch a criminal: to try to understand how he thinks and his ways to foresee his movements. It is about observation and an eager interest that makes possible to guess someones future behaviors, and moreover these Players are not that complex people. They have devious interests by their ways are pretty plain and dull, like children games. Like a toddler telling her mother how much he loves her before asking her to buy him a new toy.

Oh, one more weird thing, I never let PlayerB back in my home after he started asking about my childhood pets and my mother’s maiden name. Now (after reading dozens of articles on fraud and identity theft), I finally get that one!!

The thing is, I felt kind of hypnotized at points, but also just vulnerable and “with my blinkers on”,

And so it goes!

Good for you to protect yourself and not let him in your home again.

You probably were hypnotized. My ex spath used hypnotic techniques on me and it took a long time to get out from under his ‘spell.’

I believe in the existence of a spirit world of good angels and demons. Also, one’s subconscious mind processes information gathered through physical means/the five senses. The conclusions drawn by the subconscious are presented to the conscious mind as intuitive conclusions. It’s a helpful part of our minds that can protect us. The Gift of Fear by Gavin deBecker is a good book on the subconscious mind and how to tune in to it.

I have read that often police participants in excessive shooting incidents (Bell, Diallo, etc.) don’t know why they joined in the firing. Investigators should question these officers about everything they experienced, including thoughts and things in their head that they can’t possibly explain.

All I can say is WOW!!! I have dealt with this but I just thought that my ex and father of my child had my house bugged or had somehow figured out a way to hack my phone. It was just always so weird. I would be talking to my sister and talking about him. For example; I want to go get (the baby)’s ear pierced today but I haven’t heard from (the ex) and then BAM, I get a text saying “Do you still want to go get (the baby)’s ears pierced today”. I have spent a lot of money getting my house swept for bugs, bought a new phone, searched my vehicle, etc. It seems like now that we are I this nasty custody battle that he always knows what I am going to do and is one step ahead so he is always so prepared, “No judge I was not drinking when I had my child, that was a non-alcoholic beer” after seeing the video. How can you tune them out of your head? Cathrine, I agree. If you watch them long enough, you can predict their behavior. It is also because they are creatures of habit. In a lot of ways, they still have the mentality of children. They will find something that works and use that until it doesn’t work anymore. The only problem I have is that I am linked with one for life (I found out 6 days after kicking him out that I was pregnant).

Candiscarter – although there may be some telepathy going on, many, many sociopaths do bug phones, computers, cars, and houses.

It might have helped that I tossed everything he has given the baby out (especially stuffed toys)!

I agree with Donna…Could your sister’s phone be bugged? Also if you have a baby monitor they can be hacked into as seen on shows like Dateline etc. I just saw on our local news not to long ago that a creepy neighbor broken into a woman’s apartment and put some type of surveillance camera on the tv plug and the woman only found out the neighbor was watching her in her bedroom through her tv when she accidentally touched a button on her remote. There are so many ways now for people to invade private spaces..so scary. These guys will do anything to gather info to control people. Your gut is telling you something is not right as to how/when your ex calls you = listen to your gut.

I have been afraid to interact on the computer now for over a year.
But after reading all of this I need to. The Spath that I’ve dealt with
For around three yrs. Won’t go away. He’s done his mind games litterly through my mind.
I’m a very sensitive Empath. ( Many of us victims are) but during my time of “Real” interaction with my Spath I was also told I had Other “Gifts” by many psychics. Before meeting my Spath I NEVER EVER WENT NEAR THAT STUFF! I was a Catholic and had had some unexplained spiritual ( Christian) things happen to me. ( all witnessed) The first day I saw my Spath there was an attraction right through our eyes! I was and very lucky to still be married. I should have known that instant , but I mistook him as “Love at first sight” he saw prey. We went through all the stages. With one exception. My husband knew I was being mislead. I was not myself. Yes he had a very distinct pattern. But my husband and myself started to witness very unusual unexplained things.
VERY VERY SCARY LONG STORY SHORT, I know he was into my emails and computer probably my car. But I could also tell when he was about to make his move. I had ZERO contact with him for one year. I stayed off social media. But last week I kept getting a “Feeling” I was out of state away from my husband. My Spath was brought up. After that I wasn’t acting “Normal” I felt him around me. It drove me crazy. One night I met a man that just started small talk with me. All of a sudden he started looking more and more like my Spath!! And to my failure I contacted him. Very short, just saying that he was Always right. ( he told me I’d come back to him) I said I missed him ( I only miss the weird way him being in direct contact made me feel better ) I was so weak! I erased my account. And I know I opened the door for him! YES I do know and feel him and his evil around me! As far as what has happened in my issue with this stuff. I always find a logical explanation. But there is STILL something’s that seem like he’s communicating with me. It’s scary and depressing. Who can you REALLY tell? I’m just glad to see I’m not alone. Thank you.

Always ponder spaths being an open playing field for possession with evil entities.

Well, this is very interesting. I believe there is pure evil in the world and I’m sorry “Clint” experienced it so intimately.

I had my own experience. Once, when I was in an argument with the spath, I remember laying on my bed wishing he would call. I began to recite my phone number over and over in my head, saying, “Call me, we need to talk, call me…etc.”

A while later my home phone rang. I excitedly answered it and the man on the other end of the line asked me if I were alright. I said, “Who is this?” He explained that he had been meditating and had picked up my desperate thoughts INCLUDING hearing my phone number being repeated over and over. I asked him where he was calling from. He replied, “I’m originally from Phoenix, but right now I’m in Tibet.” WHAT? If my daughter hadn’t been with me and heard my end of the conversation, I wouldn’t have believed it myself. I told this kind, caring human being that technically, yes, I was alright, but I had wanted someone else to call me. And that I appreciated his concern. I would say a prayer for him to be safe where he was. I was very touched by his kindness.

The moral of this story, to me anyway, is that our thoughts are VERY powerful. And I mean VERY! So if there are evil thoughts, you do have the power to combat them. You do have to guard your thoughts closely, meaning choose loving, kind and positive ones and block out the negative ones. When you’re in a relationship with a spath, it’s hard, I know. But we all have this ability. And we cannot give them anymore power over us. Guarding our thoughts is one tool in OUR belt we can use to protect ourselves. Thankfully, it was the beginning of the end of my relationship with the spath. And for anyone who finds this hard to believe, that’s ok. I still have a hard time believing it!


I believe you And wow!
What an incredible link that man had and I wonder if he had them regularly? He would have been an interesting man to speak to 🙂


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