Childhood adversity and psychiatric disorders affect our cells

New research suggests that cells can be affected, and the aging process accelerated, by childhood adversity or psychiatric disorders at any age.

“Stress exposure and psychiatirc conditions are associated with inflammation and health conditions like diabetes and heart disease,” said the study’s author, Audrey Tyrka, M.D., Ph.D., as reported by

Connection between childhood adversity and psychiatric disorders seen at cellular level, on Medical

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Very interesting research. I wonder, however, how much of this helps in correcting sociopathy rather than finding blame or causes…which will always be inevitable. Regardless of finding fault, it seems to me that the solution rests with each and every individual himself.


This is old news and does not have anything to do with psychopaths EXCEPT in creating targets for them and exposing them. My life has been a learning experience and it has come together very slowly. I hope I get to where it is going soon as I am tired of difficult lessons. Now, that tells me why I married a psychopath, it seemed familiar. But it was worse than familiar, it was was worse than even I could ever imagine…an evil being with no redeeming qualities. A vampire in sheeps clothing. Psychopaths make a wolf look like a lapdog and evil sisters look like best friends. I now realize that I was not only abused as a child, I was not protected and I was the family scapegoat. I accepted my place as the scapegoat and it provided much humor. I remained the scapegoat until recently when my brother, the STAR died and my two sisters were hit with hard divorces and lowered to my standard of living. They became jealous and vicious that I kept my husband who loves me and was no longer financially inferior to them. We all know what happens to the scapegoat who refuses to die. They sided with my ex and turned my daughter against me. Any information on child abuse helps ferret out the perpetrators and most are psychopaths. Learn about the tragic outcomes of child abuse. Teach society that these evil people need to be eliminated from society for good.


Could not edit, only accepted first paragraph, therefore reposted below. Thanks


More than anything IMHO the article emphasizes how important it is to get the children far far away from the psychopath forever & as quickly as possible.
The caring parents are debilitated by evil therefore government needs educating and to step in on their behalf, without getting conned by the sociopath. Otherwise chronic illness replaces what would have been a thriving individual.
When the cost to society of lifelong illness is factored in, this affects everyone.

Awareness of the long term affects is most imperative.

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