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The sociopath would always make me think I did something wrong

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following email from a reader whom we’ll call “Felicia.”

I was separated from husband and joined a personal training center. The trainer through months of me training with him convinced me to help him open a restaurant.

I worked long hours for no pay. He would tell me, I’ll make you a partner, just prove to me you can run the restaurant. This went on for a year.

I divorced and after the divorce he started to tell me I was the best thing that happened to the restaureant, that I would start to make a lot of money. He then started to ask me to go places with him that pertained to the business. Then he would tell me I was beautiful and we eventually started dating.

Then it was he was broke and tapped into my money. I was financing a business that was losing money. He wanted me to quit my job and run the restaurant and also help him with his personal training business.

If I refused to do things he would blow up and call me names, slash my tires so I could not leave.

Then there were times he was this loving person, taking me out, buying me flowers, showering me with attention, telling me how much he loved me, that even if a got an illness he would stay with me. No one would love me like him.

Then in a matter of minutes he would lose it and start saying, two months ago you didn’t order supplies. I lost money. You’re a whore and old bag, ulgy, fat pig, and always make me think I did something wrong.

I left many times, but he would cry and call me to come back, swearing he would change. It was good for months, then same story.

And I had so much money invested. I thought if I stayed I would get my money back lol ”¦ I was paying for his apartment, his food, his kids’ clothes, his car, basically everything.

We had cable installed. I stayed home to get it installed and he accused me of having an affair with the cable guy, locked me out of the house, filed a restraining order on me and told cops he was afraid of me. But during all this he was calling me.

I had surgery. He left me at the hospital, no clothes, no phone, he said because I was on facebook.

He always had the reason and I was wrong. Every time we fought he was on the computer finding other women.

We broke up for about 2 months, and without my knowledge he sold all the equipment in the restaurant and filed bankruptcy. All the money I invested $250,000 he included me in the bankruptcy, but convinced me he had to do it to protect his family.

He forged my name on documents. I was in court several times, but he would convince me not to rat him out, that he would pay me back.

The last straw I tried to kill myself with swallowing pills. He called the ambulance and again was the caring boyfriend, coming to hospital everyday, bringing food and flowers, saying he was sorry, could not live without me.

And agin I took him back.

I have so much more to write and say I could be here all day. I am away from him for 20 months but sometimes I still miss him.

This monster lives only miles from me and still tries to control me by finding ways to contact me, but I stay one step ahead of him.

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Felicia – what you are describing is classic sociopathic behavior. And your reactions are typical of someone hooked by a sociopath. Stay away. No Contact is the path to recovery.



Cut off all communication and RUN! I mean from HIM! Don’t talk to him, don’t think about him. don’t take his calls ! He ‘s already on to his next victim. I understand that say you miss him. He knew exactly what you needed to hook you. The man is dangerous and toxic. Maybe you should read my past post. I am gussie1.

I have sinced made it my mission to warn women of what I experienced and willing to help anyway that I can. I tell every living creature about this website ( :

Let him go….he’s not worth it!

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